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Adventure awaits!

Be the hero of your own Safari story! Have fun on your Safari adventure and be prepared for surprises along the way! Pick up an adventure map from the Jungle Istanbul ticket office and follow the route and tips and get a prize!

The Safari is in the same 5000 m2 location as Jungle Park Istanbul and the Dungeon attraction. You could do all three! 

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Regular Price € 4

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Hours & Schedule

  • Everyday: 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM

How To Get There?

You can take any of the following public buses:

  • 47 - Yeşilpınar / Eminönü
  • 49T - Yeşilpınar / Taksim
  • 49Y - Yeşilpınar / Şişli
Get off at the Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu stop.
The park is located at the ground level of the Isfanbul Shopping Mall, right next to the Migros Store.

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Where is Safari Istanbul?

Safari Istanbul is in the Jungle Istanbul just like the Dungeon and Jungle Park, so it is also in the Isfanbul Shopping Mall in Eyup. Unfortunately, there is no metro line that goes there, but transportation through buses is still possible. 39, 39Y, 39D, 39O, 47, 47L, 47E, 47T, 49A, 49G, 49Y and 49T numbered IETT buses stop near or next to Isfanbul Shopping Mall, so you can choose the one that departs from or passes by the bus stop you are closest to.

If you need to come to the Safari Istanbul from the Asian side, your fastest options would be using the Marmaray to go to the Yenikapi station and transferring to 39 or 39D buses. 47 and 47E numbered buses also go to the Isfanbul Shopping Mall from Eminonu, which you can go to with ferries from Kadikoy or Uskudar.

Information About Safari Istanbul

Ticket prices in Jungle Istanbul vary from activity to activity. For example, Safari Istanbul ticket prices are 25 Turkish Liras for one person and the same goes for the Dungeon. Jungle Park on the other hand, is 30 Turkish Liras. A 3 Attraction Ticket is 55 Turkish Liras, but if you buy your ticket online, the price goes down to 35 Turkish Liras.
If you are wondering about the Safari Istanbul working hours, they are between 10 AM and 8 PM in weekdays and 10 AM and 9 PM on the weekends.

Other Attractions Like and Near Safari Istanbul

Of course, very few people go to Jungle Istanbul with the intention of just visiting 1 attraction. While you are there, we highly recommend you to also try out Dungeon and Jungle Park. Dungeon is the scarier version of Safari, while Jungle Park is the highlight of the place. In it, you can see more than a hundred animal species that are under extinction protection. You can see many rare and exotic animals!
If the virtual Safari in the Jungle Park Istanbul did not meet your expectations, you can book a Sapanca Lake & Maşukiye Daily Trip and visit one of the most naturally stunning locations in not only the Marmara Region, but in the whole country. Located very close to Istanbul, the Masukiye Village and the Sapanca Lake are a must-see if you are visiting Turkey. There are many rivers, plateaus and hills to explore, and you can always take a break in many local cafés and restaurants that serve fresh and organic food with amazing natural sceneries to enjoy on the side. Sapanca Lake’s shores near the Maşukiye Village are a whole another story. This clean and beautiful lake is one of the most popular lakes in the region. There are many picnic areas, restaurants and more to experience its amazing blue view.

Everything we said about the Sapanca and Maşukiye can also be said to Bursa, though it is a big city rather than a rural area. Book a Bursa Daily Trip and explore one of the more underrated cities in Turkey. Since Bursa was Ottomans’ first capital city in 1335, you can find many historical monuments in this city, though not as many as Istanbul. In this daily trip, you will explore the city from its famous Grand Mosque to its famous Uludag Mountain, which you will be climbing in this trip. Eating a Turkish lunch is totally different when your view overlooks the city of Bursa from 800 meters high.
Want to see some sea creatures? Then there is no place better than the Sea Life Istanbul in the Forum Istanbul Shopping Center. This place houses around 15,000 creatures from the sea and the entire interior area is built in a way that will make you feel like you are inside an ocean.
Are you up for even more adventure? Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in the Silence are the two different sides of the same coin. Both of them were built with the purpose of putting able-bodied people in the shoes of a blind or deaf person. In Dialogue in the Dark, you will be guided in pitch black rooms by an actual blind person to gain perspective on how life is for them. In Dialogue in the Silence, the same will happen with a deaf guide. They are both life-changing experiences.

To extend your borders a little bit from land to sea, especially to the islands, a Princes’ Islands Tour would be the perfect adventure to accompany your Istanbul tour. In this tour, you will take a trip to either Buyukada or Heybeliada and tour the islands to your heart’s content. Both of them have many natural and historical landmarks waiting to be explored, but we recommend going to the Buyukada first, and Heybeliada later.
If you haven’t toured most of the Istanbul yet since you came here, one of the best ways of quickly getting familiar with the important parts of the city is to take a Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Istanbul Tour. This tour has 2 different routes: The Istanbul City Tour - Red Route and the Golden Horn Tour - Blue Route. The first one will take you through the Galata Bridge to the Dolmabahce Palace, and then to Taksim and the Spice Bazaar. You will end the tour after you cross continents on the Bosphorus Bridge. The second route will travel around the Golden Horn and go by places such as the Rahmi Koc Museum and Miniaturk Museum. You will also get to ride the Eyup Cable Car.

If all the places above seem attractive, consider getting an Istanbul Tourist Pass and explore every one of them plus 30 more with the guidance of our expert tour guides and save money.