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Explore top Istanbul attractions with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Get free access to 85+ top attractions, tours and essential local services with Istanbul Tourist Pass® with over 80% savings. Starting from just €90!

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How does Istanbul Tourist Pass® work?

Very easy! You can start using your Istanbul Tourist Pass® in 4 EASY STEPS!

1 Purchase your Istanbul Tourist Pass® online.

2Download the Istanbul Tourist Pass® app and log in

3 Go to any attraction you want! Most of them are walk-in but some require pre-reservation, which you can make in 15 seconds

4Scan your QR code or Pass ID at entries, to our guides or to the gatekeepers. Enjoy!

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Three day saving with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®

  • Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Shows€50
  • Guided Hagia Sophia Mosque Tour€15
  • Guided Topkapi Palace Museum Tour€45
  • WhatsApp Traveller SupportPriceless
  • Guided Archeological Museum Tour€21
  • Guided Dolmabahçe Palace Museum Tour€38
  • Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruise€8
  • Guided Great Palace Mosaics Museum Tour€15
  • Balat Toy Museum Entrance€5
  • Whirling Dervishes Show Entrance€33
  • Guided Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum Tour€25
  • Guided Grand Bazaar Tour€10
  • Istanbul Segway Tour€60

3 Days Saving

Total gate price cost of visiting these attractions

€ 328

Price of buying a 3-day Istanbul Tourist Pass®

-€ 120

How much you save with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

€ 208

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

Istanbul Tourist Pass® has an average rating of 4.8 /5 from 770 reviews

Great WhatsApp messaging service with prompt response for any needs or questions. Flexible to adjust ticket if needs change. Excellent inclusion of lots of sights and guided tours. I took the 7 days pass but recommend the 10 days pass to have enough ...

Conrad Uy from Denmark

An all in one pass. You can visit different places without having to worrying about booking each of them individually. It was definitely worth the money for me....

Yuki Khan from Japan

Highly recommended! Very good value for money. It highlights everything there is to do in Istanbul (including some amazing day trips to other cities). It's also quite easy to use as all you have to do is show your QR code or ITP reference number at a...

Daniel Abba from Switzerland

A very helpful agency, that helps you with proper travel plans. Prompt responses and friendly people....

Jessica Larson from Canada

I bought the Istanbull Tourist Pass for 5 days during my recent trip to Istanbul. I joined guided tours for Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace and Dolmabahce palace. Unfortunately cannot recall names of guides, but they were extremely knowledgeable, and t...

Michael Mijburgh from Poland

I had 4 days of pass, first of all company is very friendly especially about whatsapp support. There are many attractions but my main targets were Dinner cruise, Bus tour and Museums. All of them was great and their service very satisfying. out of...

Ricardo Ricarcia from Italy

It is worth buying if you plan to see at least 3 of the tours they offer. I recommend the boat cruise, it is a nice experience, just don't expect too much of the main dinner course. Our site-seeing guide Ozzy was very professional with lots of intere...

Nusa Kleva from Russia

Very useful service. Loved that they had a real-time whatsapp chat to communicate with them. We had bought 4 passes originally but were only able to use 2 of them and for a shortened number of days due to bad weather cancelling our flights. They were...

Suleiman Furmli from Qatar

Best to visit Istanbul...

Raja Babar Khan (Babar) from India

I recently used the 4 days Istanbul pass and was happy that I had purchased it as most of the things were covered in it. The pass is great and the app and reservation option is easy to use. The tour guides too were professional, friendly and helpful...

Byron Williams from England

Worth every penny. Amazing and flexible custumer service and tour guides....

Dino Omrcen from Hungary

The bundle of tickets and guided tours looks very good. After buying a tourist pass you will be able to make your reservations online in very convenient manner. Here comes the greatest part - the Istanbul tourist pass support team. Unfortunately my ...

Angel Shtilianov from Belarus

Genial !! Una gran idea .. puedes escoger los tours según te convenga súper recomendado pero aprovechar las entradas...

Esther Cortez from Spain

thanks a lot for the whole assitance during the 3 days-pass we booked! it was simply amazing and professional with all the guided tours! Thanks Istanbul Tourist Pass Team!...

Elisa Fdez de Gorostiza Fernández from Portugal

Amazing experience, Trustable service and lots of things to do!...

Ricky Estaban from Spain

5 stars for impeccable service throughout our journey. Following my late booking for a taxi that never arrived, a solution was found by ISTANBULPASS and a refund took place. Thanks for everything and of course I recommend....

Laurent Tuypens from France

Really happy with the service, they were fast and resolved my problem without making any problems...

Sara Bungić from Crotia

This pass was giving us an opportunity to see all the best sights in Istanbul and more! I had an elaborate plan for 4 days covering as much as possible to see and do including 2 dinner shows included in this passes price, but unfortunately our plans...

Susan Kincanon from Germany

Great idea to have vacation in Istabul! Worth every money i paid.....

Antony Donato from Italy

Great idea to have vacation in Istabul! Worth every money i paid.....

Faisal from Pakistan

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