Oriental Rug Making Experience

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The Turkish Rug Workshop Experience


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Dive into the Art of Turkish Rug-Making with Istanbul Tourist Pass®!

Get ready to be enchanted by the Turkish Rug Workshop Experience, an exclusive treat for Istanbul Tourist Pass® holders! Witness the creation of stunning Turkish rugs at Bilgin's Store in Cagaloglu, while sipping on traditional Turkish coffee and savoring delectable delights. Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship, guided by friendly experts who unveil the rug-making process. Don't miss the chance to explore these cultural gems up close and personal. Plus, with your pass, you'll enjoy a fabulous 25% discount on rug purchases. Elevate your Istanbul journey with this remarkable encounter – courtesy of Istanbul Tourist Pass®! 

About The Oriental Rug Making Experience

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Duration - Around 30 Minutes

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Witness skilled artisans crafting intricate Turkish rugs by hand.

Indulge in complimentary Turkish coffee and delightful treats while observing the process.

Engage with knowledgeable staff for insights into the rug-making process.

Explore a variety of Turkish rugs, feeling their textures and learning about their cultural significance.

Enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on rug purchases with your Istanbul Tourist Pass®.

Create unforgettable memories with this unique cultural experience.



Live demonstration of Turkish rug-making by skilled artisans.

Complimentary Turkish coffee and traditional treats.

Guided explanation of the rug-making process by knowledgeable staff.

Hands-on exploration of various Turkish rugs.

Cultural insights into the significance of Turkish rugs.

Exclusive 25% discount on rug purchases with your Istanbul Tourist Pass®.

Memorable and immersive cultural experience.


Turkish Handmade Rug-Making Experience

Discover the mesmerizing artistry behind Turkish rug-making with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®! As a pass holder, you're invited to the Turkish Rug Workshop Experience, where you'll witness a skilled artisan crafting intricate rugs by hand. Savor the flavors of authentic Turkish coffee and treats while experts guide you through the process, offering insights and answering questions. Explore the textures and cultural significance of various Turkish rugs, and don't miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of this art with an exclusive 25% discount on rug purchases. Immerse yourself in this captivating encounter, adding a touch of culture and beauty to your Istanbul adventure.

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Hours & Meeting

Every day there are 2 sessions: 11.30 AM and 3.30 PM

How To Get There?

Bilgins Leather & Fur Cağaloğlu: Mollafenari, Bab-ı Ali Cd. No:5, 34120 Fatih/İstanbul

The store is within walking distance from the Sultanahmet Tram Station. You can take T1 Tram and get off at Sultanahmet station

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Oriental Rug Making Experience Free with

Avoid paying the entry fees and skip the ticket queues with Istanbul Tourist Pass®.

Handmade Turkish Rug-Making Experience is included in Istanbul Tourist Pass®️

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All About Oriental Rug Making Experience

Here are some details about the Turkish Rug-Making Experience so you don't miss this amazing venture! 

Artisan Showcase

Witness the skilled craftsmanship of Turkish rug-making unfold before your eyes. Talented artisans bring intricate designs to life using traditional techniques, offering a unique insight into this age-old art form.

Culinary Delights

Indulge in the flavors of Turkey with complimentary Turkish coffee and delectable treats. Immerse yourself in the culture as you sip and savor while observing the rug-making process.

Guided Insights

Engage with friendly and knowledgeable staff who will guide you through the rug-making process step by step. Learn about the materials, techniques, and history that make each rug a masterpiece.

Hands-On Exploration

Feel the textures and intricacies of various Turkish rugs up close. Gain a tactile understanding of the different styles and patterns that contribute to the beauty of these rugs.

Cultural Significance

Delve into the cultural significance of Turkish rugs. Learn about the stories, symbols, and traditions woven into each piece, reflecting the rich heritage of Turkey.

Exclusive Discount

As an Istanbul Tourist Pass® holder, enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on not only rug purchases but all purchases in the store. Take home a piece of this artistry, and cherish the memories of your Turkish rug-making experience.

Why Turkish Rugs Are So Famous?

Turkish rugs have gained worldwide acclaim for their exceptional quality, intricate designs, and rich history. These rugs are renowned for their durability and craftsmanship, often showcasing intricate patterns inspired by nature, geometry, and cultural motifs. The meticulous weaving techniques passed down through generations, combined with the use of high-quality materials like wool and silk, contribute to the lasting allure of Turkish rugs. Each rug tells a story, capturing the essence of Turkish culture and artistry, making them a cherished and sought-after item among collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

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Oriental Rug Making Experience Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if a Turkish rug is good quality?

Authentic Turkish rugs are crafted from 100% silk threads. While they might feel smooth, recognizing them by touch is challenging. Inspect both vertical and horizontal threads; if one is thicker than the one in the opposite direction it's likely a blend.

How long does it take to make a Turkish rug?

The weaving process involves moving yarn from the loom to the warp and back using a shuttle, determining the rug's pattern. This meticulous work requires significant effort. Crafting a single rug can span weeks or even months.

How much should a handmade Turkish rug cost?

Handmade Turkish rugs vary in price. Small decorative rugs like prayer rugs can start at around $100, while intricate pieces like Turkish kilims can range from $500 to $5,000. Luxurious silk rugs, known for delicate designs, can be up to $15,000.

Are area rugs made in Turkey good quality?

Turkish rugs, whether kilims or hand-knotted varieties, are renowned for their exceptional quality. This reputation holds true, especially for meticulously handwoven pieces carefully curated for their excellence.

Are Turkish rugs better than Persian?

Both Turkish and Persian rugs are known for their durability. While Persian rugs often feature a higher knot count, a well-crafted, handwoven Turkish rug can also last for centuries, making both types valuable investments.

How long do Turkish rugs last?

Turkish rugs have historically proven their longevity, adorning everything from nomadic tents to regal palaces. Handwoven Turkish rugs can endure for centuries, appreciating in value over time, whereas machine-made rugs may only last a few years.

Can I vacuum my Turkish rug?

Regular vacuuming is recommended for cleaning your Turkish rug, but use low suction and avoid the use of brushes or bristles. Strong suction can cause damage, while bristles might tear or break the fibers.

How can you tell if a Turkish rug is handmade?

To determine if a rug is handmade, examine its weave and structure. Hand-knotted rugs often exhibit slightly uneven knots, giving them a distinct, non-uniform look.

Why are Turkish carpets so expensive?

The cost of Turkish rugs is influenced by the quality of materials. Luxurious materials like wool and silk contribute to higher prices. Understanding the various types of Turkish rugs, such as hali and kilim, is essential in appreciating their value.

What makes Turkish rugs special?

Turkish rugs stand out due to their use of fine natural materials, gaining brightness and luster over time. Their exceptional strength and durability contribute to their longevity, making them a timeless treasure.

Are Turkish rugs worth money?

The value of Turkish rugs depends on factors such as type, condition, age, rarity, and demand. High-quality rugs crafted from natural fibers like wool and silk tend to hold their value and even appreciate over time.

Are Turkish rugs hand made?

Turkish rugs are meticulously handwoven. Historically, they were woven for Ottoman palaces and as gifts for dignitaries. The tradition continued, with some rugs crafted for export, showcasing their fine artistry and craftsmanship.

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