With Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you get complimentary WHATSAPP TRAVELLER SUPPORT and 50+ attractions & services, starting from €75.

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We're here to help!

Are you in Istanbul or planning a trip soon? We know you probably have questions about the city, things to see and do, etc. Some answers can be found on the Internet but nothing is as good as local advice and a real person to help you out!

Istanbul Tourist Pass has a unique service for its users which allows you to contact us during work hours so we can help make your trip a much more convenient and enjoyable one. 

Included in the Pass

WhatsApp Traveler Support service is complimentary with Istanbul Tourist Pass. You will receive the phone number information in your confirmation e-mail. Buy a Pass

When to use?

Our professional guides handle WhatsApp chats everyday between 09:00 - 18:00. (Istanbul GMT +03.00). For urgent inquiries you can contact our traveler support line.

Where to use?

Before, during or after your trip, you can contact our guides from whereever you are in the world. Our WhatsApp number will be sent to you within the order confirmation e-mail.


  • This service is best used for tips & recommendations. Our team will do their best to assist you with any type of request you may have, but we strongly recommend that you e-mail us with your order related requests and that you give us a call for very urgent requests.
  • The service is not available 24/7. Refer to the hours above.