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Help us reach more people and become a part of our family! Acquire knowledge about qualifications and requirements of becoming a reseller.

Expand your business and increase profits by offering Istanbul Tourist Pass® to your clients. With its flexible cooperation methods, working with Istanbul Tourist Pass® will be flawless.

Usually we serve to 2 different types of resellers:

1. Travel agencies that resell travel products to individual end users.

2. Travel agencies/organizations that plan group travel and resell/offer travel products within a package.

1. Reselling to individuals

If you intend to resell Istanbul Tourist Pass® to individual end users, you need to become an Authorized Reseller. After receiving your application, we usually take up to 72 hours to process your application. As soon as you are granted the authorized resellership, you can start selling Istanbul Tourist Pass® to your clients.

2. Reselling to groups

If your business fits more into the “group” description then you do not need to become an Authorized Reseller. If you are planning a group travel, you can get a quote for our regular passes or a custom pass that fits more to your needs.

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