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Are you ready to see the Sapphire Observation Deck in Istanbul?

The Sapphire Observation Deck is one of the best spots to visit in Istanbul, with a breathtaking bird's eye view from the top floor of the Sapphire building. Many tourist attractions in Istanbul can be viewed from all sides, allowing you to enjoy a variety of things in one spot.

The Sapphire Observation deck is a great tourist attraction with its incredible view and modern structure. The Sapphire Residence, being one of the tallest structures in Istanbul, provides a breathtaking sight. With Istanbul Tourist Pass, the whole of Istanbul is just beneath your feet.

About The Sapphire Observation Deck Admission Ticket

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See various natural beauties and historical buildings of Istanbul from the terrace area.

Enjoy shopping and dining at this mall located in one of the most popular areas of Istanbul.

Be amazed by the magnificent view from the observation deck



Entry to Sapphire Observation Deck 


What a city! What a view!

Get a true 360-degree birds-eye view of Istanbul from the observation deck of one of Istanbul’s tallest skyscrapers, the Sapphire Shopping Mall, and experience Istanbul from the sky as very few people do.

The Sapphire Shopping Mall is located in the lively neighborhood of 4. Levent, in the European side of the city, and it’s very easy to reach using the metro.

At the Sapphire Observation Deck, you'll get an idea of how big Istanbul really is! You can take amazing pictures of the city and the Bosphorus Strait, plus there are some delicious food options there. Why not enjoy a delicious dessert with a view or have a romantic dinner at the Vista Cafe & Restaurant?

For this amazing experience and more, Buy Your Pass Now! Istanbul Tourist Pass® is here to make your Istanbul trip an unforgettable experience! 

Hours & Meeting

The Sapphire Shopping Mall is open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM, every day.

Last admission to the observation deck is at 09:30 PM.

How To Get There?

The Sapphire Shopping Mall can be reached via the metro, getting off at the 4.Levent station.
Access to the observation deck is located on the ground floor, inside the mall.

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Important Information

No reservation required, just go to the entrance and present your digital Pass.

Food or beverages are not included.

31.12.2023 10:00AM-08:00 PM

01.01.2024 12:00PM-10:00PM

Sapphire Observation Deck Admission Ticket Free With

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All About Sapphire Observation Deck Admission Ticket

Sapphire Observation Deck is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul, with its magnificent bird's eye view on the top floor of the Sapphire building. You can see many tourist centers located in Istanbul at a 360-degree angle from where you are to witness many different sights in the same place. The Sapphire Residence in Istanbul, where the Observation Deck is located, is one of the tallest buildings in the city. Also, it is one of the focal points and tourist attractions of Istanbul with its magnificent and modern structure.

The luxury Sapphire Residence is a skyscraper with 54 floors and includes Sapphire Shopping Mall, Sapphire Observation Deck, and a golf course. Sapphire building is one of the leading entertainment centers in Istanbul, but it also houses an extensive business center management network. This place, which is frequently visited by business people living in Istanbul, is also a popular tourist attraction with the fun activities it offers. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can explore the Sapphire Observation Deck with exclusive services and ticket prices.

Sapphire Shopping Mall

Sapphire Shopping Mall, located in one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul, is one of the favorite shopping centers of tourists, filled with luxury brands and different product and flavor options to suit any budget. Sapphire building, which was completed in 2010, gained the title of the tallest building in Istanbul at the time of its completion. In this luxurious shopping center located in the Levent neighborhood of Istanbul, domestic and foreign visitors have culinary experiences that appeal to different taste buds and enjoy a variety of new-generation coffee shops.

Sapphire Shopping Mall has a masjid, a baby room, a first-aid room, and unique playgrounds for children. In this aspect, Sapphire is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul for tourists who will make a family trip to the city. Sapphire Shopping Mall also has a Playland section, and there are fun games that will be of interest to both adults and children alike. If you seek a family trip and have plans in the same neighborhood, don't forget to add the luxurious Sapphire Shopping Mall to your Istanbul travel itinerary. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can easily explore this place that reflects modernity in terms of its facilities and services.

Sapphire Observation Deck

Sapphire Observation Deck offers you a tremendous experience that will put Istanbul under your feet with a single glance, but you can understand it by witnessing it with your eyes.

It is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul, where you can explore almost all the exciting tourist attractions of the city with a 360-degree view. You can feel as if you are flying above the city at the 236th meter of the Sapphire building.

  • At the top of the Sapphire Shopping Mall, Sapphire Observation Deck offers visitors a unique view and restaurants and entertainment services. Vista Cafe & Restaurant is located at the very top of the terrace, and you can eat while watching the fantastic view. After a family trip to Sapphire, you can take a break here and taste Turkish dishes and desserts from a bird's-eye view of Istanbul.
  • Another service that the Sapphire Observation Deck includes is Showtime Pictures, located at the entrance. It’s a pretty popular tourist attraction. You can take photos with different themes in front of the Istanbul landscape and immortalize this moment with your loved ones.

Places to See from Sapphire Observation Deck

The Sapphire Observation Deck is located on the 54th floor of the Sapphire Building. From its terrace, it is possible to observe almost all the natural beauties and historical buildings of Istanbul with the naked eye. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can also visit the historical sites one-on-one and get the opportunity to get information accompanied by a guide.

Thanks to the Sapphire Observation Deck, the most important buildings you will observe from a bird's eye view are the bridges of Istanbul. One of the most famous and remarkable bridges in the city is undoubtedly the Bosphorus Bridge. The bridge will become the star of the landscape, especially during your night visits to the Observation Deck, and will provide the most beautiful backdrop for your photos. Other Istanbul Bridges connecting Asia to Europe are the Yavuz Sultan Selim and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges, named after the Ottoman Sultans.

This district where the Sapphire shopping mall is located at is very close to Levent and has a density of business centers. Therefore, if you are watching the view from the Sapphire Observation Deck, especially at night, you are greeted by tall buildings with sparkling lights.

The Sapphire Observation Deck, located in the Sapphire Shopping Mall in Istanbul's Kâğıthane district, is a must-visit attraction for anyone looking to get a stunning view of the city. With the İstanbul Tourist Pass®, visitors can enjoy free access to this observation deck, which is situated on the 56th floor of the Sapphire Tower. From this vantage point, visitors can get an unobstructed panoramic view of the city, including its most famous landmarks like the Bosphorus Bridge and the historic old town. In addition to the observation deck, the Sapphire Mall also offers a variety of high-end shops and boutiques, making it a popular destination for luxury shopping in Istanbul. Whether you're a shopaholic or simply looking to take in the stunning views of the city, the Sapphire Observation Deck is a must-visit attraction that should be included in your itinerary.

Advantages Of Istanbul Tourist Pass®

By having the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you can visit more than 100+ attractions in Istanbul. You can save huge amount of time and money by not waiting in the long queues or paying fees at the entrances of the museums or for other facilities and activities. You can buy the Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days. So many attractions are available with Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Sapanca Lake daily tour, Dinner on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Airport Shuttle etc. included in the pass. For more details and updated attractions available with the pass can be found on website.

Sapphire Observation Deck Admission Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Experience the Sapphire Observation Deck?

Sapphire Observation Deck, which is at the top floor of the Sapphire Shopping Mall, is one of the most unique ways of experiencing Istanbul. When you are 236 meters high, you get to see a much larger portion of the Istanbul.

How Can I Book a Visit to the Sapphire Observation Deck?

If you have an Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can enter the Sapphire Observation Deck without booking. The pass also offer you special privileges on your visit.

What Are the Appropriate Hours and Days for Visit?

Sapphire Observation Deck offers visitors the opportunity to visit every day of the week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This is also the working hour of the shopping mall, so you can shop, visit restaurants and cafes, and participate in other entertainment.

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