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Why is Taksim the first neighborhood that comes to mind when Istanbul is mentioned? Taksim, which is connected to the Beyoğlu district is one of the most important touristic spots in Istanbul. It fascinates people with its bustling streets, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions. There are many stores, art workshops, pubs, cafes to visit in Taksim. Most of these places open until late and these are suitable for people of all cultures at any time of the day.

Where can you go to spend an amazing day in Taksim, which has become the symbol of Istanbul?

Cumhuriyet Monument

Cumhuriyet Monument is one of these places. Taksim Cumhuriyet monument was built in Taksim Square in 1928 by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica with the donations of Istanbul citizens and companies. With the help of Hadi Bara and Sabiha Bengütaş, the monument has been completed. Stone and bronze are used in the construction of the monument, which lasted 2.5 years. 84 tons of weight was brought to Istanbul from Rome by ship.

Taksim Cumhuriyet Monument, which was opened to the public in 1928 with the participation of 30 thousand people, attracts us every time we see it with its elegant design.

ITU Science Center

ITU Science Center is located in Istanbul Technical University in Taksim. The ITU Science Center aims to introduce science and technology to students of all ages by experimenting and observing. It was commissioned in 2007. The Science Center is located on an area of 3,500 square meters and consists of 120 educational units. All theoretical information about energy, mechanics, DNA, aircraft, space, wave, physics, and sound is taught to children by teachers at the center. It's a good place for your kids to have fun.


Istiklal Street

Taksim is a neighborhood known with Istiklal Street and it is one of the must-see places. Starting from Taksim Square and continuing to the Karaköy Tunnel, the Istiklal Street, which is only open to pedestrians, is one of the most popular streets of Istanbul. The nostalgic tram located here has become the symbol of the street.

It is frequented by many local and foreign tourists. As you walk down this street, you may encounter people from many different cultures. Along the way, you can see the Church of Saint Antoine, the Italian and Dutch embassy buildings, stores of world-famous brands where we can shop, and many historical passages.

Additionally, Istiklal Street is the center of Istanbul's art environment, and many prestigious museums and galleries are located in the neighborhood. Pera Museum is a short walk from the street.


Cicek Passage

Cicek Passage is a historical and famous passage of Taksim located on Istiklal Street. It has become a popular tourist spot in Taksim. Serving as an active point of Taksim in terms of nightlife and food and drink, Cicek passage has a fun atmosphere as well as its historical importance. The passage, one of the most decorated buildings in the region, has a structure that you will admire with its architectural details.

 The site of the passage was used as a theatre building from 1844 to 1870. But the theatre building, called the Naum Theatre, was completely destroyed by The Great Beyoğlu fire. Cicek passage was built on the site in 1876. When it was built, it got this name because it was full of florists. With the opening of the first taverns in 1940, taverns and restaurants replaced the florists in the passage.

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