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Don’t miss this fun, unique experience!

SkyRide 4D Simulation presents Istanbul's most famous historical and symbolic attractions to guests using cutting-edge technology in a digital environment. You can observe certain centers in Istanbul from above in a helicopter simulation using 4D simulation technology. Sky Ride is one of the top places to visit in Istanbul for travelers from all over the world because of its exciting and immersive technology.

The helicopter takes off from the Sapphire Observation Deck and circles Istanbul’s most popular attractions. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, it is very easy to experience this magnificent experience.

About The SkyRide 4D Simulation Experience

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An exciting and extremely entertaining experience in Turkey's tallest skyscraper!

Fun and immersive technology,

Enjoy a simulated helicopter ride over the most important places in Istanbul!

It shows you all of Istanbul in a short time, in an unforgettable way.



Entry to SkyRide 4D Simulation 

SkyRide 4D Simulation 

Experience Istanbul in 4 dimensions with the SkyRide 4D Simulation and enjoy a simulated helicopter ride over Istanbul's top landmarks!

Could there be a better way to see Istanbul?! In the "helicopter," you'll fly over the city, taking off from the terrace of the Sapphire Observation Deck to see the Bosphorus Strait, Maiden’s Tower, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Basilica Cistern, Taksim Square, and more.

Don’t miss this fun, unique experience!

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Hours & Meeting

Open everyday: 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM

Last admission to the observation deck is at 09:30 PM.

How To Get There?

The SkyRide Simulator is located on the top floor of the Sapphire Shopping Mall, in the observation deck. The mall can be reached via the metro, getting off at the 4.Levent station.

Get Directions

Important Information

No reservation required, just go to the entrance and present your digital Pass.

The simulator is located in the observation deck.

Bringing food or beverages inside the simulator is not allowed.

Tripods or similar accessories are not allowed inside the simulator.

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Avoid paying the entry fees and skip the ticket queues with Istanbul Tourist Pass®.

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All About SkyRide 4D Simulation Experience

SkyRide 4D Simulation presents Istanbul's most famous historical and symbolic sights to its visitors using the best technology in a digital environment. Thanks to the 4D simulation technology, you can take the opportunity to monitor specific centers located in Istanbul from above in a helicopter simulation. Sky Ride stands out as one of the best places to visit in Istanbul for visitors worldwide due to its entertaining and immersive technology.

Visitors who have experienced the helicopter simulation are impressed by this realistic world, even though they are in a movie theater environment and with 4D glasses. The helicopter, which takes off from Sapphire Observation Terrace, travels around Istanbul’s best tourist attractions. With Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can have a realistic Istanbul sightseeing experience in SkyRide 4D Simulation and see places such as Hagia Sophia, Maiden's Tower, Bosphorus up close from the air.

Places Which SkyRide 4D Simulation Include

The reason that makes SkyRide 4D Simulation one of the best places to visit in Istanbul is that it shows you all over Istanbul in a short time but in an unforgettable way. You are not only participating in this simulation trip as a spectator because you feel like you are genuinely experiencing the journey with realistic effects. You can also visit all of the places shown during the simulation with Istanbul Tourist Pass with free guided tours before/after the simulation experiences to enjoy these attractions holistically.

  • Bosphorus is one of the most popular tourist attractions and natural beauties of Istanbul that you will see during the SkyRide 4D Simulation experience. Moreover, it is just as pleasant for nature lovers to observe its different geological structures. The Bosphorus is also of international importance since it connects the two continents, namely Asia and Europe. The coastal houses that once belonged to the wealthy of the Ottoman Empire will charm you with their beauty.
  • The Maiden's Tower is a historical building standing on a tiny island, which you can also come across while taking a tour of the Bosphorus. Thanks to SkyRide 4D Simulation, you can see the Maiden's Tower up close and examine this historical structure surrounded by the sea. The Tower is also one of the best places to visit in Istanbul, with its architecture dating back to the Ottoman period, and today it serves as a cafe-restaurant especially for couples looking for a romantic escape. If you want to see this beautiful structure up close, which has become a symbol of Istanbul, you can add this place to your trip itinerary.
  • Hagia Sofia is a historical visual feast that has become one of the symbols of Istanbul over the years. Built as a cathedral during the Byzantine period, Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque after the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottoman Empire. This historical place, which contains many values and cultures, is one of the most popular touristic attractions and historic heritage sites that you can see up close during the SkyRide 4D Simulation trip. In addition, you can visit Hagia Sophia for real with the free guided tours of Istanbul Tourist Pass.
  • Topkapı Palace is one of the most important historical sites that comes to mind when you think of Istanbul. It was built during the Ottoman Empire’s most glorious days. Topkapı Palace's construction started during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet. In the Republican period of Turkey, the palace was turned into a museum. The home of many Ottoman Sultans currently houses several historical monuments. You can witness the glorious history from a unique angle with SkyRide! SkyRide 4D Simulation takes visitors deep into the palace during the helicopter simulation trip.
  • The Basilica Cistern is also a historic building that will impress you with the magical and mystical underground atmosphere you will encounter in the SkyRide 4D Simulation experience. This underground structure, one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Istanbul, was built during the Byzantine period as a cistern as a drinkable water resource and has survived up until today. 

Sapphire Observation Deck

SkyRide Istanbul, located in one of the tallest skyscrapers in Turkey called Sapphire, opened its doors to serve as an entertainment center in 2011. Since then it has managed to become the focus of international travelers and domestic visitors from all around the world and Turkey. SkyRide 4D Simulation is the first flight simulation made above Istanbul. The first three-dimensional helicopter shots made in Turkey were used in the SkyRide formation. In addition, the simulation is prepared in light of the latest technological developments and engages the audience with realistic effects.

Sapphire Observation Deck is home to SkyRide 4D Simulation, and it provides a visual feast for its visitors from the 54th floor where it is located. The Deck allows you to see the three major bridges of Istanbul with the naked eye and with binoculars that can see 360 degrees.

Let’s suppose you decided to explore the best sights and historical beauties of Istanbul through the SkyRide 4D Simulation. In that case, you should also see the Sapphire Observation Deck with Istanbul Tourist Pass. The Observation Deck is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul, which will bring Istanbul under your feet with a bird's eye view.

SkyRide 4D Simulation is a popular attraction in Istanbul that offers visitors a thrilling virtual reality experience. With İstanbul Tourist Pass®, visitors can enjoy free entry to this exciting attraction. SkyRide 4D Simulation is located in the popular tourist district of Sultanahmet, making it easily accessible for visitors. The experience combines state-of-the-art 4D technology with a dynamic simulator, creating an unforgettable ride that feels like you are flying over Istanbul's most iconic landmarks. Visitors can expect stunning views of the city's famous mosques, palaces, and bridges, all while experiencing the sensation of flight. SkyRide 4D Simulation is open every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, making it the perfect activity for visitors looking for some adventure in Istanbul.

Advantages Of Istanbul Tourist Pass®

By having the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you can visit more than 85+ attractions in Istanbul. You can save huge amount of time and money by not waiting in the long queues or paying fees at the entrances of the museums or for other facilities and activities. You can buy the Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days. So many attractions are available with Istanbul Tourist Pass®️ such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Sapanca Lake daily tour, Dinner on the Bosphorus, Istanbul Airport Shuttle etc. included in the pass. For more details and updated attractions available with the pass can be found on website.

SkyRide 4D Simulation Experience Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Experience the SkyRide 4D Simulation?

SkyRide 4D Simulation, located in one of the tallest skyscrapers in Turkey, offers a realistic, unforgettable, and once-in-a-lifetime excursion opportunity to anyone visiting Istanbul..

How Can I Book for SkyRide 4D Simulation?

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders can enter the building for SkyRide 4D Simulation by scanning their unique QR code digitally without needing any reservations beforehand.

How Long Does the SkyRide 4D Simulation Take?

The simulation, which includes impressive traditional music and professional 4D Istanbul landscape videos, consists of about 10 minutes immersive experience with 4D glasses and special sound effects.

What Are the Working Hours and Days for the Simulation?

SkyRide 4D Simulation offers visitors the opportunity to take a digital trip to Istanbul between 10 AM and 8 PM everyday.

How to Get to Skyride 4D Simulation?

The mall may be accessed by taking the metro to the 4.Levent stop.

Where is Skyride 4D Simulation situated?

The simulation is situated in Sapphire Shopping Mall in Levent.

What Are Some Attractions Nearby?

You can also visit Sapphire Observing Deck in the same mall. Observing Deck is also included in Istanbul Tourist Pass!

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