Beylerbeyi Palace Museum Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entry with Audio Guide

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Beylerbeyi Palace Museum Skip-the-Line Online Ticket with Exclusive Audio Guide


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Beylerbeyi Palace: A Glimpse into Ottoman Splendor

Discover the majestic beauty of Beylerbeyi Palace with the skip-the-ticket-line ticket and exclusive audio guide, specially prepared by Istanbul Tourist Pass®. As a pass holder, you can enjoy this immersive experience for free, allowing you to explore the palace at your own pace while listening to detailed and engaging commentary. Enjoy this beautiful palace without waiting in the ticket lines with your digital QR ticket! 

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About The Beylerbeyi Palace Museum Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entry with Audio Guide

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Skip the long ticket lines and enter Beylerbeyi Palace with your Show&Go QR ticket!

Discover the Beylerbeyi Palace at your own pace, spend as much time as you like!

Detailed commentary on the palace's history, architecture, and the lives of its residents.

Learn about the blend of European and Oriental design elements that make Beylerbeyi Palace unique.

Audio Guide covers all key areas of the palace, including the State Apartments, Harem, Garden Pavilion, and more.

Enrich your visit with expertly crafted commentary, making your exploration more informative and enjoyable.



Entrance to Beylerbeyi Palace with Online Ticket

Beylerbeyi Palace Audio Guide

About the Beylerbeyi Palace

Experience the grandeur of Beylerbeyi Palace like never before with the complimentary audio guide offered exclusively through Istanbul Tourist Pass®. This unique feature allows pass holders to explore the palace at their own pace, diving deep into its rich history and stunning architecture without the constraints of a guided tour schedule. The audio guide provides in-depth commentary on key areas such as the State Apartments, Harem, and Garden Pavilion, offering fascinating insights and historical context that bring the palace to life. 

Get your online ticket easily when you arrive at the Palace. Just Show&Go your online ticket and get into the amazing Palace. Self-discover this incredible place by listening to the specially curated audio guide, exclusively prepared by your Pass!

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Hours & Meeting

Beylerbeyi Palace is open for visitors every day except Mondays.

Open from 09:00 AM to 5.30 PM.

How To Get There?

Beylerbeyi Palace sits on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, making it easily accessible from both Eminonu and Taksim. Here's how to navigate your way there:

From Eminonu

Ferry: This scenic option offers a delightful Bosphorus cruise. Take a ferry from Eminonu to Beylerbeyi (around 30 minutes), enjoying the cool breeze and stunning vistas.

Bus: For a budget-friendly option, hop on a bus from Eminonu to Üsküdar (around 17 minutes). From Üsküdar, you can either walk for 20-25 minutes or take a taxi or dolmuş (shared minibus) to Beylerbeyi Palace.

From Taksim

Taxi: The fastest way to reach Beylerbeyi from Taksim is by taxi (around 19 minutes). This is a convenient option if you have limited time or luggage.

Bus: Take a bus from Taksim to Üsküdar (around 30 minutes), following the same onward connections mentioned above from Eminonu.

Tip:  Unlimited Public Transportation Card, a tourist travel card, can be used on ferries, buses, trams, and the metro, making travel more affordable and convenient. You can purchase one online now and it will be delivered to your hotel. 

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Important Information

This is not a guided tour. Enjoy discovering Beylerbeyi Palace at your own pace by listening to the specially curated Audio Guide.

The QR tickets are only shown when you are in close proximity to the entrance of Beylerbeyi Palace.

You need an Internet connection on your smartphone to get your QR tickets. For unlimited internet access get your mobile hotspot device with a discount here. 

Children will be asked to present their valid passports at the entrance of the museums in order to validate their age. Children under 5 can enter the museum for free. 

The museum is closed for visits on Mondays

You cannot enter with a suitcase.

You can buy your online ticket separately from the Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Beylerbeyi Palace Museum Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entry with Audio Guide Free with

Avoid paying the entrance fee for the Beylerbeyi Palace and skip the ticket queues with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®️

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All About Beylerbeyi Palace Museum Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entry with Audio Guide

Beylerbeyi Palace, located on the Asian side of Istanbul, is a magnificent example of Ottoman architecture and design. Built in the 19th century, it served as a summer residence for the sultans and a guest house for visiting dignitaries. The palace's exterior showcases a stunning blend of European and Oriental styles, while its interior is adorned with luxurious decorations, intricate chandeliers, and exquisite furniture.

Historical Significance

Steeped in history, Beylerbeyi Palace has hosted numerous important figures and events. It stands as a testament to the opulence and grandeur of the Ottoman Empire during its peak. The palace's construction, initiated by Sultan Abdülaziz, reflects the empire's desire to impress foreign dignitaries and highlight its cultural sophistication.

A Jewel of Ottoman Architecture

As you wander through the palace, you'll encounter the lavish State Apartments, where official ceremonies and receptions are held. The Harem section offers a glimpse into the private lives of the sultan's family, with its beautifully decorated rooms and intimate atmosphere. Each room within the palace tells a story, capturing the essence of the era's elegance and refinement.

Stunning Gardens and Scenic Views

Beylerbeyi Palace is surrounded by expansive gardens that provide a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Stroll through the meticulously landscaped grounds, featuring exotic plants, fountains, and pavilions. The palace's location along the Bosphorus Strait offers breathtaking views, making it a perfect spot for photography and relaxation.

Self-Guided Audio Tour

Enhance your visit with the complimentary audio guide offered by Istanbul Tourist Pass®. This self-guided tour allows you to explore the palace at your own pace while listening to detailed commentary about its history, architecture, and notable residents. Available in multiple languages, the audio guide is easily downloadable to your smartphone, providing a convenient and immersive experience.

Exclusive Access with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

As a holder of the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you can enjoy FREE access to the Beylerbeyi Palace with an audio guide, making your visit both enriching and cost-effective. The pass offers flexibility, allowing you to discover the palace without adhering to a fixed schedule or group tour. Immerse yourself in the splendor of Beylerbeyi Palace and uncover the stories behind its walls with the comprehensive and engaging audio guide.

Discover the elegance and historical significance of Beylerbeyi Palace with the exclusive audio guide from Istanbul Tourist Pass®. It's the perfect way to enrich your visit and delve into the opulent world of the Ottoman Empire.

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Beylerbeyi Palace Museum Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entry with Audio Guide Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entrance fee for Beylerbeyi Palace?

Entrance fee for Beylerleyi Palace is included with your Pass!

How to get to Beylerbeyi Palace?

Beylerbeyi Palace is accessible from both Eminonu and Taksim. You can take a scenic ferry ride from Eminonu (around 30 minutes) or a faster taxi ride from Taksim (around 19 minutes). Also buses connect you to Üsküdar, where you can walk there.

Which days is Beylerbeyi Palace closed?

Beylerbeyi Palace is closed on Mondays and firsts days of the public holidays.

How long does it take to tour Beylerbeyi Palace?

A self-guided tour takes roughly 1-1.5 hours. If you join a guided tour, factor in additional time (usually around 45 minutes to an hour).

Are there any restaurants near Beylerbeyi Palace?

There are limited food options within the palace grounds. However, you'll find a good selection of cafes and restaurants along the waterfront in Üsküdar, a short walk or taxi ride away.

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