Istanbul Airport Shuttle

With Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you get complimentary Istanbul Airport Shuttle and 40+ attractions & services, starting from €75.

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Travelling to another country is so exciting! But it can also be stressful, especially when you first arrive and wonder how to get to your hotel, if the taxis are trustworthy, how you'll communicate with the driver and many other things! We completely understand and are here to help.

Istanbul Tourist Pass includes a one-way airport shuttle bus transfer either from Istanbul Airport to the city centre or from the city centre to Istanbul Airport, it's your choice. 

Please note that it is a very long distance from Istanbul Airport to the city centre which is why only a one-way ticket is included in the Pass.

How does it work?

Once you've purchased your Istanbul Tourist Pass, you'll be able to access our online system. From there, on the day of your arrival or departure, you can open the QR code for your shuttle transfer.

The company is called "HAVAIST" and you'll see their shuttle buses clearly marked with this name.

Shuttles run 24 hours a day from most stations, but it's a good idea to double check before go. You can check the HAVAIST timetable here and a map of the stops (more than 15 stops around Istanbul) here.

After you the exit the baggage claim area, take the escalators on the left and go one level down. This will take you to the HAVAIST buses. 

Included in the Pass

Avoid paying any ticket fees for the Istanbul Airport Shuttle service. Use your pass for Free 1 Way airport to city or city to airport transfer. Buy a Pass

When to use?

To reach Havaist's timetable, please click here.

Where to use?

To reach Havaist's Bus Stop Map, please click here.


HAVAIST operates only to/from Istanbul New Airport