Sapphire Observation Deck

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What a city! What a view!

Get a true 360-degrees birds-eye view of Istanbul from the observation deck of one of Istanbul’s tallest skyscrapers, the Sapphire Shopping Mall, and experience Istanbul from the sky as very few people do.

The Sapphire Shopping Mall is located in the lively neighborhood of 4. Levent, in the European side of the city, and it’s very easy to reach using the metro.

At the Sapphire Oservation Deck you'll get an idea of how big Istanbul really is! You can take amazing pictures of the city and the Bosphorus Strait, plus there are some delicious food options there. Why not enjoy a delicious dessert with the view or have a romantic dinner at the Vista Cafe & Restaurant.

You can even try the SkyRide 4D simulation and "fly" over the city to see Istanbul's famous landmarks as you've never seen them before!

Sapphire Observation Deck is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Regular Price € 5

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Hours & Schedule

The Sapphire Shopping Mall is open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM, every day. Last admission to the observation deck is at 09:30 PM.

How To Get There?

The Sapphire Shopping Mall can be reached via the metro, getting off at the 4.Levent station.
Access to the observation deck is located on the ground floor, inside the mall.

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Want to see Istanbul from the top of one of its tallest buildings? Sapphire Observation Deck, which is at the top floor of the Sapphire Shopping Mall, is one of the most unique ways of experiencing Istanbul. When you are 236 meters high, you get to see a much larger portion of the Istanbul, which is something that should be experienced first-hand. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

About the Sapphire Observation Deck

Sapphire Observation Deck Istanbul is at the very top of the Sapphire Shopping Center, letting you see the Istanbul from 236 meters high. Though Sapphire Shopping Center is not the tallest building anymore, it is still breathtaking to see Istanbul from such a high place. But watching the city is not the only thing you can do up there. You can enjoy some of the best local and international dishes in Vista Café & Restaurant. There is also the Showtime Pictures, which lets you take photos in the Observation Deck with costumes and green screen for unforgettable moments with your friends and family.
For your special days and events, there is also an Organization Saloon at the top floor of the Sapphire Shopping Center, which you can book for one of the highest quality spots for meetings and events.

Inside the Sapphire Shopping Center

Sapphire Shopping Mall was the tallest building in Turkey back when it was first built, but this title was taken from it throughout the years after it was built. It is still a large complex with many cafés, restaurants, services and stores.
Because of its central location, Sapphire Shopping Mall often hosts many events, festivals, parties and sweepstakes.
If you ever get hungry from walking around in this large shopping mall, you can always try some Turkish dishes in the many local restaurants inside, such as Chef Pide, Kofteci Yusuf, Pidem, Tavuk Dunyasi, Suteli Muhallebicisi, and Usta Donerci. If you are not hungry, you can sit inside Demlik and order some Turkish tea or coffee along with Turkish desserts.
For the Muslim visitors, the mall has a Masjid. If you have a health problem, you can always consult the Medical Attention Room. For the disabled visitors, there are wheelchairs and for the families with babies, you can find Baby Care rooms. On top of a resting area and a terrace, there is a playground for your children as well. There is also a cinema in the mall, which regularly hosts many of the latest local and international movies.
Want to spend some fun time with your friends and family? Visit the Playland section inside the Sapphire Shopping Center and choose from the many options for entertainment. You can play bowling or billiard with your friends, or go to the Ball Pool, Sand Area or Kids’ Playground for your children. There are also video games and a toy shooting range for the teens.
You can also visit and shop at the multiple international and local brands’ stores, such as Altinyildiz Classics, Ebebek, Flo, Koton, Penti and Watsons.
While you are in the Sapphire Shopping Mall, don’t forget to also try out the Skyride 4D Simulation. This helicopter simulation will let you tour the Istanbul and some of its most popular monuments from a virtual helicopter with all the effects you can think of.

Where is the Sapphire Observation Deck?

As you can understand from its name, Sapphire Observation Deck is located inside the Sapphire Shopping Center, which is in Kagithane district of Istanbul. The most direct form of transportation is using the M2 Yenikapi – Haciosman metro line and getting off at the 4. Levent stop. As soon as you leave the metro, you will see the large and bright Sapphire Shopping Center.
You can also use the big yellow IETT buses to go to the Sapphire Observation Deck. Some of the ones that stop near the shopping center are 59RK, 63, 64Ç, 122H, 122V, 129L, 522N and E-3.
If you are looking to visit the Sapphire Observation Deck but you are in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, don’t worry. You can use Marmaray to go to the Yenikapi station, and transfer to the M2 Yenikapi – Haciosman metro line there. After that, you can reach the Sapphire Observation Deck like we mentioned above.

Visiting the Sapphire Observation Deck

Sapphire Observation price is 55 Turkish Liras for one adult and Sapphire Observation entrance fee is 45 Turkish Liras for one student. You can get a Sapphire Observation ticket from the mall. You can visit it between 10 AM and 10 PM every day of the week.

Other Attractions Near the Sapphire Observation Deck

Ever wondered what life is like for blind people? If you want to experience it, you can visit the wonderful social project Dialogue in the Dark, which was created to make us sympathize with blind people. You will get to interact with the environment in special rooms that will make you use your every sense except your sight.
Upside-Down House is another fun and unique experience that is near the Sapphire Observation Deck. It is what you think it is: an upside-down house. When you first enter it, all the stuff that is on the ceiling will blow you away. Touring inside this house and taking weird and funny pictures with your friends and family is immensely fun.
Not satisfied? Try out Xtrem Adventures in Maslak. It is an adventure park with challenge courses which you can try to beat in 2 hours with safety harnesses. It’s all about some safe fun with friends and family.
You can also visit the famous Sakip Sabanci Museum, which is one of the leading private museums in Turkey. It started out as a fine arts museum, but today, it hosts a wide range of art collections from the 19th and 20th centuries today along with many archeological and historical artifacts. The museum is also occasionally used for cultural events, various concerts, conferences and seminars.
If you want to explore Istanbul at your own pace, save time and over €250, on top of visiting all of the places mentioned above, you can get an Istanbul Tourist Pass and get access to 35+ attractions and services in Istanbul.