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Are you ready to step inside the scariest horror house in Istanbul? 

Take a deep breath and get prepared for a rendezvous with a crazy scientist, Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson. The Frankenstein horror house is full of creepy characters and waiting for its visitors to have some fun. If you have an appetite for horror, then it is time to imagine yourself going through the dark steps of this spooky place.

The gruesome atmosphere of this place gives you the chance to take the lead in different scary contexts. Frankenstein Horror House will help you create the most fun memories and leave the boredom of real life behind you. 

Let your visit to Frankenstein Horror House be the most enjoyable time of your trip! Use the Istanbul Tourist Pass to take a journey to Frankenstein Horror House with your loved ones.

About The Frankenstein Horror House Entrance Ticket

Mobile ticketing - No need for printed voucher, we're digital!

Duration - 60 Minutes.

Instant confirmation - The game requires a reservation in advance.

Game Language - English



No Experience Necessary!

Get Ready for Some Fear and Fun!



Frankenstein Horror House

Game Language in English


Frankenstein Horror House

Once you are done with the all beautiful historical attractions in Istanbul, you are ready to test your courage! This frightening place is excited to give you the goosebumps you have never had in your life. 

Frankenstein Horror House is located in Kadıköy, adopting one of the most lively atmospheres in Istanbul. Since Kadıköy has become the host to an increased number of escape games, Frankenstein Horror House is ready to satisfy the expectations of its visitors. With its spine-chilling decorations and thrilling scenarios, Frankenstein Horror House takes you to a different level of horror.

Frankenstein Horror House breaks the rules of the typical escape room concept. This amusing 3-floor horror house does not want you only to solve the puzzles or passwords but to feel the excitement in your veins. Remember that it is not as easy as you think to get out of there once you go inside Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

Luckily, this horrifying house also makes a nice gesture to its lovely guests. Its guests may choose the number of people in their teams while making their reservations. So Frankenstein Horror House also gives you the chance to feel safe and not be the dumbest one who goes alone in the darkness like in the movies. Frankenstein horror house, Frankenstein horror, Frankenstein house of horror, Frankenstein horror house Istanbul.

Frankenstein Horror House will welcome you with its hair-raising adventures in Kadıköy. Get ready to feel the thrill in your bones, and let Dr. Frankenstein accompany you through this exciting journey!

The Story Behind Frankenstein Horror House

We all have probably heard the story of Dr. Frankenstein. But it seems that Frankenstein Horror House has decided to take his crazy adventures one step further.

Dr. Frankenstein's grandson finds the journal of his crazy grandfather one day while going through his old stuff. He decides to keep on his grandfather's terrifying plan; to create an army of immortals using electrical power. He gets excited by the idea of combining flesh and steel, so immediately, he initiates the experiments. 

But an elite FBI team assigned by the US Intelligence Office is commissioned to investigate his plans. This brave team faces two options during the mission; either destroy or die. Above all other things, they need the courage to enter Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory and complete their task. 

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Hours & Meeting

Opens every day between: 11:00AM to 22:00PM

How To Get There?

It takes a 4-minute walk from Acıbadem and an 8-minute walk from Ayrılık Çeşmesi.

Get Directions

Important Information

Persons under 13 may enter in the horror house if accompanied by an adult.

Remember that you will continuously be under surveillance in the horror house during the game.

You will be under continuous surveillance during the game, so you can end the game if you wish to stop, however, you are not allowed to continue.

The game lasts 60 minutes. No extra time is allocated if you fail to be ready on time.

Once the game starts, you are not allowed to eat or drink in the horror house.

You should avoid any contact with the actors during the game, never kick, punch or throw anything nearby. Otherwise, you will be obliged to leave the game or the host may alter the horror level of the game.

It is strictly forbidden to take photos, videos or any type of sound recordings.

Horror house is not advised for persons who are either pregnant or having such medical issues as epilepsy, claustrophobia, heart diseases, etc. If so, they play the game at their own risk.

You should avoid any action that may hurt your friends during the game.

It is strictly forbidden to enter in the horror house with any kind of weapons, knives or dangerous items, which may cause accidents, etc.

There are no such elements in horror house that will require you to use violence, force or any kind of physical effort. Therefore, please do not damage your surroundings, otherwise you will be responsible from any cause resulted from game members.

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All About Frankenstein Horror House Entrance Ticket

Once you've seen all of Istanbul's stunning historical sites, it's time to put your confidence to the test. This terrifying location is eager to give you the shivers you have never experienced in your life.

Kadköy, where Frankenstein Horror House is located, has one of Istanbul's liveliest atmospheres. Frankenstein Horror House is prepared to meet tourists' expectations as Kadköy has grown to be the home of more escape games. The Frankenstein Horror House transports you to a new level of horror with its spooky accents and exciting scenes.

The conventional escape room idea is broken by Frankenstein Horror House. 

This humorous three-story horror attraction wants you to experience the excitement as well as solve the puzzles and remember the passwords. Remember that once you enter Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, leaving is not as simple as you may believe.

Fortunately, this awful home also shows its charming visitors some kindness. When making a reservation, customers can choose the composition of their teams. The opportunity to feel comfortable and avoid being the idiot who ventures out alone into the dark, as in movies, is provided by the Frankenstein Horror House.

In Kadiköy, Frankenstein Horror House will greet you with its spooky adventures. Let Dr. Frankenstein accompany you on this thrilling voyage as you get set to experience the thrill in your bones!

Frankenstein Horror House's Story

Most of us are familiar with the Dr. Frankenstein tale. However, it appears that Frankenstein Horror House has made the decision to continue his illogical escapades. While sorting through his grandfather's old belongings, the grandson of Dr. Frankenstein discovers his grandfather's insane journal. He decides to go with his grandfather's horrific plan, which involves manipulating electricity to forge an army of immortals. The thought of fusing flesh and steel excites him, so he starts the trials right away.

However, the US Intelligence Office has tasked a special FBI team with looking into his plans. During the expedition, this courageous team must choose between destroying everything or dying. Above all else, they require the bravery to enter Dr. Frankenstein's lab and do their assignment.

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Frankenstein Horror House Entrance Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation beforehand?

The horror house requires reservation in advance.

On which days can I visit the Frankenstein Horror House?

You can visit Frankenstein Horror House every day between 11:00 and 22:00.

Is there an English-speaking moderator option for tourists?

Yes, Frankenstein Horror House has an English-speaking moderator for Istanbul Tourist Pass holders.

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