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The Istanbul Tourist Pass package is very comprehensive. The Wifi device with power bank makes the deal even sweeter. Key locations are covered in this Pass. If you are with children, then spots like the Aquarium & Legoland as part of this deal would give you your money's worth. A small feedback on my end would be if details of what one would be offered at Galatasaray Hamam could be elaborated. It mentions that only Hamam service would be part of it. As outsiders, we were not aware of what would be part of Hamam service, Would it be like sauna where you get to steam and bathe or just steam. On looking for it on internet, what we read was extremely different than what actually happened and was little disappointing. The actual Hamam service at Galatasarai basically involved bathing with hot water and changing back to dry clothes. And what we expected (from reading various excerpts online from various sources including the Galatasarais website) was that there would be a hot marble floor on which one would lay, soak steam, bathe and return. Had some more details been provided, I would have perhaps given that time to see some other attraction in the Tourist Pass package and utilized my time better. Other than that, Istanbul Tourist Pass really saves you the hassle of approaching mutiple booking sites for various attractions. It is like your one stop shop! Highly recommend it. Customer support is also fantastic.

Sukesha Sajwan from India reviewed on the 2016-09-27

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