EMAAR Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

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The aquarium and underwater zoo, composed of  different thematic sections, namely the Main Tank that includes the Tunnel Aquarium as well as Rocky Shores, Forests, Rivers and Falls, Penguin Island, Crocodile Kingdom and interactive play area Dreamers Island, is home more than 20,000 marine animals and amphibians of 200 species.

Thematic Sections

Thousands of species from sharks living in shallow waters to giant spider crabs living in deep and cold waters of seas, from gobies, the most curious fish of the seabed, to piranhas and from the fastest species of seas to manta rays are bringing the mysterious and colourful world.

EMAAR Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Regular Price € 16.5

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Hours & Schedule

Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 20:00

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

How To Get There?

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  • Present your digital Istanbul Tourist Pass at the ticketing counter to get access to the aquarium.
  • Any additional activities (e.g., diving, feeding the sea creatures, etc.) are not included.

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