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Maiden's Tower

Free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

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What's There?

Known as the Maiden's Tower, for the legend of a king who was told by an oracle that his daughter would die bitten by a snake. The tower was commissioned by the king in order to protect his beloved daughter from her dark fate.
It is also know as the Leander's Tower, for the ancient Greek legend of Hero and Leander. Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite fell in love with Leander, a young man who swam every night to meet with his beloved in her place of reclusion... the tower.
Unfortunately, both legends have a tragic ending that we don't want to spoil, so you can make Leander's journey to the tower, by boat, of course, and discover the end of the stories by yourself.

There is a museum, restaurant and romantic cafe with a 360-degree view in the island where the Maiden's Tower has been proudly standing for centuries.

What's Included?

A free boat trip and access to the Maiden's Tower museum is included with the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Maiden's Tower is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Regular Price € 4

Avoid paying the €4 transportation and admission fee to the Maiden's Tower with Istanbul Tourist Pass.

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Hours & Schedule

Open every day.
Departure times:
- From the port of Üsküdar: Every 15 minutes between 09:15 and 18:30.

How To Get There?

In order to get to the Maiden's Tower, you need to get to the port of Üsküdar first, then walk by the sea side opposite to the Bosphorus bridge, until you are across the tower. Then, just wait for the boat that will take you to the Tower.

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  • No reservation required, just go to the port and present your digital Pass
  • Round trip to and from the island is included for free.
  • Food or beverages are not included.

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