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Istanbul in February 2024: Wheather, Events, and More

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world and is a dynamic metropolis. Millions of people travel through Istanbul every year as a result of its advantageous location on two continents, which makes it the ideal stopover when traveling between the East and the West.

So if you decide to travel to this amazing city in February don’t be afraid. Don't let the fact that February isn't everyone's preferred month for a travel stop you from going to Istanbul. There are a lot of benefits to visiting Istanbul in February; some people might even enjoy it at this time of year!

There are a few things you should take into account when making travel plans if you intend to visit Istanbul in February 2024. In this article, we'll discuss what the weather is like in February, the best places to visit, upcoming events, and of course, our insider tips. But before we begin, let’s check out Istanbul Tourist Pass®.

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Weather in February 2024

It may be the coldest of the year in February. Istanbul in the month of February is the peak of winter, just like the vast majority of other European cities. Although the cold is not as severe as it is in Central Europe, it can snow in Istanbul in February.

Istanbul is a coastline city, hence daytime temperatures are highly variable. Average daytime temperatures of 7°C, with highs of about 10-12°C, and overnight lows of 3-4°C are to be anticipated.

In February 2024, we don’t expect to snow in Istanbul but there will be many rainy days. In the later days of the month, we expect mostly sunny days.

What to Wear in February 2024

Istanbul will be cold and rainy in February but unlike previous years, this year we don’t expect it to snow. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t be cold, contrary pack your light snow wear and warm coats. We expect rainy 10 days in February so it is a great idea to bring your waterproof shoes. Gloves and wool hats are great to have with you.

But don’t pack too heavy because inside spaces will be warm and other than that if you need anything thicker you can easily buy it in Istanbul. Especially with the recent economic condition, Istanbul is now a paradise for shopping lovers. You can buy quality clothes, coats, and boots for bargain prices.

Is It a Good Idea to Visit Istanbul in February 2024?

If you love your chilly weather, hot drinks, and less crowded places, then yes! If you're coming in February 2024, the windy weather, chilly temperatures, and rain may cause you to look for shelter more frequently.

In light of this, you should search for the top indoor attractions this amazing city has to offer. And happily, the majority of Istanbul's top attractions are indoors, or at the very least accessible even when it's pouring outside.

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As we have told in the previous part, this year we expect a warmer February than in previous years. So, especially if you want to plan a romantic trip around Valentine’s Day, then don’t overthink, just buy the tickets!

Valentine’s Day in Istanbul

Istanbul is gorgeous with its natural beauty and rich past. If you are in love with someone, then it can be the most romantic city in the world. Especially on the Valentine’s Day! You may have a romantic dinner in the Bosphorus strait, have a Princes’ Islands tour, or you may go up to Galata Tower and see this amazing city together.

This year, in 2024, Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday. Take the whole day and turn it into a romantic memory this year. Take a Bosphorus Sightseeing Tour and feed seagulls together; visit a church and light candles for your love; have a romantic dinner in the Flower Passage. There is so much to do with your loved one! Keep this page and we will continue to add new suggestions for you to have the best Valentine’s Day in Istanbul.

Pierre Loti Hill

One of the top romantic destinations in Istanbul is Pierre Loti. The hill is named in honor of French author Julien Viaud. The author started writing his novels in a coffee shop after relocating to Istanbul. This hill bears his name, and he later changed it.

This place will fascinate you with its unique and endearing atmosphere. Istanbul's Pierre Loti is a wonderful tourist destination. It's also one of the best places to visit if you want to stand high above the city and enjoy a beautiful view of the Golden Horn and historical structures. Additionally, there are many eateries that serve delectable food. After your lunch, you can relax and take in the breathtaking scenery while smoking a hookah.

To have this amazing Pierre Loti experience including a sky tram journey, all you need is an Istanbul Tourist Pass®. There is so much to do in the Istanbul Tourist Pass® attractions list, discover all here.

Events in February 2024 in Istanbul

Istanbul hosts a wide variety of events, including plays, concerts, and theater productions. There are still plenty of activities you might like to attend even though nearly all of them are in Turkish. Catching some of the most well-known events in Istanbul is a terrific idea, especially if you want to experience the city like a local. Here are a few that might be of interest to you without thinking about the language barrier.

Night Shift Surprise Concerts in Basilica Cistern and Serefiye Cistern

The Basilica Cistern and Serefiye Cistern not only stand as historical structures but also serve as venues that unlock the doors to cultural and artistic events. These cisterns, carrying the distinctive historical texture of Istanbul, continue to intertwine history and art through Night Shift events.

Night Shift Surprise Concerts: Within the framework of Night Shift, surprise concerts persistently unfold on specific days of the week from 19:30 to 22:00, extending a warm welcome to visitors. Those desiring to immerse themselves in the enchantment of history are invited to embark on a mystical journey in the unique ambiance of the Basilica and Serefiye Cisterns. Here, they may chance upon a surprise concert and partake in the captivating fusion of history and art.

Voices of the Deep: Bridging Bach to Itrî

Under the Night Shift's Voices of the Deep initiative, the lives and legacies of two eminent musical figures representing Western and Eastern civilizations converge on a shared stage. This harmonious encounter unfolds in the Serefiye Cistern on February 2024. You are invited to a breathtaking experience on February 24!

Valentina Lisitsa Piano Recital

Get ready for Valentina Lisitsa's mesmerizing piano recital on February 24th at the Istanbul Congress Center. Renowned as the Queen of Rachmaninoff and one of the world's top pianists, Lisitsa has transformed online success into a global concert career. With a repertoire featuring Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Balakirev, Chopin, and Liszt, her virtuosity and direct presentation style promise an unforgettable night for music enthusiasts.

A leading figure in classical music, Valentina Lisitsa has graced prestigious concert venues worldwide, impressing audiences with her direct and honest playing style. With over 650,000 subscribers and 147 million views on her YouTube channel, Lisitsa continues to captivate music lovers. Don't miss this chance to experience her unique musical journey on February 24th.

The concert, organized with Art Symphony, takes place at the Istanbul Congress Center. Tickets are now available on Passo, offering a front-row seat to Lisitsa's magical performance. Secure your spot for a night filled with the enchanting melodies of Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and other great masters, as Valentina Lisitsa delivers a piano recital you won't forget.

Slava's Snow Show - A Magical Experience

Experience the enchanting world of Slava's Snow Show, a performance that has captivated over 10 million audiences through 30 years and over 12,000 shows. Opening the doors to a world where magic takes center stage every second, the show returns to Istanbul from February 28 to March 3 due to popular demand!

Founded by Slava Polunin, a prominent figure in the world of performance art and the founder of the Academy of Fools, the show has been nominated for the Best Special Theatrical Event at the Tony Awards and has received the Unique Theatrical Experience award at the Drama Desk Awards. Slava, dubbed "the world's best clown" by the London Times, presents his most inspiring snow spectacle, adorned with snow and imagination, at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage, organized by Piu Entertainment and Zorlu PSM.

The performance, spanning over 120 countries since 1993, promises to redefine the limits of your imagination in a unique world covered in snow. With a duration of 100 minutes, including an intermission, Slava's Snow Show guarantees an unforgettable experience at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage from February 28 to March 3.

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