Dolmabahçe Palace (Guided Tour)

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Istanbul Tourist Pass opens for you the doors of the last, largest, and probably most expensive palace inhabited by the sultans and the imperial family of the Ottoman Empire... the Dolmabahçe Palace!

With this guided tour you will be able to visit this astonishing and lavish palace, opened in 1856 and built under the orders of Sultan Abdülmecid I to put the empire at the level of the European monarchies. Whereas the Topkapı Palace holds some of the main relics of the main religions of the world and the fourth largest diamond in the world, the Dolmabahçe Palace boast the biggest collection of Baccarat and Bohemian crystal chandeliers in the world, including the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier ever, as well as an impressive amount of gold. It has so much gold in it, that almost half the cost of the construction came from the gold used only for the ceilings!
Another difference with the Topkapı Palace, not taking into account the european-styled design, is the fact that the furniture used when the palace was still used is under display.
The Dolmabahçe Palace was the last headquarter of the empire until 1922, when the empire was abolished by the order of the new Turkish National Assembly, and it was home to the last Crown Prince until the 1st quarter of 1924, when the Caliphate was finally abolished and he and his family were expelled from Turkey.

What's Included?

An amazing skip-the-line guided tour where you will be able to visit the magnificent palace, starting with the exterior and interior courtyards, following by a visit to the open rooms, EXCLUDING the Imperial Harem).

Dolmabahçe Palace (Guided Tour) is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Regular Price € 17

Avoid paying the €15 tour fee to the Dolmabahçe Palace Museum and skip the ticket queues with Istanbul Tourist Pass.

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The approximate duration is 60 minutes

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How To Get There?

The tour starts in front the door of the clock tower of the Dolmabahçe palace.
The palace is located close to the Kabataş Tram Station. It can be reached via the T1 Tram Line by getting off in Kabataş and then walking 5 minutes past the gas station.

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  • The guided tours are performed in English.
  • The tour starts in front of the door of the clock tower of the palace. Click on Get Directions above to find the location.
  • The tour doesn't require a reservation in advance.
  • Istanbul Tourist Pass holders do not pay admission at the Dolmabahçe Palace.
  • Children will be asked to present their valid passport at the entrance of the museums in order to validate their age.
  • Please note that this attraction cannot be accessed directly by presenting the digital Pass at the museum. You need to enter with the tour guide.
  • The museum is closed for visits for half-day on the first day of Ramadan and Sacrifice Festivals.

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Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace, which is the focal point of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Istanbul, is a place that everyone wants see. There are many things you can learn about the Dolmabahce Palace. You should first read the history of Dolmabahce Palace. Dolmabahce Palace is one of the flawless buildings of 19th-century architecture that attracts the attention of the entire world. If you want to know the history of Dolmabahce Palace, you may have a few questions to ask. One of these, where is Dolmabahce Palace? Dolmabahce Palace is in the coastal area of Besiktas. It is in a bay where shipping activities were done in the past. The second question is, who built Dolmabahce Palace? It was built by I. Abdulmecit to Karabet Balyan. Karabet Balyan was an Armenian architect. If you ask when the Dolmabahce Palace was built, the construction lasted from 1842 to 1853. Dolmabahce Palace is a valuable building that has been home to different centuries reflecting Istanbul's history. The port of Besiktas, where the Ottoman ships were moored, was named ‘dolmabagce’. The palace culture, which was common in the Ottoman Empire, named the mansion built here “Besiktas Sahil Palace”. Afterwards, Dolmabahce Palace was built as one of the most magnificent palaces with an innovative structure. Dolmabahce Palace is a building that attracts attention with its magnificent location and views in the Bosphorus.

  • Who lived in Dolmabahce Palace?
  • What to see in Dolmabahce Palace?

Abdülmecit was the first to live in Dolmabahce Palace and also carried out his official work here. After Abdulmecit, his brother Abdülaziz lived in this palace. One of the reasons why Dolmabahce Palace is important for the Turkish nation is that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died here. It was also used as Ataturk's presidential residence in Istanbul. The buildings you will see inside Dolmabahce Palace are the Harem, Mabeyn, Clock Tower and Dolmabahce Mosque. The palace has 285 rooms and 46 lounges, 6 baths and 68 toilets, and the palace is built on an area of ​​110 thousand square meters.

Dolmabahce Clock Museum, Dolmabahce Palace Painting Museum

Dolmabahce Palace architecture enchants everyone who sees it. It can make you feel as if you lived in the past with its different sections and many rooms. One of the places you should see when you come to Dolmabahce Palace is Dolmabahce Clock Museum. In 2004, a museum with the National Palaces Clock Collection was opened in the building, specifically in the Harem garden. Dolmabahce Clock Museum is the only clock museum in Turkey. Besides Ottoman works, you can also see European works. The collection of 71 different clocks of 18th and 19th-century works attracts attention. Dolmabahce Palace Painting Museum, in the heir apartment, has pictures showing the stages of the Ottoman Empire. There are portraits of Sultan Abdulmecid and Sultan Abdulaziz at the entrance. It is possible to see the paintings of different civilizations, such as works from the Goupil Art Gallery in Paris, as well as works that symbolize westernization in the Ottoman Empire, as well as paintings from Istanbul. If you prefer tours to see these museums, look at things to do in Dolmabahce Palace prepared by

  • How to go to Dolmabahce Palace?
  • How to visit Dolmabahce Palace?
  • What time does Dolmabahce Palace Close?

You can reach Dolmabahce Palace from IETT buses or mini-busses from Besiktas. If you are coming from the Anatolian Side, you can easily reach Uskudar-Kabatas by Kadıkoy-Kabatas wharf. The Bagcilar-Kabatas Tramway Line also provides access to Dolmabahce Palace. Transportation can be provided through urban transportation. If you want to visit the Dolmabahce Palace with a tour, you can join the Dolmabahce Palace Tour by Before visiting Dolmabahce Palace, we recommend that you check the opening hours. You can visit every day except Monday from 9.00 to 16.00. You can buy the Dolmabahce Palace ticket. Dolmabahce Palace entrance fee between 20-90 TL according to the package you choose.

Dolmabahce Palace Tour’s expert staff can make your historical trip even more beautiful. You can visit Dolmabahce Palace with other special buildings, which you can buy from How long to visit Dolmabahce Palace? If you are wondering about this, it takes 1 hour and the Dolmabahce palace admission fee is 16.90 Euro. You should definitely see the various sections inside the Dolmabahce Palace. You can start with the Dolmabahce Palace Harem and see the blue hall and the pink hall. The rooms here are called the Hunkar office and the private office. The room where Ataturk passed away is the special room number 71. Atatürk's working room and bedroom have been preserved to this day. You may be interested in the wristwatch in the room. You should not leave Istanbul without seeing the palace where the memories of the Ottoman Sultans and the Republic period are remembered. In addition, the Dolmabahce Palace clock tower at the entrance to the palace and the Dolmabahce Mosque are among the attractions you can see on your preferred Dolmabahce Palace guided tours. You can get a lot of historical and architectural information from your guide. You can spend full hours in Istanbul, if you are interested in history or architecture and you can gain a different perspective by visiting the Dolmabahce Palace. Since Dolmabahce Palace is the symbol of modernization in the Ottoman Empire, it is possible to see different architectural structures with it. If you want to take a Bosphorus tour after Dolmabahce Palace, join the BigBus Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. You can see Istanbul from a different angle on the bus tour. This tour’s regular price is 45 Euros.

You can buy Dolmabahce palace tickets online through's international secure site. You can enjoy Dolmabahce palace fast track as an privilege. With the live chat service, you can reach an authorized person whenever you need and solve any problem that occurs during your tour.

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