At Istanbul Tourist Pass, we constantly strive to be as efficient as possible so that tourists get the best experience during their trip. For that reason, we are constantly looking for ways to let the computers do the boring work and leave the fun stuff for us. If you’re one of those that enjoy doing business, you’ll find amazing opportunities here. If you share the passion of helping tourists have the most amazing trip in Istanbul and want to be part of our team, apply to the position below which fits best your skills. If you cannot find a position that suits you but you are still determined to work with us, send us an email with your CV and tell us how your skills can help us provide a better service or improve our product.

Operations Executive

  • Position Description

    The main tasks of the new member of our team will be as follows:

    1. Handling received orders (confirming & ticketing)
    2. Managing received enquiries (conversion to sales)
    3. Providing customer support (phone, e-mail, chat)

    There will also be side tasks:

    1. Managing company web-site content
    2. Controlling our social media channels

    There will also be some opportunities for the candidate’s improvement on business related areas:

    1. Supplier & reseller communication (mostly assisting)
  • Requirements
    1. A high level of English is a MUST in all terms! The candidate should be able to easily commınicate in written and speech forms, write articles, make proper phone conversations in English.
    2. Multinational candidates are welcomed. Turkish is not required, but is a PLUS just like the knowledge of any other language would be.
    3. Candidate’s skills should include:
      1. Being initiative, business minded, organized
      2. Having social media skills (have managed at least 2 social media channels before)
      3. Being familiar with Office programs and basic communication software tools
      4. Blogging/web-managing experience would be a PLUS

We usually reply within 1 business day.