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I understand you guys have tried your best to accommodate all ages and sexes . I must say it is wonderful effort . The thing I missed the most is the transport element . You see Paris pass along with all the bells and whistles lie Istanbul offers Travel pass as well . This is great assistance to travellers . I also felt the Dinner Plus boat tour people treated pass holders like stowaway's . The dinner was average and so was the service . However I did enjoy the Ride . Hop On Hop Of bus left allot to desire . They say the pass is good for 24 Hours time but what they fail to mention is that their service is operates from 10am-4pm . I believe it should be true 24 hours.

Zahid Aslam from United States reviewed on the 2019-08-25

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Reply from Istanbul Tourist Pass

Hi Zahid,

We want to thank you for your great and constructive review. We are glad to learn that there are many things you enjoyed from the Pass.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product and services and to provide more benefits to our customers. However, in most cases we are limited by the options offered by the service providers and the fact that we are a private company, not related to the government in any way.
For example, something that customers complain a lot about is that they cannot visit the museums by themselves, without guided tours. This is not because we want it to be that way, but because the Directorate of Museums only allow visitors who either have purchased tickets or cards directly from their ticketing counters or go with certified tour guides.
In the case of the public transportation, the only way in Istanbul to use the system is through the cards sold directly by the government at the vending machines located in all stations of the public transportation system. We really wish we could improve this, but unfortunately it's out of our hands at the moment.

We noted your complaint about the dinner cruise and have shared it with our partner company in order for them to investigate and improve their service.

Regarding the Hop-on & Hop-off Bus Tour, we have tried to share as much information as possible. You can always find the operating hours of both routes, on the page we have created for the attraction, as well as our mobile app.
As per the 24-hours option, Big Bus Istanbul only has 24 and 48-hours options and we only have an agreement to offer their 24-hours option. Nonetheless, if you start using it any day at 3:45 PM (for example), you will be able to use the buses, as long as they are operating, until the next day at 3:44 PM (24 hours).

We are very glad that you reached out to share your views with us and future tourists visiting our website and we welcome you to share any additional thoughts and ideas you may think can help us provide a better service.

Best regards,

Istanbul Tourits Pass