Cemberlitas Hamami Entry

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Cemberlitas Hamami Entry - Traditional Turkish Bath

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Ready to be all foamed and relaxed!

Get ready for an amazing authentic Turkish Bath experience in Istanbul! With its half a century history, Cemberlitas Hamami is here for you to relax and enjoy cleansing and detox. This beautiful Hamam which was built by the famous Architect Mimar Sinan is still functioning as the best hamam in Istanbul with its experienced staff and masseuses. This experience is discounted for all Istanbul Tourist Pass® visitors! 

About The Cemberlitas Hamami Entry

Mobile ticketing - No need for printed voucher, we're digital!

Duration - Unlimited Free Time

Visiting Hours: 07:30 – 22:30

Instant confirmation - Reservation required - Payment at the Entry



Authentic Turkish Bath Experience.

Central Location Easy to Find.

Amazingly beautiful architecture.

Get cleansed and relaxed. 



Entrance to Cemberlitas Hamam, and bathing experience with scrub&foam and oil massage upon your request

Different sections for men and women

Own locker room with bed, mirror, hairdryer, and own key

Towels, slippers, shampoo, soap, deodorant, hairspray, and gel - no need to bring anything


About Cemberlitas Hamami

The most renowned Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, constructed the hamam in 1584. The hamam is still heated in the traditional manner by a furnace that burns wood chips, creating steam that warms the entire building. The Çemberlitaş Hamam has undergone two restorations in recent decades and is particularly evocative. Together with traditional hamam services, clay facial masks, oil massages, and Indian head massages are also offered. Visitors and residents alike enjoy Cemberlitas Hamam, which also has a devoted local clientele. Schedule a session to experience the astonish­ing advantages of the Ottomans' ancient bathing customs.

Enjoy an Authentic Turkish Bath Experience with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Istanbul is famous for its amazing historical hamams as well as other breathtaking places. For you to experience the best authentic hamam experience, Istanbul Tourist Pass® offers you a discounted service in the 500-year-old Cemberlitas Hamam. You can choose between three packages and get an amazingly relaxed time during your Istanbul journey. 

Buy your Pass now and get an amazing Turkish bath experience with a great discount!

Hours & Meeting

Visiting Hours: Everyday 07:30 – 22:30

How To Get There?

Cemberlitas Hamami has a very central location, it is located right near the Grand Bazaar. 

Get Directions

Important Information

People who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, high or low blood pressure, and kidney or heart diseases, should avoid the Turkish bath or at least have a medical exam before entering a Turkish Bath. 

This service cannot access without reservation, You need to make reservation in order to get 30% discount then you will make the payment at the entry

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All About Cemberlitas Hamami Entry

The famous architect, Mimar Sinan, constructed Cemberlitas Hamam in 1584. The hamam is still heated in the traditional manner by a furnace that burns wood chips, creating steam that warms the entire building. The Çemberlitaş Hamam has undergone two restorations in recent decades and is particularly evocative. 

The Cemberlitaş Hamam was one of the several bathhouses that offered the citizens of Istanbul a venue for socializing as well as ritual cleansing before prayer. It is a conventional double bath with separate areas for men and women that are symmetrically arranged parallel to one another within a nearly square construction block. 

Inside of the Cemberlitas Hamam

Both male and female visitors enjoyed Turkish bath experiences in separate facilities. Visitors first enter the dressing room, built over a square and topped by a dome. Light enters through the lantern-covered oculus in the dome’s center, it is a beautiful thing to see! A fountain in the midst of the space created a relaxing atmosphere with its soothing water burbling and cooling effects.

The traditional use of this area was as a lounge where bathers may relax and socialize after their real baths while consuming coffee, sherbet, and other treats. It also served as a location for bathers to undress and keep their possessions. Particularly ladies traveling in groups would pack a picnic basket with treats like dolma—stuffed grape leaves—and börek—savory pastries. Bathers started by taking off their clothes and wrapping themselves with a flat-woven towel which is called peştamal.

Bathers entered the warm room, covering themselves in peştamal. This room features a door leading to the latrines that were linked to both sides of the square construction block, three small, domed bays lined up perpendicularly, and multiple basins for washing. The hot room, the center of the bathhouse, is accessible through another door. 

The hot room has four secondary rooms in addition to one core space with twelve sides. Mimar Sinan inscribed four niches into the four corner spaces to address the architectural issue of shifting from a square ground plan to a domed superstructure while producing a coherent, concentrated space. With their three basins, these dome-capped recesses may each accommodate bathers who need more seclusion. They are divided by dividing walls that are a little higher than human height. The backdrop for the twelve columns supporting the central dome is formed by two shallow niches on either side of each of the four halvet entrances. These twelve lozenge-capitalized columns are positioned evenly apart from and connected to the external walls to further the room's sense of unity. 

An elevated marble slab (göbektaşı) in the middle of the hot room provides bathers with a spot to lay down and wait for the skin's pores to open in the humid air. Bathers are prepared for a scrub after about 30 minutes. The Cemberlitaş Hamami still features a stunning, geometric inlay in black on white marble and light enters the room through the tiny holes that have been made in the dome above and are sealed with glass cups. Cemberlitas Hamami, Cemberlitas Hamami Istanbul, Hamam Cemberlitas Estambul, Cemberlitas Hamami Price, Cemberlitas Hamami price list, Cemberlitas Turkish Bath, Cemberlitas Hamam, Cemberlitas Istanbul, Cemberlitas bath, Cemberlitas Turkish bath Istanbul, hammam experience Istanbul, Turkish bath experience Istanbul

Ultimate Turkish Bath Experience

This amazing experience is waiting for you to enjoy. You can have three different options for your visit. All of these options are discounted with your Istanbul Tourist Pass®. 

Entrance to Hamam: Self-service where you bathe yourself. If it is your first time in a hammam, self-service is not the best way to get the most out of the experience.

Entrance with Foam&Scrub Bathing: Traditional Style, which is more suitable for first-timers. Everything you need for the bath is provided, and you are assigned a person who washes you with foam and scrubs your skin.

Entrance with Foam&Scrub Bathing and Oil Massage: This is the real Turkish bath experience and you will be all cleaned and relaxed!

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Cemberlitas Hamami Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Are the male and female sections of the bath separate?

Yes, there are separate sections for men and women.

What days and between what hours do hamam serve?

Cemberlitas Hamami is open every day from 06:00 in the morning to midnight.

What should I bring with me when I come to the hammam?

Pouch, soap, shampoo, towel, slippers, and loincloth are given to the guests. However, those who want to bring their personal belongings with them, of course, can. There are lockers for each guest.

What is the average duration of the services?

Traditional foam&scrub service is 15 minutes, and oil massages are 30 minutes, but you can spend as much time as you want in the hammam.

How can I ensure the safety of my personal belongings in the bath?

Dressing rooms have lockers for guests. By placing your belongings in these lockers and taking the key with you, you ensure security.

Are men and women served by same sex persons?

Yes; women are served by women and men are served by men.

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