Istanbul Airport Shuttle

With Istanbul Tourist Pass, you get complimentary Private Istanbul Airport Transfer and 35+ attractions & services, starting from €95.

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Istanbul Tourist Pass will start creating a peace of mind for you, even before your trip starts. No more worrying about how you’ll get to your hotel from the airport or how you’ll have to communicate in sign language with taxi drivers… Istanbul Tourist Pass now covers your one-way airport shuttle transfer from or to Airport. Just purchase your pass and redeem your QR codes for your airport transfer.

How does it work?

After you purchase your Istanbul Tourist Pass, you will receive a link to the reservation system.

From reservation system, on the day of your arrival/departure you can redeem a QR code for your shuttle transfer. The name of the shuttle company is HAVAIST works 24 hours at more than 15 stops.

From Istanbul Airport to city
After the exit of the baggage claim area. The escalators on the left are going to take you to shuttles, which are one floor below. You will be able to see which bus goes where written on the wall too!

From city to Istanbul Airport
Havaist Shuttles to Istanbul Airport(IST) are currently serving with 15 stops from early morning to late night!

Istanbul Airport (IST)

A new, huge (expected to be the largest airport in the world) and modern airport, was inaugurated in Istanbul on the 29th of October, 2018 close to the coasts of the Black Sea. Unfortunately, the distance from the Istanbul Airport to the city centers is very far. For this reason, the Istanbul Tourist Pass will cover one-way shuttle transfer for you!

Included in the Pass

Avoid paying any ticket fees for the Istanbul Airport Shuttle service. Use your pass for Free 1 Way airport to city or city to airport transfer. Buy a Pass

When to use?

To reach Havaist's timetable, please click here.

Where to use?

To reach Havaist's Bus Stop Map, please click here.