General Conditions

Istanbul Tourist Pass is a ticket distributor and not an event organizer or “provider” as described in the Consumer Protection Law. Thus, Istanbul Tourist Pass’ responsibilities are limited to those that are regarding sales and distribution of tickets. Istanbul Tourist Pass cannot be held liable for any loss or damages that may occur about, by or around the event / attraction / show / services provider (hereby “Attraction”). Tickets either physical or electronic cannot be resold. Istanbul Tourist Pass is not responsible for lost or damaged tickets.


Terms & conditions may differ from one attraction to another. Istanbul Tourist Pass customers also agree with the Attractions’ terms & conditions (can be found on the web-site of each attraction) as they make their Istanbul Tourist Pass purchases. Opening times and service times may fluctuate from time to time and users of this web-site are recommended to check directly with the attraction concerned.

Istanbul Tourist Pass will make reasonable efforts to maintain the consistency of the products and packages; but participating Attractions may be withdrawn from packages at any time. In such cases, Istanbul Tourist Pass will either replace it or refund the customer for the Attraction concerned. Istanbul Tourist Pass will not be responsible for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience regarding the changes in the products and packages. Holders of Istanbul Tourist Pass accept that they visit Attractions included in their passes at their own risk.

Airport Transfers

Even though we will do our best to guide you in selecting the most appropriate time for your transfer, you are solely responsible for the time you manually select in the reservation page. You comply to be ready at the agreed upon time at the place designated by yourself. The service provider will apply a No Show policy after 15 minutes of the agreed upon time. We cannot predict traffic or weather conditions, for that reason you should request the transfer with enough time to make it to the airport without problems. If you are choosing a pickup/dropoff other than hotels, since the vehicle cannot park or stop in some streets, the failure in finding the vehicle on time is on your own risk and we do not take any responsibility in case of missing flight or other bookings affected by transfer.

Rescheduling or Canceling Airport Transfers

You may reschedule or cancel your transfer, provided you notify us at least 24 hours before the agreed upon time. No changes will be accepted after that time and the reservation will be lost.

Keep in mind that even though the service provider constantly monitors the status of your flight, we don't. Therefore we may not be aware if your flight is delayed or canceled. If your flight is canceled within the 24 hours notification period, we will not be able to reschedule your transfer and it will be lost.

Returns & Cancellations

All orders can be cancelled for a 100% refund up to 3 business days before you start using the Pass (hereby “Cancellation Period”). That is, 3 day before the nearest reservation you have made is due or before you visit any of the attractions.

If the Pass has already been or it's too late to cancel any of the reservations, we will calculate the retail cost of the attractions and services used, the cost of any pending reservation which was not canceled on time and will incur a cost to us, or any item physically delivered. The difference, if any, between what you paid for the Istanbul Tourist Pass and the calculated cost will be refunded to your card.
All reservations should be canceled at least 24 business hours in advance. Any request later than that may not be approved as it may not be possible for the corresponding partner to cancel it.

For all returns and cancellations you can contact us via e-mail ([email protected]), phone (+90-850-30-487-26) and chat on our web-site ( The date that appears on our systems for your first contact regarding a cancellation/refund will be taken into account when calculating the difference between the cancellation/refund date and the “Pass Start Date”.