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Are you ready to explore the Basilica Cistern?

The Basilica Cistern is the largest among the numerous underground cisterns in Istanbul. The Underground Palace or the Yerebatan Sarnıc as the Ottomans called it, is an amazing sight to behold.

While the Istanbul Tourist Pass®’s capable and well-informed guides take you through the cistern while explaining the history behind this architectural marvel, you’ll feel as though you’ve gone back through time. The Basilica Cistern includes very interesting architectural and historical features, such as Medusa head pillar bases. If you are the one to be intrigued by Eastern architecture, Istanbul Tourist Pass is here to sate your intellectual needs.

Check out our Guided Tours Timetable and add Basilica Cistern Guided Tour | Istanbul Tourist Pass® to your Istanbul itinerary today!

About The Basilica Cistern Guided Tour with Entrance Ticket

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 Feel the past with the amazing architecture!  In the construction of the cistern, more than 7000 slaves worked! 

 Learn more about The Basilica Cistern which is the largest of hundreds of ancient cisterns that lie beneath Istanbul. 

 Be amazed by its history! With its charming historical and architectural structure, the Basilica Cistern is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul.



Entrance to Basilica Cistern


The Basilica Cistern 

The Basilica Cistern is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul. Visit the Underground Palace (Yerebatan Sarnic), as it was known by the Ottomans, and experience the wonder of the vast cistern for yourself. You'll either feel transported back in time or onto the set of the blockbuster film "Inferno" as your guide explains the history behind interesting features such as the Medusa head pillar bases. Bring on the adventure!

For this amazing experience and more, Buy Your Pass Now! Istanbul Tourist Pass® is here to make your Istanbul trip an unforgettable experience! 

Hours & Meeting

Please visit time table for tour hours 

How To Get There?

Where to meet

The tour starts at the main bus stop for BUSFORUS ISTANBUL at Sultanahmet Square. Look out for the red double-decker buses. It's about 50 metres in front of the Hagia Sophia.

Getting there

To get to Sultanahmet Square, take the T1 Bağılar - Kabataş tram and get off at Sultanahmet station. Walk towards Hagia Sophia and keep an eye out for the Big Bus stop.

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Important Information

The guided tours are performed in English.

The tour starts at the BUSFORUS ISTANBUL bus stop in Sultanahmet. Click "Get Directions" above to find the location on Google Maps.

The tour doesn't require a reservation in advance.

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders do not pay admission at the Basilica Cistern.

Children will be asked to present their valid passport at the entrance of the museums in order to validate their age.

Please note that this attraction cannot be accessed directly by presenting the digital Pass at the museum. You need to enter with the tour guide.

The museum is closed for visits for half-day on the first day of Ramadan and Sacrifice Festivals.

You cannot enter with a suitcase.

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All About Basilica Cistern Guided Tour with Entrance Ticket

This large underground cistern is built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565) to solve the drinking water problem in the city. The Basilica Cistern was used for a while after the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans in 1453 and water was supplied to the gardens of Topkapı Palace, where the Sultans lived. 

The water from the cistern was still water. That’s why it was not preferred by some of the Ottoman Sultan who liked to drink running water. After some water facilities were established in the city, the Cistern was completely forgotten until it was rediscovered by the Dutch traveler P. Gyllius who visited Istanbul in to investigate the Byzantine ruins.

When the Cistern was unearthed, it was not in a condition to be used and required a massive renovation. The biggest renovation project during the Republican period was initiated by the Istanbul Municipality in 1985. With the removal of 50,000 tons of mud and the construction of the excursion platform, it was completed on September 9, 1987, and reopened to visitors. 

The Basilica Cistern became one of the top tourist destinations since then. This place attracts millions of travelers each year due to its historical and impressive atmosphere. You can visit the Basilica Cistern with the Istanbul Tourist Pass to skip the ticket lines and save time and money on your Istanbul trip. 

Basilica Cistern Facts

  • In the construction of the cistern, more than 7000 slaves worked.
  • After being designated as a museum, it’s been one of the best tourist attractions. Since then, Basilica Cistern has received a lot of attention from local and international visitors.
  • Cistern’s famous visitors include former US President Bill Clinton, Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok, former Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini, former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson, and Austrian former Prime Minister Thomas Klestil.

The Architecture of Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern (Yetebatan Sarnici) is a huge building covering a rectangular area of 140 m in length and 70 m in width. It is descended by a 52-step stone staircase, having 336 columns, each 9 m in height. These columns, constructed at intervals of 4.80 meters from each other, form 28 rows of 12 in each row. 

The columns rising in the water fascinate the visitors with their architecture as soon as they enter the cistern. The ceiling weight of the cistern was transferred to the columns by means of round cruciform vaults and arches. Most of the columns are understood to have been collected from older buildings and carved from the granite of various types of marble.

The headings of these columns have different features from place to place. While 98 of them reflect the Corinthian style, some of them belong to the Doric style. 

The cistern is built of bricks, 4.80 m. thick walls and brick-tiled floor were plastered with a thick layer of Khorasan mortar and made watertight. This cistern has an area of ​​9800 m2 in total, and its water storage capacity is nearly 100,000 tons.

The impressive pillars are decorated with the repetitions of Peacock Eyes, Drooping Branch, and Teardrop shapes in carving and relief. According to popular rumors; the shapes that look like tears describe the hundreds of slaves who died during the construction of the Great Basilica. basilica cistern tour, cistern basilica Istanbul, basilica cistern tickets, basilica cistern opening hours, basilica cistern turkey, basilica cistern entrance fee, basilica cistern price, basilica cistern open, basilica cistern museum, the basilica cistern Istanbul, basilica cistern location, Istanbul basilica cistern opening hours.

After passing the middle part of the Cistern, it is about 40 m. inward from the southwest wall. A total of 40 columns, 9 columns in the longest part and 2 columns in the narrowest part, cannot be seen because they are behind these walls.

Medusa Heads In the Basilica Cistern

There are two Medusa Heads, located under the columns in the northwest corners of the Basilica Cistern and used as pedestals. These are among the most beautiful masterpieces of Roman period sculpture art. It is still a question mark today, where these structures were found and brought here. 

There are still legends about the Head of Medusa. According to a rumor, Medusa is a woman who is always proud of her black eyes, long hair, and perfect body, and she is in love with Perseus, the son of Zeus. But it is known that Athena also fell in love with Perseus and was jealous of Medusa. Rumor indicates that Athena turned Medusa's hair into snakes. And on top of that, it is said that everyone who Medusa looks at turns into stone. That is why these Medusa Heads in the Basilica Cistern are placed upside-down to avoid its direct gaze. 

Medusa, one of the three Gorgonas, in Greek Mythology, is the female monster of the underworld. Of these three sisters, only Medusa with the Snake Head is positive. At that time, it is thought that the paintings and sculptures of Gorgona's heads were placed in order to protect large structures. Medusa was placed here to protect this private place. These Medusa Heads are crucial for the Basilica Cistern which makes here one of the top travel spots to visit in İstanbul. Every tourist should add the Basilica Cistern to their Istanbul bucket list.

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Basilica Cistern Guided Tour with Entrance Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Basilica Cistern Called Underground Palace (Yerebatan Sarnic)?

The Basilica Cistern is called the Underground Palace or Yerebatan Sarnic in Turkish due to its remarkable architectural features and grand scale.

Why Should I Visit the Basilica Cistern?

It is the largest of the several ancient cisterns in Istanbul. With its charming historical and architectural structure, the Basilica Cistern is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul.

Can I Get in Basilica Cistern With Istanbul Tourist Pass?

No, this attraction cannot be accessed directly by presenting the digital Pass at the museum. You need to enter with the tour guide.

Where Can I Meet with the Guide?

You can find meeting location at Hours & Meeting section, our guides carry a white flag with the logo of Istanbul Tourist Pass®

When I Can Join the Basilica Cistern Tour with a Guide?

You can find tour hours at Hours & Meeting section. Please meet your guide at the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour start time.

Basilica Cistern Museum Opening Hours

Museum is open all day throughout the week. Exceptionally, only in the first day of the religious holidays, you can visit Basilica Cistern from 13:00 until 18.00.

What was the Basilica Cistern Used For?

Cisterns were widely used in the Ottoman Empire as water filtration systems. Basilica Cistern was one of the oldest Cisterns in the city.

How Old is the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul?

The Mesmerizing Basilica Cistern Was Built by the Emperor Justinian in A.C 532. So Now, It is More than 1400 Years Old!

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