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November in Istanbul

November is a great time to visit Istanbul. The city is less crowded and the weather is still warm in most of November. Shorter lines, off-season rates, pleasantly warm weather, and still great food! Take photos and videos and share your experiences with us; here is our Instagram @istanbultouristpass

In this article, we’d love to share with you the best things to do in Istanbul in November 2022. Let’s start with some general information. 


How is the weather in Istanbul in November 2022?


Let’s say the first things first; November is a great time for being a tourist in Istanbul. The climate is pleasant after the hot summer, it’s generally around 15-17 degree Celsius. But be careful, especially in the evenings and early mornings, it might be colder so don’t forget to bring some warmer clothes with you.

In 2022, we do not expect a wet November but it may rain so be cautious. To sum up, pack your light jackets and warmer shoes with you and you’ll be all set! Enjoy the warming sun during the day. 


Staying in Istanbul in November


Visiting Istanbul in November is not only great with its nice weather but also it is much more budget-friendly. Many hotels in Istanbul switch to off-season rates and it is a good opportunity to stay longer if you are on a budget. But don’t forget, it is Istanbul and it is always crowded even if it's not. So make your reservations beforehand and don’t miss the deals, especially in the old town of Istanbul. 


What to do in Istanbul in November?


Istanbul is always rich with attractions and events, but it is a great time to visit Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace Museum and Dolmabahce Palace Museum since there will be no long lines as in summer. For savings we recommend you to buy an Istanbul Tourist Pass so it will be one price to cover all 100+ attractions. The Pass also includes great guided tours, a knowledgeable guide can make a good place into an amazing one. 

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With nice weather, November is also a good time for outdoor activities. Take long walks around the city, like from Galata Tower to Taksim Square and enjoy every step along the way; stop by Madame Tussaud Museum and get amazed. It may be great to see Whirling Dervishes Show or join a Turkish Marbling Workshop on cooler days.

Also, it is a great time to enjoy spicy street foods since it is not that hot anymore. Check out the top 10 best street foods in Istanbul. Enjoying Turkish Tea and Turkish coffee is also a must! 


Events in Istanbul in November 2022

Istanbul is full of life every day with events, concerts and many other attractions. In November 2022, there are various events in Istanbul but for the sake of this article, we handpicked some of them for you to check out in your short period of time.


17th Istanbul Biennial

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) has been organizing the Istanbul Biennial since 1987. The biennial aims to create a meeting point in Istanbul, in the field of visual arts between artists from diverse cultures and the audience.

All the biennials İKSV has organized up to now have enabled the formation of an international cultural network between local and international art circles, artists, curators and art critics by bringing together new trends in contemporary art every two years.

The 17th Istanbul Biennial can be visited free of charge between 17 September and 20 November 2022 at Pera Museum, Perform İstanbul, Müze Gazhane, Arter Istanbul, The Çinili Hamam, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam, and many more places. Don’t miss it if you have time, especially recommend you to visit Pera Museum which is FREE of charge with an Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Istanbul Theatre Festival 


The Istanbul Theatre Festival is an international event bringing together theatre companies and dance groups from Turkey and abroad with the audience, and was first held in 1989.

Once every year, the festival hosts carefully selected companies and artists that open up new horizons for both the audience and the art world by bringing national and international, classical and contemporary renditions to the stage through its unique lens.

Between 25 October - 26 November 2022 there will be many plays meeting with audiences. There are also plays in English so it would be an amazing opportunity to feel like a local. 

Marathon Istanbul


The Istanbul Marathon progressed over the years and transformed into a giant organisation as it is today. More than one hundred thousand sports fans bonding two continents with a sense of friendship and gentlemanliness has made the Istanbul Marathon the most attractive marathon in the world

Throughout its history of more than 40 years, it has managed to stay on the agenda by overcoming all the obstacles it has faced and attracting the attention of more athletes around the world. And finally, the Istanbul Marathon became an indispensable sports feast for Turkish athletics, the international sports world, and the people of Istanbul. So if you are around here on November 6th, 2022 you can join the marathon and pass the Istanbul Bridge on foot! 


To sum up: November in Istanbul

Whenever you plan to visit this amazing city, don’t forget to buy your Istanbul Tourist Pass including 100+ attractions, guided tours and many more. Check the options here and enjoy your time with great budget savings

5 tips for visitors in November

  1.  Bring warm and waterproof clothes

  2.  Purchase Istanbul City Card for public transportation

  3.  Join guided tours

  4.  Check-out indoor activities 

  5.  Look for hotel deals since it is off-season 


Is November a good month for Turkey?

It depends on where you want to visit and what you wish to do. But November is great for Istanbul as for sure. 


Is November a good month for Istanbul?

November is great to be a tourist in Istanbul. The weather is still warm with autumn sun, a bit chilly at night but a light coat and some sweaters would be enough. 


What clothes to wear in Istanbul in November?

We recommend you have both t-shirts and sweatshirts with you. Although the weather is generally nice, it can be chilly during the evenings. It would be a good idea to have waterproof comfy sneakers with you in case it rains. 


What season is Istanbul in November?

It is autumn in Istanbul in November. The most romantic time of the year. 


Does it snow in November in Istanbul?

No, in Istanbul we don’t expect it to snow in November but who can speak for sure? Even though it snows, generally the historical peninsula does not get much snow. But keep in mind, Istanbul is also such a beautiful city with snow on it. 


What should I pack for Turkey in November?

If you come to Istanbul then both t-shirts and sweatshirts, jeans, sneakers, waterproof shoes and light jackets are fine. Evenings are generally cooler than the mornings so come prepared. 

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