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Istanbul Tourist Pass®  allows you to skip ticket lines in the crowded museums and attractions. Skip Ticket Lines with Istanbul Tourist Pass, save time and money!®

Skip the Ticket Line with Istanbul Tourist Pass

As a tourist who wishes to travel all around Istanbul, when it comes to tour planning, one of the most essential factors to consider is scheduling the timeline. In order to save up your precious time, it's a good idea to get your attraction tickets with Istanbul Tourist Pass ahead of time, so you do not have to wait in long lines. There is no need to purchase tickets at the counter because the Istanbul Tourist Pass is totally digital. This is how you will be avoiding long lines since you already have your ticket. 

The Istanbul Tourist Pass provides free pass to over 100 Istanbul's top destinations, including the world-famous Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, the magnificent Topkapi Palace, and many more. 

All of Istanbul's museums need you to go through long ticket queues. Some of these locations are extremely popular, so you may have to wait more than an hour to get in. This can be very frustrating for tourists. However, with an Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can avoid all those long queues! All you have to do is present your digital Pass, and you're ready to go! All of your tickets will be in your pocket, waiting for you on the mobile application. Just show the QR code at the entrance and pass!


Guided Museum Tours free Istanbul Tourist Pass  includes guided tours as well as the entry tickets for each place listed within the Pass. Your guide will have your museum ticket in advance, allowing you to skip through the queue and enter right away - unless there is a security check. In addition to this, the benefits of travelling with a tour guide are numerous, however the most important thing is that the tour guide has a wide range of information about every place you visit. Who has never known the frustration of being in a magnificent environment full of history, but no one to give you the explanatory keys that would have allowed you to feel the better the places where you are. Without your guide, you would pass in front of old statues, paintings, hidden ruins without paying attention. Your guide will give you the most accurate details by linking each element historically and geographically, while refocusing everything with the society and culture around you.

Reservation Required 100+ Activities: 

Many attractions on the Istanbul Tourist Pass do not require pre-booking. Some of them, however, may have limited capacity, which therefore necessitates you to book in advance. You can access all the details on the individual attraction pages to check if it requires pre-booking. You can simply make every reservation from your Istanbul Tourist Pass account. Subsequently, the supplier will send you an email for confirmation of the pick-up time. Likewise, there is no need to wait in any queue to make a reservation since all transactions take place online.

Walk-in Attractions, Activities and Experiences: 

Walk-in Attractions are easy to access with Istanbul Tourist Pass. Simply show your pass and get in. This includes Grand Bazaar, the oldest street bazaar in Istanbul, spice bazaar where you can get traditional spices and many more attractions. Istanbul Tourist Pass allows you to make the best of your trip with its advantageous features.

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