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Airport Shuttles in Istanbul

It's so fun to travel to Istanbul! However, it can be overwhelming, particularly when you first arrive and are unsure how to get to your hotel, if the taxis are reliable, how you'll interact with the driver, and so on! We are here to assist you with airport shuttles in Istanbul. The Istanbul Tourist Pass provides a one-way airport shuttle bus ride from Istanbul Airport to the city center or from Istanbul Airport to the city center, depending on your preference.

You'll be able to use our online system once you've bought your Istanbul Tourist Pass. You will then open the QR code for your shuttle switch on the day of your arrival or departure during your Istanbul trip. "HAVAIST" is the name of the firm, and their shuttle buses are specifically labeled with this name. Most stations have shuttles that run 24 hours a day, so it's a smart thing to double-check the exact timetable before you go. The HAVAIST timetable can be found on their website, as well as a list of the stops (there are over 15 HAVAIST stops in Istanbul).

HAVAIST Shuttle in Istanbul

From Istanbul Airport to 50 major city hubs, Havaist Airport Buses provides high-quality and convenient transportation. Each Havaist shuttle can accommodate up to 46 passengers and is fitted with TV screens, Wi-Fi, and USB charging ports. You should still bear in mind that you cannot pay for your bus fare with cash. As cash is not accepted, you can only pay with a credit card through the Havaist App or a QR code. Book your ticket online, get your QR code, and check it before boarding the bus to use it on every Havaist route. Pre-purchasing your tickets also entitle you to exclusive benefits and discounts. With Istanbul Tourist Pass, you have a free airport shuttle ride to the city center.

IETT Buses in Istanbul

IETT public buses drive to the city's less touristy areas. As a result, they are more common with locals, while tourists ignore them. In any case, if you look up your precise position on the map, you should be able to find a bus to take you to Istanbul, as the airport is served by seven IETT lines. Furthermore, you can install the "Mobiett" app on your phone; you can find it extremely useful. While IETT bus fares are less expensive than Havaist, the journey will take much longer since these buses make several stops along the way. During your Istanbul tour, keep IETT shuttles in mind, but if you are looking to get to your hotel (or destination) as quickly as possible, choose the HAVAIST shuttle over IETT buses.

Shuttles to and from Istanbul Airport

Buses are currently the only mode of public transportation in Istanbul available from the new Istanbul Airport. The new airport will be connected to the city center by Metro Line M11 in the future, but for now, apart from private transfers, shuttle buses are the only option. Despite this, there is a remarkable number of bus routes available. Istanbul Seyahat buses perform intercity transfers, while Havaist and IETT buses run regular routes to all corners of Istanbul.

Save Time and Money With Istanbul Tourist Pass

If you're visiting Istanbul for the first time or returning, you'll need the Istanbul Tourist Pass. The Pass allows you to visit over 40 attractions such as Hagia Sophia while still saving money! You will save up to 75% with the Istanbul Tourist Pass. You'll actually save a lot of time with the Pass and you won't have to wait in line for tickets or bus lines. Now all you have to do is check your pass on your phone and you're good to go! There is a slew of other advantages to the Pass that you can look at!