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Istanbul Dungeon: A Tunnel of Horrors

The dungeon gates open for those who are brave enough…
Do you want to see what’s lurking in dark corners and lying in wait for you in the Tunnel of Horrors? Come inside, if you dare…

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 10 years old.

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Regular Price € 4

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Hours & Schedule

  • Everyday: 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM

How To Get There?

You can take any of the following public buses:

47 - Yeşilpınar / Eminönü

49T - Yeşilpınar / Taksim

49Y - Yeşilpınar / Şişli

Get off at the Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu stop.

The Dungeon is in the same complex as Jungle Istanbul and Safari on the ground level of Isfanbul Shopping Mall, right next to the Migros Store.

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  • No reservation is required. Just go to the location and present your digital Pass.
  • For security reasons, children under the age of 10 are not allowed in by the venue.
  • Adults cannot enter without children.

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Want to go on a scary adventure? Then open the doors of the Dungeon in the Jungle Istanbul and step into the depths to face the dark corners of this Scary House Istanbul. One of the more known horror tunnels in the city, Dungeon in the Jungle Istanbul is a fun and exciting experience that’s waiting for you, your friends and family in the Isfanbul Shopping Mall.

About the Dungeon

The gates of the dungeon in Jungle Istanbul is open for those who are brave enough. If you are ready for a mysterious and exciting adventure, step in and see what’s waiting for you in the depths of the tunnel and around the dark corners of the Dungeon.
Do not forget to get your Adventure Map from the Ticket Office of Jungle Istanbul. Follow the map, finish the course and grab your prize!

Other Things to Do in Dungeon Istanbul

There is more to discover in Jungle Istanbul than the Dungeon. The most famous part of it is the Jungle Park, where you can discover more than 400 animals belonging to 100 different species, some of which are on the verge of extinction. Jungle Istanbul stays in contact with domestic and foreign institutions to find out what they can do to protect and save the future of these species.
In the mammals section, one of the cutest and rarest animals is the cotton-top tamarin. It has cotton-like hair extending from its head to its shoulders. They mostly eat fruits and seeds. They live in groups, and it is thought that they have a language among themselves. They are one of the rarest primates in the world with reportedly only 6000 of them left.
There are also cute little marmosets, which are omnivore monkeys living in South America. Their legs are a little taller than their arms and they have claws which help them climb up the trunks of trees. They are socially developed monkeys. One of the monkeys that belongs to the marmoset family is the common marmoset, also known as Callithrix jacchus. They have tails that are bigger than their bodies and their jaws and claws are very strong, so much so that they can rip off the outer parts of trees to reach the resins inside. Their natural habitat is Brazil. They feed on fruits and small insects.

Where is Dungeon Istanbul?

Dungeon Istanbul is on the ground floor of the Isfanbul Shopping Mall in Eyup, inside the Jungle Istanbul. There are many IETT buses that stop by this shopping mall, such as 39, 39Y, 39D, 39O, 47, 47L, 47E, 47T, 49A, 49G, 49Y and 49T. Isfanbul Shopping Mall also has free customer buses from Alibeykoy and Kucukkoy.
Your options for getting to the Dungeon in Istanbul from the Anatolian side are more limited. You first need to get to the Yenikapi station by using the Marmaray. From there, hop on either the 39 or 39D IETT bus. If you are in Uskudar or Kadikoy, get on the ferries that go to Eminonu. From there, you can use 47 or 47E to go to the Isfanbul Shopping Mall.

Visiting the Dungeon

Istanbul Dungeon ticket prices are 25 Turkish Liras per ticket, but if you want to visit the other attractions of the Jungle as well, you can pay 25 Turkish Liras for Safari or 30 Turkish Liras for the Jungle Park. If you want to complete the experience and visit each and every one of them, the Istanbul Dungeon entrance fees for a 3 Attractions Ticket is just 35 Turkish Liras on the website of Jungle.
 Istanbul Dungeon working hours are between 10 AM and 8 PM from Monday to Friday, and Istanbul Dungeon opening times are between 10 AM and 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Other Attractions Near Dungeon

If you want to literally flip your world upside-down, you can visit the Upside-Down House in Maslak. In this upside-down house, you have the chance to take funny pictures and observe the unique interior design.

How about an adventure park with challenge courses? Xtrem Adventures in Maslak is all about that. You will get to challenge yourselves in courses, with safety harnesses of course. They even have the mysterious “Hobbit Village” from Lord of the Rings!
After that, hop on a bus and go to Beyoglu, because we have more places to explore. The first one, Museum of Illusions, will blow your mind whether or not you are interested in illusions. This museum hosts many types of different illusions that bends the way you see reality, but also explains how they work and why do we perceive them the way we do.

Our next stop is the Dolmabahce Palace. This palace is one of the most important architectural structures that reflects the late-Ottoman period. It is also one of the highlights if you ever do a Bosphorus dinner cruise, because it looks absolutely beautiful at nights with its lighting and shining external design. Built in the mid-19th century with the orders of Sultan Abdulmecid, this famous palace is open to public today. It is an absolute must-visit if you ever come to Istanbul because of its astonishing interior design and important collections it houses.
Another must-do in Istanbul is to join a Bosphorus boat tour. Bosphorus is Istanbul’s most prominent feature for a lot of tourists, and for good reason.

During your tour, you will not only see the beautiful Marmara Sea, its large bridges and the beautiful shores of Istanbul, but you will also visit many of the places you see, giving you a chance to discover Istanbul in a way that is not possible any other way.
Last but not least, don’t forget to take a look at the famous wax model museum chain Madame Tussaud Istanbul. It houses more than 60 hand-crafted, extremely detailed wax models of many famous people, along with an interior design that will make any visitor feel like a superstar. On top of this, many parts of the Madame Tussaud's exhibitions are interactive, and you will get to learn about the people that the models were based upon thanks to the small information tablets near them.

If you want a better alternative to visiting all of the places above one by one by yourself, getting a Istanbul Tourist Pass may make more sense since it gives you access to more than 35 attractions and services in Istanbul.