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Breathtaking Experience of Hagia Sophia's History

The Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum in historical Ibrahim Pasha Palace offers a captivating journey through time like no other, allowing visitors to explore the architectural marvel and cultural significance of Hagia Sophia. Through interactive displays, audio stories, and immersive exhibits, the museum brings the past to life, showcasing hidden chapters of history and offering a unique perspective on this iconic landmark. Istanbul Tourist Pass® provides discounted access to this enriching experience, enhancing visitors' exploration of Istanbul's historical treasures. Visit before or after your Free Guided Hagia Sophia Tour, and you’ll be amazed! The museum is only 2 minutes away from the Hagia Sophia Mosque. 

About The Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum Entrance Ticket

Mobile ticketing - No need for printed voucher, we're digital!

Duration - Around 30 to 50 minutes for a complete experience

Instant confirmation - Requires reservation 

Audio Guide on Headset - Turkish, English, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic



Travel through 13 immersive experience areas on 2 floors, showing you from Hagia Sophia's construction to its intricate mosaics, revealing untold stories of its past.

Experience history with multi-sensory displays and interactive exhibits that transcend traditional museum settings with its state-of-the-art technology: 

Discover historical treasures and artifacts never before seen, adding depth to your understanding of Hagia Sophia's evolution.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Istanbul, in Sultanahmet Square near iconic attractions like the Blue Mosque and Turkish Islamic Museum.

Enjoy amazing audio commentary with complimentary headsets in various languages, enhancing your understanding of the exhibits.

Accessible with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, providing cost-effective discounted entry to this enriching historical experience.



Discounted tickets to the Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum 

Complimentary Headsets in Turkish, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic

Professional staff guide you through the experience and answer your questions


A Museum Beyond Your Expectations!

The Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum, situated within the Ibrahim Pasha Palace at the heart of Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square, offers an immersive voyage into the captivating narrative of Hagia Sophia. With three floors, two dedicated to experiential zones and one housing unseen artifacts from Hagia Sophia, the museum provides an extensive exploration. Within the 13 curated experience areas, visitors embark on a journey that spans the construction intricacies of the iconic dome to the mosaic-adorned grandeur defining Hagia Sophia's legacy.

Leveraging advanced technology, interactive displays, and captivating audio storytelling, the museum breathes life into history, encouraging guests to delve into hidden narratives and gain fresh insights into this architectural marvel. Beyond the immersive exhibits, the museum's collection unveils previously concealed artifacts, shedding new light on Hagia Sophia's evolution over time. Enriched by the guidance of knowledgeable staff and bolstered by complimentary multilingual headsets, the museum promises an educational and enthralling experience for all. With your Istanbul Tourist Pass®, the Hagia Sophia History Museum entry is discounted, elevating it as a valuable addition to any exploration of Istanbul's historical treasures.

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Hours & Meeting

Everyday: 8 AM - 8 PM (Last group entry at 7 PM)

How To Get There?

The Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum is located within the Ibrahim Pasha Palace, situated in the heart of Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square. The museum is easily accessible and can be found adjacent to the Turkish Islamic Museum, directly opposite the Blue Mosque. It's conveniently close to Hagia Sophia, with the iconic landmark visible across the street. As you complete the museum experience, the sight of Hagia Sophia greets you, enhancing the immersive journey.

To reach the Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum at the Ibrahim Pasha Palace in Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square, you can follow these directions:

By Tram:

Take the T1 tram line, which is a convenient and popular option for tourists.

Get off at the "Sultanahmet" tram station, which is within walking distance of the museum.

By Metro:

Use the Marmaray metro line and get off at the "Sirkeci" station.

From there, you can either walk or take a short tram ride to Sultanahmet Square.

By Bus:

Various bus lines operate in the Sultanahmet area. Check out any buses going in the Old Town area.

By Taxi:

Taxis services are readily available throughout the city. Simply mention Sultanahmet Square.

On Walking:

Depending on your location, you can enjoy a leisurely walk to Sultanahmet Square if you're staying nearby.

Once you arrive at Sultanahmet Square, finding the museum within the Ibrahim Pasha Palace is straightforward. It's located adjacent to the Turkish Islamic Museum and opposite the Blue Mosque. The sight of Hagia Sophia across the street as you complete the museum experience provides a picturesque and memorable landmark for orientation.

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Important Information

The museum operates with audio guides, ensuring an informative and structured experience.

Audio-guided tours are led by knowledgeable staff who provide insights into the exhibits.

Complimentary headsets are provided for audio guidance in various languages, enhancing the tour experience.

The museum is accessible to visitors with disabilities or mobility challenges. Elevators and ramps are available to ensure a comfortable visit for all.

Photography is allowed, but flash photography may be restricted in certain areas to preserve the exhibits. Also, professional photography is subject to prior permission. 

 The museum welcomes families with children, offering an educational and engaging experience suitable for children older than 8 years old. 

Children under 8 years old may be affected by the sound and light shows in the experience areas.

 Children must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety and the preservation of exhibits.

 Visitors are expected to behave respectfully within the museum premises.

Touching exhibits is generally not allowed, as this helps preserve the artifacts for future visitors.

The museum accepts visitors in groups. The maximum group capacity is usually around 10 individuals, but special arrangements may allow for larger groups.

The museum recommends keeping your belongings secure and not bringing large bags or luggage.

 The museum premises include a café offering coffee, snacks, and baked goods.

A souvenir shop provides opportunities to purchase mementos for your visit.

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All About Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum Entrance Ticket

Nestled within the historic Ibrahim Pasha Palace at the heart of Istanbul's vibrant Sultanahmet Square, the Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance and cultural significance of Hagia Sophia. Offering an immersive journey through time, this museum promises an experience that transcends conventional exhibitions. Let's delve into the key facets that make this museum a must-visit destination.

A Captivating Journey Through History

The museum unfolds across three floors, with two floors dedicated to experiential zones and the third housing a treasury of unseen artifacts from Hagia Sophia. Embark on a captivating adventure through 3 floors, 13 meticulously curated experience areas, and a huge exhibition area for the never-seen artifacts where visitors are transported through the ages – from the intricate construction details of the iconic dome to the mosaic-adorned grandeur that defines Hagia Sophia's legacy. This narrative-rich journey unveils hidden chapters of history that often go untold, fostering a deeper understanding of this architectural masterpiece.

An Intersection of Tradition and Technology

What sets the Hagia Sophia History Museum apart is its infusion of cutting-edge technology and interactive displays. These tools breathe life into history, offering visitors a multi-sensory experience that allows them to engage with the past in a tangible way. Audio storytelling, guided by professional staff, further enhances the journey. Complimentary headsets are available in multiple languages, ensuring that every visitor can fully immerse themselves in the rich narratives.

Preserving Unseen Treasures

The museum's commitment to providing fresh perspectives extends to its collection of previously unseen artifacts. These treasures shed new light on Hagia Sophia's evolution over the centuries. Beyond the immersive exhibits, the museum's third floor invites visitors to explore these artifacts, offering a glimpse into the intricate layers of history that have shaped the iconic landmark.

Enhanced Exploration with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Visitors are offered discounted admission to the Hagia Sophia History Museum with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®. This pass not only enhances affordability but also ensures that you can delve into history with ease and convenience.

A Welcoming Experience for All

The museum prides itself on its inclusivity, catering to families and visitors with disabilities. Elevators and ramps ensure that everyone can explore the exhibits comfortably. Additionally, the café within the museum premises provides a cozy setting to unwind, offering coffee, snacks, and baked goods. The souvenir shop, too, presents the perfect opportunity to take home mementos of this enriching journey.

Book your spot today and don't miss out this once in a life time experience! 

Advantages Of Istanbul Tourist Pass®

By having the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you can visit more than 100+ attractions in Istanbul. You can save huge amount of time and money by not waiting in the long queues or paying fees at the entrances of the museums or for other facilities and activities. You can buy the Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days. So many attractions are available with Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Sapanca Lake daily tour, Dinner on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Airport Shuttle etc. included in the pass. For more details and updated attractions available with the pass can be found on website.

Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum Entrance Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hagia Sophia History Museum?

The museum is an immersive historical experience located in Sultanahmet Square. It offers visitors a unique journey through Hagia Sophia's rich history, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, interactive displays, and audio commentary.

What are the operating hours of the museum?

The museum is open on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM, with the last group entry at 7 PM. On weekends, it operates from 8 AM to 12 AM, with the last group entry at 11 PM.

Is the museum accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, the museum is equipped with elevators and ramps to ensure accessibility for visitors with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Can families with children visit the museum?

It is advised not to bring children under 8 years old because with powerful sound and light effects, children can be affected.

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