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How does Istanbul Tourist Pass® work?

Very easy! You can start using your Istanbul Tourist Pass® in 4 EASY STEPS!

1 Purchase your Istanbul Tourist Pass® online.

2Download the Istanbul Tourist Pass® app and log in

3 Go to any attraction you want! Most of them are walk-in but some require pre-reservation, which you can make in 15 seconds

4Scan your QR code or Pass ID at entries, to our guides or to the gatekeepers. Enjoy!

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Three day saving with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®

  • Bosphorus Dinner Cruise€70
  • Hagia Sophia Guided Tour€15
  • Topkapi Palace Museum Guided Tour€46
  • WhatsApp Traveller Support€0
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museums€21
  • Dolmabahce Palace Museum Guided Tour€38
  • Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruise€8
  • Great Palace Mosaics Museum€15
  • Le Vapeur Magique - Morning Cruise - Unlimited Turkish Breakfast€60
  • Whirling Dervishes Show€35
  • Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum€25
  • Grand Bazaar Guided Tour€10
  • The Old City Segway Tour€60

3 Days Saving

Total gate price cost of visiting these attractions

€ 328

Price of buying a 3-day Istanbul Tourist Pass®

-€ 140

How much you save with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

€ 193

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

Istanbul Tourist Pass® has an average rating of 4.8 /5 from 1248 reviews

Augusto er en fremragende vidende guide...

Karin from Denmark

Furkam was amazing!! So versed in the history and made it so fun and engaging. Thanks so much, great experience...

Chloé from Australia

Ilke was a fantastic guide, she's clearly very knowledgeable about the history, culture architecture etc of both the Hagia Sophia and Istanbul itself. I'd recommend, I got a lot more out of my visit as a result of Ilke's guidance than if I just looke...

May from UK

Questo è forse l'unico spettacolo di danza non turistico e di livello professionale a portata di chi visita la città...

Elena from Italy

Ottimo tour. La guida (Oguzhan Gürkü) era molto preparata, parlava un perfetto inglese e ha saputo tenere alta l'attenzione durante tutta la visita....

Matt from Italy

It was amazing. Furkan is a perfect guide with complex knowledge....

Bence from Hungary

Istanbul was as always fascinating. Despite having been there many times, there is always more to do and see...

John from UK

Swiftly and with style, so easy and guides and service were great.. It was easy to book and use every service offerd within the pass.....

Nino from Spain

It was amazing to visit Istanbul with the Istanbul Tourist Pass. I‘ll recommending for the future to my friends the same adventure to have. Respect and congratulation for your service....

Antaln from Ukraine

We were a group of four: (3) from Panama and (1) from Spain. Our pass was for 3 days and we did Hagia Sophia Guided Tour, Topkapi Palace Museum Guided Tour, Basilica Cistern Guided Tour, Dolmabahce Palace Museum Guided Tour, Galata Tower Entrance, Bo...

Regina from Panama

The tour is nice in general. Give us a general idea what we can do in Istanbul. To be honest, there are more to improved to get the better service. It will be worth money if you travel as couples, young people but with the family. The schedule is qui...

Vythai from South Korea

Istanbul tourist pass is excelent. You can save a lot of money and time. The guides are also excelents....

Jorge from Portugal

The istanbul tourist pass is a amazing deal! We got to go to many different places and activities and have had a great time in istanbul thanks to the pass. Greatly recommended. The only issue we had (which might have been our fault) is that we did...

Thamolwan from Thailand

It was great. Guide was knowledgeable and I certainly learnt a lot about the Sophia and Istanbul as a whole....

Gursimran from India

It is a very useful pass . The reservations can be easily managed from the application . Very pleasant guides who provided DIVERSIFIED INFORMATION DURING THE TOURS . They answered very fast on whatsapp when we asked about different things....

Georgescu from Romania

It was amazing experience and i enjoy with the scenery. I went on november which is winter season which is great..not too hot not too cold. The food is amazing but as asian for me it is a bit salty.However it was a great food. The staff is really fri...

Teh from Germany

Great way to boat tour the Bosphorus even on a rainy day. Good food, good views and the best bathrooms on any boat....

Dallas from USA

It was very good experience. We had a very good time. The staff was very helpful, they spoke several other languages as well for those who do not know turkish. The food was perfect, i was full at the end....

Norok from India

It was one of the best experience to have istanbul tourist pass. All inclusive golden ticket to everything in Istanbul. Must get for family!...

Dreamer from USA

The experience was excellent. The app is very user friendly and the information was very helpful. I recommend...

Georgi from Greece

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