Weather in Istanbul

January in Istanbul

January is the coldest month of the year in Istanbul. Not only are the temperatures cool, but the weather is often punctuated by precipitation. The average temperature is 8 degrees during the month and even if the sun is still there at the beginning of the month, the weather is cloudy towards the end of the month, and it is even possible to have snow. Wearing warm and comfortable clothes is therefore essential to feel comfortable, especially since the rains are not to be excluded.

Feburary in Istanbul

February is far from being a good month to fully appreciate your visit to the city of Istanbul. Not only because it is cold, but also because it rains often. The average temperature is 9 degrees, and the weather is usually partly cloudy. The sun is sometimes there, but the possibility of having snowfall should not be excluded either. You have to wait until the morning temperatures have climbed a few degrees to be able to feel a little softness in the middle of the day. You will see yourself bundling up to feel comfortable.

March in Istanbul

In March, winter recedes considerably. Temperatures are gradually rising and the number of sunny days is increasing. The average temperature is 11 degrees. Over the days, the weather is slowly improving, even though the temperature throughout March in Istanbul is still dominated by freshness. Especially since snowfall is rare.

April in Istanbul

Compared to previous months, the climatic conditions in Istanbul throughout April have improved significantly. Precipitation is decreasing, the heat is slowly returning, and the sun is often present. The average temperature is 15 degrees. The temperature throughout April in Istanbul will be your accomplice for discovering the city far from the crowds of summer visitors. And if you are not too chilly, the temperatures will make you feel a pleasant sensation of sweetness, especially around the middle of the day. On the other hand, mornings and evenings can be chilly.

May in Istanbul

If you are impatient you can already take T-shirts and summer clothes out of their closets because the month of May heralds the return of sunny days. The weather in Istanbul throughout May, around the middle of the month, sees a marked improvement. Temperatures rise gradually up to 21 degrees; the mornings are now sweet and pleasant and the rest of the day comfortable. However, before scheduling outings for mid-afternoon or evening, check the local weather first, as this rise in temperature is often accompanied by thunderstorms.

June in Istanbul

The combination of the pleasant heat and the beautiful sun makes the weather in Istanbul throughout June the ideal weather for a successful summer vacation. The average temperature is 26 degrees. While the rainy days are rare and the sunny and pleasantly warm days compete in magnificence with each other, and this, throughout the month of June.

July in Istanbul

Radiant days, favored by perfect sunshine, follow one another throughout the month of July. In addition, the temperatures are high up to 28 enough to produce a comfortable atmosphere at all times of the day. Therefore, the climate throughout July in Istanbul has all the sine qua non conditions for the ideal climate.

August in Istanbul

Summer is in full swing in August, in Istanbul: the heat is at its peak, and the beautiful sun reigns supreme over the bright days that follow one another. The weather in Istanbul throughout August is a real ally, thanks to its magnificence, for a successful summer vacation. With temperatures oscillating between 25 °C and 30 °C, the comfortable heat from morning to evening, day and night, combines with the beautiful sun to give beautiful sunny days suitable for all kinds of summer activities.

September in Istanbul

With comfortable heat throughout the day and relatively light rains, the weather in Istanbul throughout September is almost ideal for visiting this thousand-year-old city steeped in history. The average temperature is 25 °C degrees. As the month of September corresponds to the end of the summer season, temperatures gradually drop while the sun, always there, brightens up the days.

October in Istanbul

October is a pivotal month between summer and fall. Temperatures gradually decrease on the average of 20 °C, while precipitation increases in intensity and frequency. However, the climate throughout October in Istanbul remains favorable, as the heat is always comfortable.

November in Istanbul

Thanks to the considerable decrease in precipitation, climatic conditions in Istanbul remain favorable. Temperatures continue to drop during the month of November. The freshness of the atmosphere is already being felt. Again, remember to have light sweaters close at hand to have a comfortable feeling during your sightseeing visit. Especially since the downpours can surprise you during the day.

December in Istanbul

In December, the climatic conditions deteriorate with the cold, which gradually sets in. And despite the shy presence of the sun, the sky is often gray because of the clouds that are gathering. With the average 10 °C, the climate throughout December in Istanbul is far from ideal, because if at the beginning of the month, the temperatures favor a certain freshness, in mid-December, they continue to drop, with partly cloudy sky. It is also possible that it may snow. Because of the cold, it is essential to wear warm and comfortable clothes. 

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