Private Istanbul Airport Transfer

With Istanbul Tourist Pass, you get complimentary Private Istanbul Airport Transfer and 35+ attractions & services, starting from €95.

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Istanbul Tourist Pass will start creating a peace of mind for you, even before your trip starts. No more worrying about how you’ll get to your hotel from the airport or how you’ll have to communicate in sign language with taxi drivers… Istanbul Tourist Pass now covers up to 55% (€25.00) of the cost of a private airport transfer from or to your hotel. Just purchase your pass and pay the difference while booking your one-way transfer.

How Does It Work?

After you purchase your Istanbul Tourist Pass, you will receive a link to the reservation system. While making the reservation, you will be asked for all the flight details, so keep them handy.

On the day of the transfer, if you booked an Airport To Hotel transfer, the transfer company will be waiting for you with your name written on a board after the exit of the baggage claim area. You are required to turn on the mobile phone you shared with us when you made the reservation, right after your plane lands so the transfer company can be in contact with you. If they can't reach you and you don't show up on time, your transfer will be deemed a No Show!

Istanbul Airport (IST)

A new, huge (expected to be the largest airport in the world) and modern airport, was inaugurated in Istanbul on the 29th of October, 2018 close to the coasts of the Black Sea. Unfortunately, the distance from the Istanbul Airport to the city centers is very far. The Istanbul Tourist Pass will cover 30% of the cost and you will only pay a surcharge of €35 for transfer to or from the New Istanbul Airport, instead of €50.00.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is located in the Asian side of Istanbul and the distance between hotels area and the airport is quite long. The Istanbul Tourist Pass will cover 55% of the cost of the transfer to or from the Sabiha Gokcen Airport and you will only pay a surcharge of €20, instead of €50.00.

Included in the Pass

Get up to 55% (€25) discount for a 1-way airport transfer service and get to your hotel/airport comfortably with Istanbul Tourist Pass. Buy a Pass

When to use?

Private transfers can be booked anytime, 24/7.

Where to use?

For arrival transfers (airport to hotel), you will be greeted by the operator holding a board with your name written on it, right after the baggage claim area. You can call the operator in case you can't meet. For departure transfers, you're expected to wait at the lobby of the hotel before the departure time.


  • Only a one-way airport transfer is discounted with the Istanbul Tourist Pass.
  • Transfers from or to Sabiha Gokcen Airport are subject to a surcharge of €20 per vehicle.
  • Transfers from or to the New Istanbul Airport are subject to a surcharge of €35 per vehicle.
  • The service is offered with vans with a maximum of 9 adults per vehicle.
  • You must submit your reservation at least 1 business day in advance, otherwise we may not be able to guarantee availability.
  • The transfer company will wait up to 1.5 hours after the plane lands (even if it is delayed or ahead of time). Turn your phone on after landing in case they need to contact you, or you may miss the transfer.
  • The airport transfer won't activate your Pass. You can book it for a date before or after the day you want to start using your Pass.