Museum of Selfies Istanbul

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Ever wondered when was the very first selfie shot in the history? The world renowned Museum of Selfies has finally made it to Istanbul and this is exactly the place where you will find the answer! 

In this extraordinary and interactive museum, a wild adventure awaits you. You can take jaw-dropping insta-worthy photos that impress everyone, spend a day filled with fun and laughter, and collect memories that you will never be able to get elsewhere.

Located in the B3 floor of the Trump Shopping Center in Istanbul, the Museum of Selfies give you the best place to shoot as many selfies as you want. But, they are not your ordinary selfies. Discover a world of impossible magic tricks and illusions that will make your Instagram account go viral instantly.

Are you ready to look at the world upside down? The coolest selfies are the ones shot in the Museum of Selfies! Swim in the emoji pool, swing from the ceiling, bath yourself in a bathtub of gold coins, and strike a pose with Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci. Socializing with friends has never been more fun in the coolest museum of Istanbul!

Museum of Selfies Istanbul is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Regular Price € 6

Museum of Selfies is free for Istanbul Tourist Pass holders!

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Hours & Schedule

The museum is closed on Mondays, and the opening hours are from 12 am to 8 pm everyday except Monday.

How To Get There?

Conveniently located inside the Trump Shopping Center, the Museum of Selfies can be reached via bus, metro, and taxi. Get off at the Mecidiyeköy metro or metrobus station, then take the tunnel that leads you to Trump Shopping Center. If you are coming by car, you can use the car park located on Şehit Ahmet Street. T

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Before visiting the Museum of Selfies, make sure you check out the opening and closing hours and transportation options. Bring a camera/smartphone that is fully charged and has enough storage to take many photos in the museum. You are welcome to visit the Museum of Selfies by yourself, but the more the merrier so bring a friend for extra fun and adventure. Do not forget to bring a selfie stick. If you do not own one, you can rent a selfie stick from the venue for an affordable price. It usually takes about an hour to visit the Museum of Selfies, however the time may vary depending on your pace. No food or pets are allowed in the Museum of Selfies.