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I travel a lot and have visited many countries like France, Japan or Singapure, but Istanbul was one of the best experiences I had, thanks to Istanbul Tourist Pass. Everything I wanted to do was included in the pass somehow, and I'm very glad I chose Istanbul Tourist Pass. Thanks!

Philbert F. from USA

Thank you for your great service. One of the best things about Istanbul Tourist Pass is that there are so many non-historical attractions included like an aquarium or the illusion museum visit. And also I recommend Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. They are all included in your Istanbul Tourist Pass. Istanbul offers more than the historical attractions, although they are amazing too.

Gaz I. from USA

we had a fantastic holiday with the food, history, culture. We were amazed by Hagia Sophia and our guide. Skipping the line was the best part of all!

Chandler V. from USA

The itinerary was excellent, the guides were professional and knowledgeable everything was fantastic thanks to Istanbul Tourist Pass

Monica S. from USA

first time i see a service like this, it was cheaper for me and my family and so helpful, thank you istanbul tourist pass

Ross G. from USA

it was a pleasure meeting with guys what an inspire trip i had and with your tourist pass card make it more interesting than before

Rachel K. from USA

i came to istanbul lots of time but i have never used any tourist card but when i did with Istanbul Tourist Pass i enjoyed a lot with a huge discounts . thank you

Valter D. from USA

Thank you for your support during my travel. It was a great help since this was my first time and I had tons of questions :)

Rodolfo B. from SPAIN

i have been to a lot of countries and cities but i have never seen a great and wonderful city like İstanbul really I'm happy that i came , thank you

Sylvester S. from ITALY

Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul my favorite city in the world and really you can say it's the biggest and most beautiful city in the whole world, such a great time i had with İstanbul tourist pass, thank you all

Bert M. from ITALY

what a historical city !!! just wow everything was amazing thanks to Istanbul Tourist Pass

Ilbert F. from ITALY

Museums are great. We loved Istiklal street it was just like in old movies. We discovered the city in a very budget friendly way thanks to Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Maxine A. from ITALY

Istanbul is really a great city. But it needs professional help to see everything with low cost. If we didnt buy Istanbul Tourist Pass before we travel I believe we would spend much more!

Garland C. from USA

My family visited Istanbul this year with Istanbul tourist pass this year. They were 5 people so we thought buying pass would save us much. It really was. We visited so many places in a very profesiional way and we saved money in the process. Thank you!

Doria A. from USA

Good people, good price and good city! Perfect combination!

Justin G. from USA

I am amazed by Topkapi Palace. Such an history... And guide was really helpfull. I learned a lot, thank you!

Pablo K. from USA

everything was as we planned and it's important for me to organized my time and I'm happy to choose your company and won't be last , definitely will visit again

Hernando S. from USA

We saved a lot of money by choosing Istanbul Tourist Pass! And no waiting was a blessing! Thank you for all of your services!

Memphis D. from USA

hi , i would say few things, first of all I'm fascinating with your services i have never seen a professional work like that , and the places i went to was magnificent, definitely I'll recommend to all the people who wants to enjoy and have a great time with families, thank you Istanbul tourist pass

Dinah S from USA

Not waiting lines... How can I describe that. This was the most amazing surprise we had. We simply passed through all those people who were waiting at the line. I am sure they hated us:D , but honesty we enjoyed each single moment of our visit :Thanks again guys!

Mussa Y. from USA


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