Xtrem Aventures Theme Park Entrance Ticket

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Outdoor Activities

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Xtrem Aventures is fun for the whole family!

Are you ready to let your inner explorer loose in the wilderness? If that's the case, Xtrem Aventures Istanbul is here to help! If you appreciate action, adventure, and nature, you will enjoy Xtrem Aventures' action-packed courses. Swing on the ropes, jump between the trees, and try to walk on the nets without falling over.

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About The Xtrem Aventures Theme Park Entrance Ticket

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Duration  - 2 Hours

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Be ready to enjoy Xtrem Aventures. if you are an action lover!

Explore the Lord of the Rings’ mysterious “Hobbit Village” is at Xtrem Aventures!

Enjoy the The three Hobbit Houses inside the village, with their trees, bridges, ropes, and adventurous roads!



Entry to Xtrem Aventures 

Access to all courses for 2 hours is included with Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Xtrem Adventures is fun for the whole family!

If you love action, adventure and nature, you will love Xtrem Aventures' action-packed courses. Swing on ropes, jump between trees and have lots of fun while trying to walk on the nets without losing your balance. There are 5 carefully planned courses with varying levels of difficulty to choose from or you could try to complete them all in 2 hours! 

Lord of the Rings’ mysterious “Hobbit Village” is at Xtrem Aventures!

The beautiful and charming “Hobbit Village” which is located in New Zealand, where The Lord of the Rings was filmed, is available for the kids for the first time at Xtrem Aventures Istanbul. There are all kinds of surprises for the children in three Hobbit Houses inside the village, with its trees, bridges, ropes, and adventurous roads.

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Hours & Meeting

Mondays: CLOSED

Open Hours: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The last admission is at 6 PM

How To Get There?

Take the metro line M2 and get off at the İTU-Ayazağa station. Get out of the metro station taking the Güney exit and then take a minibus or a taxi to the UNIQ Shopping Mall. The park is located at the gardens of the shopping mall.

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All About Xtrem Aventures Theme Park Entrance Ticket

Are you ready to discover your adventurous side in the middle of nature? If you are, Xtrem Aventures Istanbul is ready to help, too! Originally, Xtrem Aventures started as a French company. Its name comes from the French versions of ‘extreme’ and ‘adventure.' Today, Xtrem Aventures has many theme parks and challenge courses worldwide in 16 countries, including France, the United States, and Germany. Xtrem Aventures established their first park in Turkey on an 8000 m2 forest area in UNIQ Istanbul in 2015.

In the Xtrem Aventures Istanbul park, there are web parkours for the age group of 3-8, high rope parkours at four different difficulty levels for children aged over 8 and adults. A Zipline Parkour is over 180 m in length, and in a Quick Jump activity, you can drop yourself from 15 meters. The goal of Xtrem Aventures Turkey is to increase the number of parks in Turkey every year.

Xtrem Aventures Istanbul Activities

Got bored of daily routines and looking for some adventure? Introduce your children to the sense of adrenaline appropriate for their ages and have fun together! There are many exciting activities in Xtrem Aventures Istanbul:

  • High Rope Parkour (Age: 8+ and Adults) It creates free movement in the forest area of 8000m2 by sliding the visitors with a safety belt from ropes prepared in various heights, lengths, and difficulty levels. The resort has four different high rope track and zipline track for visitors over 8 years old and taller than 120 cm. High rope parkour is carried out with personal protective equipment or a climbing seat belt. The facility complies with the European Rope Courses Association (ERCA) regulations, so you do not have to worry about safety. Children above 8 can participate in the parkour with their families or alone by following the specified participation conditions.
  • Web Parkour (Age: 4-8 and Parents) Imagine you are 10 meters above the ground. There is a huge spider web between you and the ground that will hold you even if you fall. You are surrounded by the roads ahead, on your right, on your left, and all of them take courage. The starting point is right next to you, but you can't go back once you set off. You have to stop because no one is holding you! Neither someone nor a seat belt. If you dare this far, it's step-up fun. You should think well but not too much. Take that step now and prove your courage! You can be a part of your child's pleasant moments up there or watch the moments full of fun from the bottom. 4-8 age web parkour is at Xtrem Aventures Istanbul for the first time in Turkey.
  • Zipline (Age: Anyone Over 8+) You will experience the excitement at the summit as you pass through the trees with the zipline. This journey will start at a height of 15 meters and will last 180 meters above the entire park. Adults and children over 8 can use the parkour.
  • Quick Jump (Age: Everyone Over 8+) Do you wonder about the excitement of leaving a tree at the height of 15 meters and the happiness of landing like a bird in seconds? Quick Jump is just for you! Face your fear of heights and relax at the unexpectedly soft falling moment.
  • 3-5 Age Web Parkour (Age: 3-5) Xtrem Aventures Park does not forget the little ones aged 3-5. Your little children can have as much fun as they want on this parkour. While your children are playing with balls on the web, you can observe them in the monitoring area next to it.
  • Night Parkour (Age: Everyone Over 8+) Xtrem Aventures Adventure Park also hosts night activities. With a minimum reservation of 10 and a maximum of 20 people, you can spend time on the fun racetracks in the dark of the night.
  • Birthday Events Xtrem Aventures offers a new alternative for all your birthday celebrations. On this special day, you can have fun in the tracks, cut a birthday cake before or after the event and welcome your new age. It is an enjoyable option for the birthdays of your children too!

Keep in Mind While Visiting

You can access all courses for 2 hours in Xtrem Aventures Istanbul included with Istanbul Tourist Pas

If you are looking for another unique and exciting adventure in Istanbul like Xtrem Aventures Istanbul, Upside Down House Istanbul is another mind-blowing experience near the area. Both these experiences are already covered in the Istanbul Tourist Pass to save you money and time!

For those seeking an adrenaline rush during their visit to Istanbul, the Xtrem Aventures Istanbul is a must-visit attraction. This extreme adventure park in Istanbul offers visitors a thrilling range of activities, including ziplining, rope courses, and tree climbing. The Xtrem Aventures Istanbul park is located in a beautiful natural setting, providing visitors with stunning views of the surrounding area. Xtrem Aventures Istanbul price is very reasonable, and with the İstanbul Tourist Pass®, visitors can enjoy this exciting experience for free. The Xtreme Aventures Uniq Istanbul is a popular destination for extreme sports enthusiasts, and visitors of all ages will love the challenge and excitement of this unique attraction. Overall, the Xtrem Aventures Istanbul is a fantastic addition to any Istanbul itinerary, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience that they will remember for years to come.

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Xtrem Aventures Theme Park Entrance Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Pay for Entrance and the Courses?

The prices are dependable to the age, or the courses but with Istanbul Tourist Pass you gain access to all the courses for 2 hours as well as to free entrance.

Xtrem Aventures Istanbul Activity Hours

Xtrem Aventures Istanbul is open between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am and 19:00 pm on weekends.

How to Get to Xtrem Adventures?

Take the metro M2 and get off at ITU. then, take a cab to UNIQ shopping mall.

What Are Some Fun Places in Istanbul?

If you are looking for fun places apart from Xtrem Adventures, we can recommend Museum of Illusions, Dungeon and Safari- all included with Istanbul Tourist Pass!

What is There For Children in Xtrem Adventures?

For children between 3 and 5, there is a special web parkour that is absolutely safe.

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