The Old City Segway Guided Tour

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Forget about exhausting foot marches, experience Istanbul simply in an elegant way.

Segway Tours are one of the most popular ways of urban transportation in Istanbul, allowing you to quickly tour the city's most popular attractions. The Segway is a handy two-wheeled vehicle that can be driven standing up and allows you to swiftly tour multiple places in Istanbul thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

This tour should be on your plan if you don't want to walk around Istanbul's main spots or lose time caught in traffic. The Istanbul Tourist Pass® provides exclusive Segway Tour discounted booking opportunities as well as secure payment methods.

About The The Old City Segway Guided Tour

Mobile ticketing - No need for printed voucher, we're digital!

Duration - 90 Minutes.

Instant confirmation - The tour requires a reservation in advance.

Guide - English



No Experience Necessary!

Forget about exhausting foot marches!

Learn to ride a Segway in less than 2 minutes and join our professional guided city tours.

The easiest way to see the best of Istanbul



Istanbul Segway Tour

English Guide


Istanbul Segway Tours

Forget about exhausting foot marches, experience Istanbul simply in an elegant way

No Experience Necessary!

Learn to ride a Segway in less than 2 minutes and join our professional guided city tours.

The easiest way to see the best of Istanbul

You will have the unique opportunity to see the most exciting sites in Istanbul without walking in only a few hours. Forget buses, and tiring walking tours and have fun with us!

Highlights; Sultanahmet, Constantine's Column (Çemberlitaş), Beyazıt Square and Mosque, Şehzade Mosque, Bozdoğan Aqueduct, The Suleymaniye Mosque, Gulhane Park, Hippodrome Square, Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia.

Old Istanbul Segway City Tour

You have never seen so much in only 90 minutes! The Old City Tour covers the best points of interest within Istanbul.

It begins at Sultanahmet, and from there it goes through Hippodrome Square, which has witnessed gladiator fights, chariot/car races, and many riots.

Then you head to the Sultanahmet Mosque also known as Blue Mosque. Right after seeing the primary residence of Ottoman Sultans Topkapi Palace, you will continue to the Hagia Sophia, as known as the Church of Holy Wisdom, which is richly and artistically decorated by Byzantine Emperor Justinian.

We will stop in Gulhane Park, which is the oldest and largest urban park in Istanbul, then will finish the tour at the meeting point.

For this amazing experience and more, Buy Your Pass Now! Istanbul Tourist Pass® is here to make your Istanbul trip an unforgettable experience! 

Hours & Meeting

Tour starts Daily at 10.00, 15.00, 20.00

Duration: 1.5 Hours.

How To Get There?

Take the T1 tram line and get off at Sultan Ahmet station. The meeting point is 3 minutes walking from the tram stop.

Get Directions

Important Information

The tours are performed in English.

The tour ends at the meeting point. Click on Get Directions above to find the location.

The tour requires a reservation in advance.

Make sure every participant has an ID

Tours run in all weather conditions; waterproof gear is provided in the event of rain

You will be provided with a helmet and must fill out a liability waiver form

Tours are always limited to 6 people in order to guarantee the most intimate tour experience. Tour operator will offer you a different date or time (within your pass validity) but not guaranteed.

You are not allowed to ride segway if you are: Over 100 Kg (220 Lb) |Younger than 14 years or older than 75 years |Pregnant Under the influence of alcohol or other addictive drugs

Keep in mind that due to weather conditions, Segway Tour may be canceled.

The Old City Segway Guided Tour Discounted with

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All About The Old City Segway Guided Tour

Segway Tours are among the best urban transportation vehicles that you can easily visit the best places in Istanbul.

Segway is a practical two-wheeled vehicle that can be driven standing up and allows you to quickly explore many places in Istanbul with its latest technology. Segway Tours are quite popular among tourists visiting Istanbul and the use of the vehicle is completely up to the driver’s control. Thanks to the two-wheeled lightweight structure of the vehicle, it is almost impossible to fall off, and you do not need to have a Segway driving experience before to be able to ride it. It is extremely quick and easy to learn how to ride it.

The Segway Tour starts from Sultanahmet Square and you can see many interesting historical and natural beauties in minutes. If you don't want to visit tourist attractions in Istanbul on foot or by wasting time stuck in traffic, you should add this tour to your travel itinerary. Istanbul Tourist Pass® provides exclusive booking opportunities with safe payment options for Segway Tours.

The Attractions Segway Tours Include

Segway Tours are very popular for Istanbul travelers, providing a journey from Sultanahmet Square to the heart of the ancient city. There are lots of outstanding tourist attractions in Istanbul that you may observe while riding your Segway. During the tour, Sultanahmet square and the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, and Hagia Sophia are visited. One of the stops of the tours has also been designated as Gülhane Park, which is the oldest city park in Istanbul as well as the former royal garden to the Ottoman imperial palace. After the park, the Mosques of Çemberlitaş, Şehzade, and Süleymaniye are visited by Segway.
  • The Blue Mosque is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul and symbolizes the long history and culture of the city. Sultanahmet Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, was built in the 17th century by the Sultan I. Ahmet, one of the Ottoman sultans of the era. The walls of the mosque are paved with thousands of Iznik tiles, and the upper structure is surrounded by domes. The mosque has a fairly large structure, and there are also madrasas, shops, and rented rooms in its complex. Istanbul Tourist Pass organizes guided tours of the Blue Mosque, one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the city.
  • Another point that you will see and pass during your trip with Segway Tours will be the Hippodrome. This square contains traces of the transition from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire in the long-established history of Istanbul. During the Byzantine period, this rather spacious square served for car racing, while during the Ottoman period it was used for festivities and parades. The square is so wide that it is said that races with a hundred thousand spectators were held during the Byzantine period.
  • Topkapı Palace is another Istanbul beauty that you will witness with your Segway during Segway Tours. The palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, which you can visit with a guide by the arrangements of Istanbul Tourist Pass. This historical building was built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who conquered Istanbul in 1473. The palace was turned into a museum by the Republic of Turkey in 1924. Visitors who want to be fascinated by the magnificent structure of Topkapi and its long-established history should add the place to their Istanbul travel itinerary.
  • Another historical building that you can easily see with Segway Tours is Hagia Sophia. This structure bears traces of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires, similar to many historical monuments found in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was built as a church in the 6th century when Istanbul was still called Constantinople. After the Ottoman Empire captured Istanbul, the building was renovated as a mosque. Don't forget to add Hagia Sophia, which is considered one of the important symbols of Istanbul today, to your Istanbul travel itinerary.
Segway Tours are among of the best methods to be preferred for exploring the most important tourist attractions of Istanbul. You can book a tour through the Istanbul Tourist Pass and have the opportunity to visit many places in minutes. One of the best features of Segway Tours is that you can make your trip at the same time with many drivers driving the Segway. Therefore during the trip, which lasts more than an hour, you can exchange information with many people.

You can also take advantage of guided tour services with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®. If you are excited about the historical places that you can see on Segway Tours, you can visit each of these places in detail with Istanbul Tourist Pass®. For instance, Hagia Sophia is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul and should be included in your travel itinerary!

Advantages Of Istanbul Tourist Pass®

By having the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you can visit more than 100+ attractions in Istanbul. You can save huge amount of time and money by not waiting in the long queues or paying fees at the entrances of the museums or for other facilities and activities. You can buy the Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days. So many attractions are available with Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Sapanca Lake daily tour, Dinner on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Airport Shuttle etc. included in the pass. For more details and updated attractions available with the pass can be found on website.

The Old City Segway Guided Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Join the Segway Tours?

With Segway Tours, you will be driving a vehicle that will be under your management. In addition, it is exciting to explore all the most popular historical centers that have become symbols of Istanbul in minutes.

How Can I Book for Segway Tours?

With the privileges offered by Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can make early reservations to take your place in Segway Tours. With Istanbul Tourist Pass you can easily book your Segway tour in minutes.

What Are the Appropriate Hours and Days for Segway Tours?

Segway Tours are held on certain times every day and 10:00 AM, 03:00 AM, 8:00 PM are the starting hours.

What Are the Duration of the Segway Tours?

Exciting trips with self-driving cars of Segway Tours last up to 90 minutes.

Do I need to be a Segway Driver?

Learning to drive a Segway is so easy that the learning process for most drivers does not exceed 2 minutes. Therefore, it is not necessary to have Segway driving experience in advance for tours. Prior to the tour, your guide will train you before the tour

What Will I See With the Istanbul Segway Tour?

In this amazing tour, you’ll see the many amazing attractions of Istanbul. You’ll start your tour at Sultanahmet, the heart of the city with amazing attractions, and then you’ll head to Hagia Sophia, Gulhane Park and more!

Do I Need A Helmet For Istanbul Segway Tour?

No. The helmet and necessary equipment will be given, and basic instruction will be taught to you by the tutor. You do not have to bring a helmet.

What Does Istanbul Segway Tours Include?

With the tour, you can go sightseeing at the best locations in the city! With a licensed, English speaking guide, you’ll explore the iconic mosques, museums and parks of Istanbul.

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