We offer custom passes for groups of 10 or more tourists! If you are organizing a trip for your own group or for a client, a group pass is the perfect fit.

Organize your Group Trip!

Are you coming to Istanbul as a group of 10 or more? Then, we have incredible news for you! For groups of 10 or more tourists we offer custom passes. You can visit 100+ attractions that Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ offers to you and save even more as a group.

Not all combinations may be approved by Istanbul Tourist Pass as per agreements with specific attractions, please contact our team for further information.

Custom Passes: If you are sure that you will not be attending some of the attractions, we create a special pass for your group with more discount!

If you are organizing a trip for your own group or for a client, a group pass is a perfect fit. We will help you save money, time and you from the hassle of having to organize everything separately from each vendor! Additionally, you can create a pass for school trips to Istanbul, and plan the trip in budget!

Don’t worry about discord in the group. You do not have to go everywhere as a group, you can use the same ID in different attractions at the same time! By this way, no one will be depending on each other, and not all of you will have to do everything at the same time.

If you are individual or small group of tourists, you need to fill this form.

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