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How does Istanbul Tourist Pass® work?

Very easy! You can start using your Istanbul Tourist Pass® in 4 EASY STEPS!

1 Purchase your Istanbul Tourist Pass® online.

2Download the Istanbul Tourist Pass® app and log in

3 Go to any attraction you want! Most of them are walk-in but some require pre-reservation, which you can make in 15 seconds

4Scan your QR code or Pass ID at entries, to our guides or to the gatekeepers. Enjoy!

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Three day saving with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®

  • Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Shows€70
  • Guided Hagia Sophia Mosque Tour€15
  • Guided Topkapi Palace Museum Tour€46
  • WhatsApp Traveller Support€0
  • Guided Archeological Museum Tour€21
  • Guided Dolmabahce Palace Museum Tour€38
  • Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruise€8
  • Guided Great Palace Mosaics Museum Tour€15
  • Balat Toy Museum€5
  • Whirling Dervishes Show€35
  • Guided Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum Tour€25
  • Guided Grand Bazaar Tour€10
  • Istanbul Segway Tour€60

3 Days Saving

Total gate price cost of visiting these attractions

€ 328

Price of buying a 3-day Istanbul Tourist Pass®

-€ 140

How much you save with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

€ 193

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

Istanbul Tourist Pass® has an average rating of 4.8 /5 from 1092 reviews

Great tour, well worth visiting the Cistern....

Deniz from Germany

Oguzhan is a great guide. He did a wonderful job!!!...

Traveller from Austria

Zeynep was a very informative and helpful guide....

James from Ireland

Furkan was amazing. Highly recommend!...

Traveller from USA

Oguzhan was very knowledgeable and had good communication skills....

Michael from USA

We enjoyed the Bosphorus dinner cruise and loved the guided tours of Istanbul landmarks. Zejnep was our favorite guide....

Daniela P from Italy

Mr Mehmet was great, I enjoyed hearing an unbiased history on the Hagia Sofia from a local guide and got some advice on using the trams as well....

Katie H from USA

All the guides were very good especially Oguzhan. The only problem we had was we had ordered a transportation card did not arrive but got a refund. ...

Tanatman from UK

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is worth investing in to plan your visits, gain free entries where applicable but almost most importantly to have someone who knows their way around guide you and provide a wealth of information of what you are looking at an...

Duncan B from USA

This is my second time but said if I ever came back I would def do agsin . My husband came this time and was blown away...

Alexandra from Canada

Great , professional show, ,dynamic, not boring even for a second, , too short unfortunatelly.. I highly recomend this event....

Artur from Poland

Die Tour war sogar länger als angeben. Der Guide hat alles sehr gut erklärt. Aber wer nicht sehr gutes Englisch spricht, sollte doch lieber eine deutschsprachige Tour buchen da doch einige Kirchen - und glaubensspezifische Ausdrücke fallen...

Bernd from Germany

Prachtig! Zeer boeiend, zeker een meerwaarde....

Axel from Belgium

Indrukwekkend mooi! Vond het wel wat prijzig...

Robin from Netherlands

Zainab was very friendly and knowledgeable, she did a good job of speaking over the noise of the crowds as it was quite loud in the hagia sofia. Thank you!...

Emma from UK

Puntualidad en el encuentro. Buenas explicaciones y tiempo libre para visitar las cisternas. Muy buena experiencia, no te vayas de Estambul sin visitarlas....

Fernan from Spain

I have enjoyed a lot all the experiences and visits i have booked. The staff and guides really nice, well prepared and helpful. Great experience at The Fire of Anatolia show, absolutely recommended!...

Marco Meda from

A+ support thru WhatsApp. Booking system for reservations is great and I definitely got my moneys worth. Highly recommend to anyone visiting Istanbul....

Traveller from Germany

The Fire of Anotalia show was an absolutely captivating performance from start to finish. Highly talented dancers and a must see spectacle when visiting istanbul!!!...

Muhammed Simjee from UK

The assistance team were very responsive and helpful. They helped me with information and changed reservation and even made exception with changing the day of booking. I went to Istanbul on my own but they helped me to organize my perfect holiday. I ...

Julija R from UK

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