22-10-2022 - Souvenirs

Top 10 Unique Istanbul Souvenirs to Bring Home

Travelling to Istanbul is a breathtaking experience for those who visit even for a couple of days. You take photos and videos of this memorable trip but also want some things to take with you when you leave to remind you of a time well spent. You also want to carry a piece of this amazing city to your loved ones. 

In this article, we handpicked the 10 most popular souvenirs for you to answer what souvenirs to buy in Istanbul. Save this article in your browser so you won’t be looking for it when it is time to buy some gifts for your loved ones back home. You can also send this list to your friends visiting Istanbul, it might be a great message for them to take. 


Turkish Coffee Sets


If you have been to Istanbul, you have probably tried Turkish coffee more than once. It may surprise you how important Turkish coffee is for Turkish people. That’s why in our list the Turkish coffee and coffee sets are coming in first. In these sets, there are Turkish coffee cups as well as special pots for you to prepare your coffee. 

In any souvenir shop in Istanbul, you can find beautiful and authentic coffee sets. Yet for the best ones check the Grand Bazaar. Some of them are made of ceramics, some are amazingly ornamental, and some may have gold or even diamond decorations on them. You may choose a handmade ceramic coffee set with beautiful traditional art on them. And as the writer of this article, I recommend you to go with a copper pot, it really affects the taste. 

We would love to see some photos of you with your coffee cups from Istanbul or from back home! Share them on Instagram and mention us by tagging our account @loveistanbul 

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Handmade Mosaic Lamps


For taking home a piece of Istanbul’s authentic and colourful identity, mosaic lamps are the best. They are also unconventional souvenirs. Gifting a loved one a beautiful handmade lamp can be an untraditional way of gifting someone something traditional. 

In Istanbul, especially in Grand Bazaar, you can find various lamps in different sizes, shapes and colours! Each one is unique as they are all made by hand using traditional techniques. These mosaic lamps can definitely carry some exotic light to your house. Don’t forget to take some photos and share them with us by using the #loveistanbul hashtag! 


Leather Goodies


When it comes to leather products, Istanbul is a great place to find great quality at reasonable prices. There are countless options when it comes to leather jackets, handbags, or accessories, such as belts and wallets. Besides the variety of colours and sizes, you can also find quite a variety of authentic patterns. Although there are already great prices, don't be afraid to bargain because it has a place in Turkish shopping culture

Put on your new cool leather jacket and take a photo! We would love to see you in those soft quality leather of Istanbul Bazaars. Here is our Instagram account.


Traditional Handmade Shoes


Traditional handmade Turkish shoes are known for their vivid colours, golden patterns, and fairytale-like shapes, but they are also so comfortable and this makes them excellent slippers for home, and great gifts for kids. These shoes can be a part of your costume on Halloween! Furthermore, leather sandals and ballerinas can also be found at reasonable prices as well as more "normal" and truly beautiful shoes.

Buy a pair and take a photo with them. We would love to hear your comments about those one-of-a-kind shoes. Share us with us on Instagram!


Turkish Delight 


An old but gold gift for loved ones! Known as Turkish Delight, Lokum is a colourful and delicate soft candy made with sugar. Traditionally Lokum can be plain or can contain nuts, dried fruit, and different flavours. Among the classic flavours are pistachio, ginger, mint, rose, and fig, but many more are available. 

There are many varieties in the Spice Bazaar, but you can see them everywhere. You can generally taste Lokum before you buy so you can decide the tastes you like. And they are great gifts for your loved ones because who doesn't love delicious candy?


Hookah - Water Pipe


There are many cafes you can try hookah in Istanbul. You can order one and enjoy smoking with your tea. There are many flavours but don’t forget they all contain tobacco in them. 

Hookah is a traditional Turkish smoking water pipe which is made of a decorated glass base with an ornamental metal upper part. If you buy a hookah don’t forget to buy some flavoured tobacco with you. This can be a great and unique souvenir and you can surprise your house guests by offering them some Turkish tradition home!

We would love to see your videos enjoying hookah back home. Tell us your favourite flavour so we can update our suggestions based on your experiences. You can always contact us through our Instagram account @istanbultouristpass.


Oriental Spices


You can not escape from the beautiful and charming spice shops located all around Istanbul. Travellers fall in love with the colourful variety of freshly ground spices. There are spice sets ready to go with many different spices. You can also choose, try and buy them separately. 

Especially in the Spice Bazaar (you may hear people calling there the Egyptian Bazaar as well), you can find even the rarest spices. Buying spices as souvenirs might carry the authentic atmosphere of Istanbul with you. 


Handmade Jewellery


In jewellery, Istanbul has a special place in the world. There are many handmade jewellery masters who are continuing the traditional techniques coming from -probably- their families. 

You will be amazed by the beautiful gold and silver jewels covered by precious stones. And because they are handmade with great mastery, every piece is unique. You can buy them for yourself or they can be great gifts for your loved ones. Send us your photos with beautiful accessories you bought in Istanbul on you! And you may give us some tips for us to write down for your fellow travellers. Here is our Instagram account


Handmade Backgammon or Chess set


Backgammon has been the most popular board game in Turkish culture for centuries. It is a game based on both luck and strategy. In your time in Istanbul you may learn how to play it: don’t worry it is easy to learn but mastery takes time. 

In Istanbul, you may find a great variety of handmade, beautifully carved backgammon sets. If you are not a fan of mastering backgammon, you may fall in love with amazing chess sets. These sets are generally made of wood with a pearl inlay. These sets are great gifts for someone you might want to surprise. 

Share your photos and videos playing backgammon with us, we would love to hear the score. Here is our Instagram account


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