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Hello! Congratulations, Ozzy! You are an extraordinary guide. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness!

Daniela Petronela from Romania

I absolutely recommend their services. The guides are very polite and friendly. They speak english very good. Istanbul tourist pass services make the Istanbul experience even better! 😍😍😍

Matija Nikolic from Serbia

This is the best and the smartest thing that you can buy and use in Istanbul. We had guided tours of all attractions and we did some things on own. Their guides are awesome and very knowledgeable.

Stanislav Šimičić from Croatia

Using Istanbul Tourist pass was definitely a great idea. It helped us to save lots of money and enjoy the trip. Most of the attractions can be watched within 3 days. But it’s up to you and how fast you want to do it. I recommend to use the pass 💯 it’s worth it.

Julia Rodinova from Ukraine

I recommend this card for anyone who wants to get the most out of his stay in İstanbul, and for a good price. I bought two 7-day cards, and used them with my wife and 2 kids in most of the activities available on the card. These activities cover most of the touristic places in İstanbul. The entrance fee is covered, except in some placed where I had to pay for my kids (legoland, aquarium, madame tussauds). The visit to Topkapi with the guide was exceptional and well informative. The staff were very responsive and professional and answered all my questions. Using the card in the Touristic places is easy and straightforward.

Hilal El Misilmani from Saudi Arabia

I really like the idea of a tourist pass for Istanbul. As a regular visitor of many cities, I was desperate that there is no comprehensive tourist pass for Istanbul. They are either rubbish in terms of what they offer or they are really expensive. I gave ITP a chance and did not regret it. It's easy to use, budget friendly and has great staff who take care of your needs. I also love that there is a free WhatsApp support line! Many tourist passes do not have this feature. As a tourist, I would like to feel safe in a city I do not know, and to have plenty places to visit. There was no instant support line on tourist cards of other cities, and I could neither ask questions nor get help with whatever I paid. Here I had a few questions about planning my next Istanbul trip, I contacted ITP on Whatsapp; they were very, very helpful, we even planned my trip together. ITP customer service is helping with almost everything. I highly recommend ITP.

Ansi Deniz Rona Bayildiran from Albania

Some of my friends said there aren’t anything to see in Istanbul, but I disagree after Istanbul Tourist Pass! After checking the website, I saw many attractions that I didn’t even know existed. Then I did some quick calculations and saw that ITP is really a great deal. Service was 10/10 too. It’s easy to use, you gain instant access and whatsapp support line was very helpful for a first visitor like me.

Didem Devletsah from Kazakhstan

This is a must have if you’re is Istanbul for a few days or more. Extremely helpful to have an inside person helping in the event of interest or help needed while traveling in Istanbul. The package was well worth it and the schedule and pick up spots are very clear. Tour guides were professional. App was easy. Do this for yourself. 👍🏽

Jeff Jaklitch from Netherlands

They are an amazing company. If you want to explore Istanbul buy their pass without even thinking , you will save a lot of money, you can go to Bursa trip, Sapanca trip , Cruise and 75+ more attraction. Its an amazing company very friendly

Hammad Jawaid from United Arab Emirates

Incredible service. Don't even think about visiting Istanbul without buying Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Chester Bennington from England

Great WhatsApp messaging service with prompt response for any needs or questions. Flexible to adjust ticket if needs change. Excellent inclusion of lots of sights and guided tours. I took the 7 days pass but recommend the 10 days pass to have enough time to use all benefits of pass and not do things in rush.

Conrad Uy from Denmark

An all in one pass. You can visit different places without having to worrying about booking each of them individually. It was definitely worth the money for me.

Yuki Khan from Japan

Highly recommended! Very good value for money. It highlights everything there is to do in Istanbul (including some amazing day trips to other cities). It's also quite easy to use as all you have to do is show your QR code or ITP reference number at all the attractions. The ITP guided tours are also interesting and insightful. Plus you get to skip the LONG lines at the Palaces/Museums. Special thanks to Oğuz and Furkhan - the amazing tour guides I met. I bought a 7-day pass and absolutely no regrets. I had a fantastic time in Istanbul, thanks to the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Daniel Abba from Switzerland

A very helpful agency, that helps you with proper travel plans. Prompt responses and friendly people.

Jessica Larson from Canada

I bought the Istanbull Tourist Pass for 5 days during my recent trip to Istanbul. I joined guided tours for Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace and Dolmabahce palace. Unfortunately cannot recall names of guides, but they were extremely knowledgeable, and the tours exceeded my expectations. The whatsapp assistance from istanbull tourist pass was absolutely amazing. Really helped me with any questions that I had. I booked a WiFi router, it was delivered to my hotel, all setup, great professional service.

Michael Mijburgh from Poland

I had 4 days of pass, first of all company is very friendly especially about whatsapp support. There are many attractions but my main targets were Dinner cruise, Bus tour and Museums. All of them was great and their service very satisfying. out of these i went to Whirling dervishes show it was amazing. if you wanna have these seperately you have to pay double at least... definitely recommended !!!

Ricardo Ricarcia from Italy

It is worth buying if you plan to see at least 3 of the tours they offer. I recommend the boat cruise, it is a nice experience, just don't expect too much of the main dinner course. Our site-seeing guide Ozzy was very professional with lots of interesting information. They respond immediately via WhatsApp, and solve any problem or answer any question you might have with the pass.

Nusa Kleva from Russia

Very useful service. Loved that they had a real-time whatsapp chat to communicate with them. We had bought 4 passes originally but were only able to use 2 of them and for a shortened number of days due to bad weather cancelling our flights. They were kind enough to refund the difference right away.

Suleiman Furmli from Qatar

Best to visit Istanbul

Raja Babar Khan (Babar) from India

I recently used the 4 days Istanbul pass and was happy that I had purchased it as most of the things were covered in it. The pass is great and the app and reservation option is easy to use. The tour guides too were professional, friendly and helpful. The guides Fukran, Ozy and Nur were great and we enjoyed the guided tour with them.

Byron Williams from England


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