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Valentine’s Day in Istanbul: A Romantic Getaway in 2023

Here are the most romantic days of the year. Whether in love or not, it is not easy to stay out of Valentine’s Day excitement. Especially if you love romantic dinners, lovely journeys, and new experiences to discover with your loved one, this time of year is the best for you.

On this particular date, Istanbul is even more romantic than ever. In every corner, you can see special lights, heart-shaped balloons, shiny red decorations, and many more. Don’t make mistake, Istanbul is always romantic if you are in love, but with the Valentine’s Day spree, it is something else!

In this article, we are going to check some romantic things to do if you are planning to be in Istanbul around V-day. But before we begin, check out Istanbul Tourist Pass® and its 100+ handpicked attractions. For you not to get lost in things to do in Istanbul, we have gathered the best for you! From amazing guided tours to family fun places, there are many amazing attractions included in Istanbul Tourist Pass®. Check out here, and you will definitely choose to buy your pass right away. Especially if you are reading this article in February 2023, then you may catch the 40% off Valentine’s Day Sale on Istanbul Tourist Pass®. Now let’s check out the best thing to do in Istanbul on the famous V-Day!

Weather in Istanbul in February 2023

Normally in Istanbul, February is the coldest month of the year. Generally, February is the height of winter, just like the vast majority of other European cities. Although the cold is not as severe as it is in Berlin or Vienna, you might be surprised to learn that it can snow in Istanbul in February. But if we talk about 2023, we don’t expect it to snow.

Istanbul is a coastline city, hence daytime temperatures are highly variable. Average daily temperatures of 6°C, 7-8°C highs, and nightly lows of 3–4°C are to be anticipated. Because of the humidity, you may feel the cold more especially on windy days. especially after Valentine’s Day, we will witness more sunny days than rainy ones. So yes, pack your winter coats and waterproof boots but don’t pack too heavy. If you need anything warmer, Istanbul is a textile paradise, you can easily buy anything you’d like.

What to Do in Istanbul on Valentine’s Day in 2023?

There is so much to do in this amazing city. Here we have listed six different attractions for you to enjoy Valentine's Day the most. Of course, there are so much different options in a city like Istanbul, check out here 100+ amazing ones. Let’s start our journey!

Join a Dolmabahce Palace Guided Tour

Visiting Dolmabahce Palace is a classical tourist attraction for tourists from all over the world. But it is not just a historical place but a place in which sultans and the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk walk, live, and dine. The architecture, the Bosphorus view, paintings, and decorations; are all breathtakingly beautiful.

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If you got your ticket and get there by yourself, you miss a lot! But if you join an Istanbul Tourist Pass® guided tour, you may know all about the secrets, daily routines, meanings of paintings, and many more. Our tour guides are very popular among our visitors because they are all friendly people with amazing information about the Palace. So, with your loved one, join one of the guided tours to start your day. Then you may walk around Besiktas and Ortakoy and have a great day altogether. Here is more detailed information about Dolmabahce Palace and the tour, you can see the tour timelines there.

Plan a Dinner on a Bosphorus Cruise

One of the most memorable activities in Istanbul is a nighttime cruise down the Bosphorus. Bosphorus, Istanbul's gem, will astound you as you take in the wonderful seaside atmosphere. You'll get a spectacular experience thanks to the city's flashing lights, the famed Maiden's Tower (now under construction but still), and of course the Bosphorus Bridge!

During your journey to Istanbul, the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise will undoubtedly rank among your top attractions. A cup of delicious Turkish coffee will be served to you after an incredible dinner, and you may listen to traditional music while watching the city lights from just near the Bosphorus Bridge!

City lights, a bit cold but perfect weather, stars in the sky; this perfect romantic experience is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass® if you are wondering. All you need is to make a reservation and if you are planning to go on Valentine’s Day, don’t be late to reserve your seat! Here is more information!

Romantic Dinner in Michelin-Starred Restaurant

There are many amazing restaurants in Istanbul since the city hosts various cultures, religions, and cuisines! In recent years, fine dining is a rising trend in Istanbul’s gastronomy ecosystem. As a result, after years of waiting, Michelin Guide finally include İstanbul in 2023. Now there are 5 Michelin-starred restaurants in the city and over 50 recommended restaurants.

Having an unforgettable dinner with your loved one can be the perfect date for Valentine’s Day. And because of the economical conditions, having a tasting menu in one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Istanbul can be a lot more affordable than similar restaurants in Europe. Check here for the Michelin-starred restaurants in Istanbul, and also check out our article about the Michelin-recommended restaurants in the Old Town. You’ll love not only the food but also the atmosphere! Take some photos and share them with us on the @istanbultoristpass account on Instagram. We would love to see your happy faces!

A Romantic Couples Massage in a Turkish Bath

Now, this is an experience that can be experienced only in Istanbul. Istanbul has many historical hammams and in most of them, women and men have different sections. But there is also plenty, you can have a complete Turkish bath experience and get a massage with your loved one!

Think about a relaxing bathing experience, rose petals, warm water, and amazing scents and you are having a massage by professionals in that atmosphere! Incredible isn’t it? Yes so, you can try Vezneciler Hamam or private spas like Nuspa for this amazing experience. A memory to remember!

Traveling with the whole family: Legoland Discovery Centre Istanbul

We didn’t forget the couples with kids! Why we picked Legoland? Although there are many amazing things to do with kids in Istanbul, Legoland can bring your childhood memories to you as well. So may enjoy as much as (maybe even more) in this great playground! As a couple you built a family, now it is time to build castles with legos. Believe us, playing together can boost your love life!

In the Legoland Discovery Center in Istanbul, there's a lot to see and do there, including the Lego 4D theatre, the Legoland factory, Miniland, and other attractions. You can build anything you want with LEGO® bricks and figures. Whatever you create, whether it's palaces, fortresses, fortifications, or houses, you'll have as much fun as your kids! This family-friendly activity is enjoyed best with Istanbul Tourist Pass® accompanying you. The Istanbul Tourist Pass® provides free access to Legoland Discovery Centre as you go back to your childhood and enjoy being with your family. Don’t forget to take photos and share them with us on Instagram! Here is our Instagram account: Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Jump, scream, laugh together: Flyzone

Let’s jump together! If you love physical activity and adrenaline you’ll fall or jump in love with Flyzone. There are four locations of Flyzone all around the city, and entrance to all of them is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass®. But what is there to do in Flyzone? Let’s check!

Flyzone, consisting of tracks - each of them more fun than the other-, is a brand new concept in trampoline park format, Think of a place where sports and entertainment are presented together to people of all ages. You can jump, jump higher, walk on a wall while jumping, and jump again! It is a huge trampoline park and you will have so much fun there especially if you are with your loved one. What’s there more romantic than having fun and laughing together?

If you are around the Taksim area then Flyzone Istiklal Demiroren Mall is the right address for you. Or if you are shopping in the Mall of Istanbul, there is one there. Also, there are other branches in Lens Istanbul and Torium Mall. So you have many places to choose from, so why wait?

Bonus: Photo Shoot Experience in Ottoman Style

Taking photos is a regular thing we all do nowadays but we don’t have studio photos anymore. So this is a perfect opportunity to have great photos while you are in Istanbul. In a professional studio, you’ll be wearing special clothes and look like a Sultan! With each Istanbul Tourist Pass®, you will have one free photo but you can have as many as you’d like by paying. You’ll definitely have so much fun dressing up like an Ottoman Sultan and posing with a traditional backdrop. Here is more information on this Photo Experience.

As we said earlier, Istanbul has so much to offer if you are already to discover it. Especially on special days like Valentine’s Day, you can have unforgettable memories, great photos, and romantic dinners here. Istanbul Tourist Pass® is here with you every step of the way. If you have any questions in mind or comments for us, please don’t hesitate to reach us via our WhatsApp line or Instagram account. We love İstanbul, we’d like you to love this city as much as we do. That’s all the effort for. So, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Which place is best for Valentine day?

Istanbul and Cappadocia are the best places for Valentine’s day. Both of these two locations are incredibly romantic and pretty amazing.

Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Istanbul?

Yes, you may see many decorations and special lights all around Istanbul, especially in Malls, and many restaurants have special dinner options for Valentine’s Day. Beware of the fact that it can be really hard to find red roses on that day!

Is Istanbul a romantic city?

Yes, Istanbul is a romantic city and there are many poems, stories, and legends about the undying lovers of Istanbul. The city which binds two continents together is the meeting point of the hearts and souls of lovers.

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