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Enjoy Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul

You are visiting Istanbul and you want to have fun on the Bosphorus for the whole day! This is fantastic because anybody visiting the city will enjoy all the sea has to offer via a Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul.

Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus Strait. It connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara while serving as a boundary between Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus, which is lined with parks and elaborate Ottoman mansions like Dolmabahçe Palace and spanned by three intercontinental bridges, is the city's beating heart.

The Bosphorus Strait has drawn empires for centuries as a major shipping and trading route, and their ruins can be seen along the coast. From the water, you can see Ottoman summer quarters, Hagia Sophia, historical imperial gardens, palaces, and more. The Bosphorus attracts a large number of visitors, many of whom travel by boat. Let's look at the various Bosphorus Tour opportunities so you can decide which is the best way to spend your day.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Shows

Dinner Cruise combines classic Turkish cuisine with a breathtaking view of the city by day or night. This cruise tour, on the other hand, goes beyond and above what you would expect from a boat tour. Since it also includes traditional musical shows, a folk dance demonstration, belly dancers, and a DJ performance, you will enjoy the Turkish way of life on the water. Following a delightful dinner, Turkish coffee will be served, and you will continue to enjoy your evening to the fullest. The Dinner Cruise departs at 20.30 and lasts about three hours. During your Istanbul travel, Except for New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, the cruise is available every day.

There's no need to be concerned with how to get to the Bosphorus Cruise with Turkish shows. When making your reservations, you may agree to be picked up and/or dropped off. If you want to get to the boat on your own, take the tram in the direction of Kabataş and exit at the last station, Kabataş. The other choice is to take the funicular from Taksim to Kabataş, which only runs between two stations, and walk past the gas station after exiting the vehicle to find the port on your right side. If you are unsure about the instructions, you can look them up online. If you love a night on the Bosphorus with dinner, cruises from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. may be of interest to you.

Attractions Near Bosphorus

We've given you a lot of choices for things to do on the Bosphorus; now it's time to show you which popular architectures you'll see on your tours. Many waterfront mansions will first catch your eye. The Bosphorus strait is densely filled with those mansions, which are exquisitely built. Esma Sultan, Küçüksu, Sadberk Hanim, and Sadullah Pasha are among the most famous waterfront mansions in Istanbul. Then you'll be mesmerized by the waterfront palaces. They are the most critical elements of Istanbul's landscape

Dolmabahçe Palace is one of them. Throughout the history of the Ottoman empire, royal families and political figures have stayed here. The Maiden's Tower is next, and it has a fascinating legend of it being in love with Galata Tower up the Bosphorus. It looks like a little island floating in the water off the coast of Üsküdar. Kuleli Military High School and Ortaköy Mosque are also nearby. On either side of the Istanbul Bosphorus Strait, Rumeli Fortress and Anadolu Fortress are worth seeing and photographing. They were designed to defend Istanbul against the enemies by Mehmet the Conqueror and are situated on the narrowest section of the strait. Visit Istanbul for these attractions and more!

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