Unlimited Mobile Internet Access (NOT AVAILABLE)

Free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Regular Price: € 27


Want to use Google Maps while out about in Istanbul or travelling around Turkey?

Want access to Facebook and Instagram to upload your holiday pictures?

Want access to your email on holidays?

Want to search places to eat, things to do and check our tour timetable on the go?

Want to keep in contact with family or travel buddies without having to find free wi-fi?

Want to avoid expensive data roaming charges?

We have the answer!
Istanbul Tourist Pass have partnered with Rent 'n Connect to make your life on holidays a more convenient and cheaper! 
Istanbul Tourist Pass includes access to a personal wi-fi hotspot device with unlimited Internet access at 4G (LTE) speed for 3 days. Plus, the device is small and transportable AND works all over Turkey. How great is that!

Order & Activate

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders get 3 days of free unlimited mobile wi-fi rental and free shipping from Rent 'n Connect - a total value of €27! You just need to make an online booking with your Istanbul Tourist Pass ID and pay a security deposit of €0.50. 

The date of delivery, or rental start date, must be a date when your Istanbul Tourist Pass is valid. 

Rent 'n Connect do provide quick delivery, but we still recommend that you book your device as early as possible to avoid delays or disappointment.

Turn on & Connect

Your mobile hotspot kit will be delivered to your desired delivery address or at the airport. Turn the device on, find the wi-fi network created and connect to it using your wi-fi enabled mobile device. Password information can be found on the back of the device.


Returns are very simple! When your rental period is over, simply leave the kit in the return bag at the reception of your hotel or at the airport. We'll take it from there.

  • First 3 days and shipping are free with any Istanbul Tourist Pass
  • 1 hotspot provided for every 3 adults in the group
  • Extend rental for €5.99 + VAT (18%) per day per device
  • Connect up to 10 mobile devices at the same time with 1 hotspot
  • Works all over Turkey
  • Complimentary USB travel-charger kit to charge your mobile devices
  • Enjoy unlimited internet connection at 4G (LTE) speed

Unlimited Mobile Internet Access (NOT AVAILABLE) is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Regular Price € 27

Avoid paying €27 for the 3 day Mobile Wifi Rental and shipping. Enjoy high speed internet access all around Turkey with Rent 'n Connect. 1 hotspot provided for every 3 adults in the group (€0.50 deposit required).

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Hours & Schedule

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders get their first 3 days of mobile wifi rental and shipping for free from Rent 'n Connect. Service can also be extended for €5.99 + VAT (18%) per day. Rental must start on a date where the pass will be valid.

How To Get There?

This service is accessible throughout Turkey. Deliveries and collections are made within Istanbul and rest of Turkey to/from your hotel or to/from airports. Please keep in mind that even though we'll make it as simple as possible for you, it is your responsibility to make sure the device gets back to us.

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  • You must make a booking with Rent 'n Connect, presenting your Pass ID, in order to be provided with a device.
  • Booking takes a minute only, we'll let you know how via e-mail after your Istanbul Tourist Pass purchase.
  • First 3 days of unlimited mobile wi-fi rental and shipping is free with any Istanbul Tourist Pass.
  • Rent 'n Connect will request a €0.50 charge, in order to authorize your credit card against any damages/losses or simply extensions.
  • One free device rental per 3 adults will be offered (2nd device free with the 4th adult, 3rd device free with the 7th adult and so on)
  • Rent 'n Connect are very fast in delivering mobile hotspot kits, but to be on the safe side please try to make your activation as early as possible.

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