Guided Galata Tower Entrance

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Guided Galata Tower Entrance

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Take a trip “up” to the 14th century with a tower of great functioning in history

While some towers are colonial buildings, some are watch towers or take-off runways for adventurers. Well, Galata Tower Museum has been all of these in its almost 700 years of life. Built by Genoese colonialists, the tower presents the history of three different nations as the Ottomans claimed the Galata Tower during the conquer of Constantinople, after which it was turned into a fire lookout tower after serving as a dungeon during the Ottoman period. On this tour, you'll meet in front of the Tower with a knowledgeable guide. Our professional guide will share every detail you need to know about the amazing Galata Tower. Then you'll be handed your tickets and you'll enter the Tower. All the rest is up to you! Enjoy the amazing Tower keeping all the great information in your mind!

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About The Guided Galata Tower Entrance

Duration - 15 Minutes  Check Time table to see starting times

Skip the ticket line - Avoid queues!

Guide - English



A panoramic Istanbul view.

It is close to other attractions like Madame Tussauds Museum and the Museum of Illusions.

Great photographs for memories with and within the tower

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Professional and knowledgeable local guide sharing information about the tower



Professional guide sharing all the information needed about Galata Tower

Skip the Line Galata Tower Ticket (all visitors must wait in the security line)

Free time in Galata Tower as long as you want


About Galata Tower Tickets

As one of the tallest buildings of its time, the famous Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi used the tower’s roof as the take-off point of his flight between continents. The Galata Tower enables the people on top to have a 360-degree Panoramas of Istanbul. It is one of the symbols of the city, and one of the things that make it so great is that it is quite accessible and close to the other places that you may want to visit during a grand Istanbul tour. But you are always welcome to just be mesmerized by the panoramic Istanbul view or the historical artifacts that recount the story of Istanbul from very early on in Galata Museum Istanbul. Also, you may catch an amazing Galata Tower light show in the evenings, take photos, and share with us via Instagram from @istanbultouristpass!

About the Guided Galata Tower Entrance

Your guide and you will meet in front of Galata Tower. Our knowledgeable guide will discuss the Galata Tower's significance, history, obscure facts, and even rumors. After that, our guide will lead you to the entrance and give you your ticket for Galata Tower. Don't worry about the Galata Tower admission fee. Only you and your guide are allowed inside the Tower. The guide won't accompany you into the Tower. In the Tower, you will have free time to spend whatever long you'd like! Don't forget to retain the fascinating information you discovered! This ticket for Galata Tower leads you on an amazing journey!

Take a glance down at the city!

Taking the great city of Istanbul with ease is possible in the Galata Tower with Istanbul Tourist Pass®. With Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you get a free ticket and no waiting queue advantages! Istanbul Tourist Pass’ advantages are countless, so make sure that you are benefiting from those while you are up the skies in the Galata Tower. Use the Galata Tower elevator if you need to or take the stairs. In addition to the panoramic view you get, once you are up there in the Galata Tower, you can also look down on the social activities of the people of Beyoğlu, whether they are citizens or tourists.

Galata Tower Istanbul presents you with a scene of the historical texture of an old city as well as the modern people looking for entertainment. Have yourself a relaxing time to contemplate your trip when you are on the rooftop, and decide on what you will choose to do next upon evaluating the offerings of Istanbul. 

What to Do at Galata Tower?

When you reach the top of the Galata Tower Istanbul, you will get a view that encompasses the whole city. It is one of the symbols of the city, and one of the things that makes it so amazing is that it is relatively accessible and close to the other attractions that you may want to visit during a grand tour of Istanbul. This location is also one of the reasons why it is one of the icons of the city. You are, however, free to spend as much time as you like simply gazing at the breathtaking panorama of Istanbul or perusing the ancient relics that detail the history of Istanbul from its earliest days. Be a part of Galata Tower's history and enjoy view from Galata Tower.

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Hours & Meeting

Please visit time table for tour hours.

Galata Tower Opening Hours:

Summer Period Hours
1 April - 1 November
Opening time: 08:30
Closing time: 23:00

Winter Period Hours
1 November - 1 April
Opening time: 08:30
Closing time: 22:00

Box Office Summer / Winter Closing Hours
Summer Period: 22:00
Winter Period: 20:30

How To Get There?

Meeting in front of the Galata Tower, Beyoğlu. 

Galata Tower Address: Bereketzade Fountain, Bereketzade, Galata Kulesi No:1, 34421 Beyoğlu/

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Important Information

Please follow the guided tour time table to join the Galata Tours.

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All About Guided Galata Tower Entrance

Galata Tower, regarded as one of the oldest towers in the world and one of Istanbul's emblems, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List in 2013. One of the most significant buildings that make up Istanbul's silhouette, Galata Tower, was also known as Galata Fire Tower since it served as a long-term fire watchtower.

About Galata Tower Tickets

You will meet in front of Galata Tower with your guide. Our professional guide will talk about history, importance, secret details, and even gossip about the Galata Tower. Then our guide will take you to the entrance and hand your tickets to you. You can only enter to Tower with your guide. The guide will not enter the Tower with you. You will have free time in the Tower, you can have as much as time you'd like! Don't forget to remember the amazing details you learned! Remember, even though your tickets will let you skip the ticket line, you may have to wait in a security line to get into the Galata Towe. 

History of the Galata Tower

The original Galata Tower was erected in 507–508 AD by the Byzantine Emperor Justinianos. On the north side of Istanbul's Golden Horn, in the Galata citadel, stood the historic Tower of Galata, also known as "Megalos Pyrgos," or Great Tower. The tower served as the great chain's northern terminus at that time, and it was extended across the mouth of the Golden Horn to stop hostile ships from entering the harbor.A mechanism for lifting and lowering the chain was built within the tower. Contrast this tower with the current Galata Tower, which is still standing and situated at the highest and northernmost point of the Galatian fortress.

In 1348–1349, the Genoese rebuilt the existing tower. The majority of the walls and the first tower were demolished by the Byzantines when the Genoans conquered Galata in the 1300s. In the end, they rebuilt every bastion and wall. They also laid the groundwork for the current tower and rebuilt the Galata Tower, which was at the top of the walls. As a result of a cross on its cone, the tower was given the name "Christea Turris" (Tower of Christ), and over time it came to represent this small Latin civilization.

By presenting the key to Fatih Sultan Mehmet on the morning of May 29, 1453, the Ottomans were given control of the Galata Tower following the capture of Istanbul. The handover of Galata was finished on Friday, June 1, according to the inscription carved into the marble at the entrance, which reads: "On the morning of Tuesday, May 29, 1453, the Genoese gave the keys of the Galata colony to Fatih Sultan Mehmed." Between the years 1445 and 46, the tower was raised. Architect Murad bin Hayreddin restored it after an earthquake in the 1500s damaged it. III. A bay window is later placed on the tower's upper story after repairs are made during the Selim era.

II. Mahmut rises two more levels above the tower and the top of the tower is covered with the well-known cone-shaped roof cover after the tower suffered another fire in 1831. The structure was renovated in 1967 and then in 2020. 

The Architecture of Galata Tower

The crumbled stone construction method was used to construct Galata Tower Turkey. Stone mesh covers the outside. The 16-line lyrical inscription, which is positioned above the entryway, describes how Sultan Mahmud II had the tower rebuilt after it was damaged by fire. Between the two crescent and star patterns, Sultan Mahmud II's tughra is scraped.

The round, arched window above the door served as the troops' observation point. After the high ground floor, the building has nine floors. The cylindrical body's windows are circular arches made of bricks. The contoured moldings that encircle the cylindrical body draw attention to the development of the final two floors that are immediately below the cone roof. Under the cone-shaped roof, there is an observation deck with a metal-decorated network encircling the floor. Round arches supported by large niche piers and windows with round arches made of brick may be found on the lower floor.

Today, it is noted that the building's third floor and above have a Genoese character, while the floors below have an Ottoman character. The structure was renovated into a museum with exhibition spaces by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2020, and it will be accessible to visitors on October 6, 2020, which is Istanbul's Independence Day. If you are asking about Galata Tower how many steps, here is the answer: There are 211 steps in Galata Tower Istanbul.

Be a part of the Galata Tower story!

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Guided Galata Tower Entrance Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Galata Tower Famous?

The Galata Tower is without a doubt the oldest and most recognizable of Istanbul's many towers. The tower is tall, cylindrical, and has a cone-shaped top. It has nine stories, making it the highest building in the city at the time it was erected.

How much does it cost to climb Galata Tower?

The ticket costs 175 TL in 2023 but it is FREE with İstanbul Tourist Pass®.

Is it worth going up the Galata tower?

Yes, the Galata Tower itself can be seen in some of the city's magnificent vistas of Istanbul, and it is still the ideal point to get sweeping views of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.

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