Best Workshops & Classes in Istanbul: Learn and Socialize

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There is no shortage of activities to take part in a city like Istanbul. There are always more museums to visit, more historical sites to explore and more restaurants to give a try. While these are all great, many people overlook the value of learning a new skill. Joining workshops is the most social and fun way of doing this without locking yourself in your room and watching videos. If you are visiting Istanbul soon, consider joining these great workshops in Istanbul.


Atolye Arasi

Want to learn how to create stuff out of wood with your hands? Then Atolye Arasi is the perfect workshop for you. Here, you will learn about carpentry, a profession that faces the danger of being lost because of the superiority of the machines. One of the great things about this workshop is that they use environmentally friendly, %100 recyclable materials and they do not use any chemicals while processing the wood, and they teach you how to do it as well.

This workshop was founded by an interior architect and a senior mechanical engineer, which means you will learn about both the aesthetical and the technical perspective of carpentry. For some people, creating an entirely new thing out of plain wood is one of the best therapies in the world. If you think it will be the same for you, give this workshop in a try. It is on the Asian side of Istanbul, in the Atasehir district, near the 3001 Cadde stop of the 11M, 20K and 20Ü numbered IETT buses.


Aylin Bilgic Seramik Atolyesi (Aylin Bilgic Ceramic Workshop)

Founded by the ceramic artist Aylin Bilgic, a Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic and Glass Department graduate, this workshop teaches its students how to create elegant and out of the box yet functional ceramic objects. You will learn how to sculpt the ceramic into daily objects like glasses, plates and cups. It is one of the best workshops in Istanbul for those who want to use their own creative designs in their home.

Aylin Bilgic Seramik Atolyesi is located in the Kadikoy district. From the European side, you can reach Kadikoy with ferries from either Besiktas or Eminonu, or you can transfer to Kadikoy – Tavsantepe metro after getting off at the Ayrilik Cesmesi station of Marmaray. After coming to the Kadikoy pier, either with metro or a ferry, get on the Kadikoy – Moda tramway line and get off at the Moda Ilkokulu station. The workshop is minutes away from the station by walking.


Studio Masterpiece

This art house was founded by a painter and a lawyer who decided to teach people art for even just a day. In a good month, they can sometimes even manage to put one workshop in every day. Their workshops range from painting, sculpture, mosaic, calligraphy to ebru, glazed tile and ceramics, just anything creative you can think of. If you want to take a quick break from your busy life and get involved in art even just a little bit, Studio Masterpiece is one of the best classes & workshops in Istanbul for you.

Studio Masterpiece has branches all over Turkey, and 3 in Istanbul: Galata, Maslak and Goztepe. Masterpiece Galata is located in the Beyoglu district, near the Sishane stop of the M2 Yenikapi – Haciosman subway line. Masterpiece Maslak is in the Sariyer district and is right next to the ITU Ayazaga station of the same subway line. Masterpiece Goztepe, however, is on the Asian side, in Kadikoy district. The Goztepe metro station isn’t exactly close to the metro line, so we recommend taking the IETT buses that go through the Kadikoy Ilce Emniyet Mudurlugu stop, which is right next to the Masterpiece Goztepe. 2, 10B, 14AK, 14CE, 14ÇK, 17, 17L, 19ES, 19F, 19K, 19M, 19S, 19Y and ER1 numbered IETT buses go there.


Gallery Les Arts Turcs

Located in the famous Blue mosque area, Les Arts Turcs gives many workshops about local Turkish arts, like marbling ebru, felt making, ceramic design, henna workshop, Turkish cooking and belly dancing. While you can take any of these if you are interested, the one we recommend the most is the Ottoman calligraphy workshop.

While touring the Ottoma relics in Istanbul, especially the religious ones, you must have seen the aesthetically hand-written inscriptions with Arabic alphabet. That art form is called calligraphy, and you can learn it too! Plus, you do not have to use the Arabic alphabet. In this workshop, you will learn the art of decorative writing.

Gallery Les Arts Turcs is located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood in Fatih district. To find it, get on the T1 Kabatas – Bagcilar tramway line and get off at the Sultanahmet stop.


1200 Derece Glass Workshop

1200 Derece (means “degree” in Turkish) is one of the best and most popular glass workshops in Istanbul. It takes its name from the working temperature of glass, and has been teaching people how to create glass in Istanbul since 2015. It also has a café that uses the elegant and creative glasses made in the workshops. The workshop teaches how to produce glass objects with desktop shaping with flame and pipe glass blowing. They also have separate workshops for kids in Istanbul. Besides organizing daily workshops for both adults and children, it also produces specially designed glass products.

1200 Derece Glass Workshop is near the Fener pier of the Fatih district. The closest bus stop is Fener, and you can go there with 33ES, 35D, 36CE, 41Y, 44B, 48E, 55T, 99, 99A, 99Y, 399B, and 399C numbered IETT buses.


Burak Bulut Photography Workshop

Do you want to capture your best moments during your Istanbul tour in the best way possible? Then consider being a part of the Burak Bulut Photography Workshop. You will be tutored by Burak Bulut, one of the prominent photographers in Turkey, in different areas of photography, ranging from basic education to Instagram and mobile photography courses and advanced photography courses. He is a very friendly and helpful coach that is both talented and experienced.

Burak Bulut Photography Workshop is located in the Sisli district, just west of the Kanyon Shopping Mall. You can easily take the M2 Yenikapi – Haciosman metro line to the Levent station to reach this workshop.