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Fun Attractions in Istanbul 

Finding fun attractions in Istanbul is not the easiest in Istanbul, because they are not very obvious. However, when one looks closely at the wonders of the city, they can see that Istanbul is full of fun attractions!  In many cities or towns, finding attractions for children might be difficult, but in Istanbul, you can be certain that you will never be in this scenario. You'll discover plenty of things to do with your kids in Istanbul, and you'll have a great time with them. If you want the greatest fun and kid-friendly sites in Istanbul, but don't want to read a whole blog post about them, then check our suggestions curated by Istanbul insiders. 

Theme parks, museums, beautiful spots, historical sites, sightseeing tours, parks and gardens, and more are among the fun attractions in Istanbul. With this page, you can simply learn about what Istanbul has to offer children and organize your trips. Note that almost every site we suggest will take up a whole day, so with all of the children's attractions listed below, you'll be able to spend at least one week in Istanbul with your children. 

Furthermore, with the Istanbul Tourist Pass, all of these attractions are free! Visit our website to discover more about the benefits of ITP and how to make the most of your pass.

Museum of Illusions Istanbul