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Events In Istanbul

Istanbul's yearly calendar is jam-packed with fantastic events and entertainment to suit everyone's interests. Our guide will teach you about and allow you to participate in some of Istanbul's most well-known festivals and events, including what they have to offer, locations, festival programming, and more! 

Aside from the winter months, Istanbul organizes several art festivals and music performances. It offers its visitors a wide variety of social activities. This page isn't intended to be a comprehensive list of all Istanbul festivals and events. Instead, a simple guide on the most significant or well-known events that you should not overlook. 

Tulip Festival in Istanbul 

Tulips owe a great lot to the Ottoman Empire and Turkish culture. Gulhane Park in Sirkeci, Sultanahmet Square in Sultanahmet, Yildiz Parki Besiktas, Emirgan Park in Emirgan, Fethi Pasa Grove and Camlica Hill in Uskudar, Cubuklu Grove in Cubuklu, and Beykoz Park in Beykoz on the European side of Istanbul, and Fethipaşa Grove

This is free festival is a great way to celebrate the spring with billions of tulips in 120 different kinds. During the festival, visitors can enjoy a range of cultural and artistic activities in Emirgan Park and Sultanahmet Square.

Istanbul Theatre Festival

The Istanbul International Theater Festival, lasts two weeks and takes place in every two year. During Istanbul's leading art festival in November, art and theater lovers will enjoy outstanding local and international performances and theatre activities, as well as dance and music events, and some free workshops at several venues in Beyoglu, Besiktas, Fatih, Uskudar, and Kadikoy districts. 

Istanbul Biennial

The Istanbul Biennial has been held at the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts since 1987. The goal of the biennial is to bring together artists from all walks of life in the area of visual art in Istanbul, as well as the general audience. The fifteen biennials in Istanbul that have been organized to date have fostered the establishment of an international cultural network between local and international art circles, artists, curators, and art critics by bringing together fresh breakthroughs in contemporary art every two years. 

The Istanbul Biennial, rather than depending on national representation, uses an exhibiting format that enables artists and the general public to interact with their work. The curator is chosen by an international advisory board, resulting in a framework driven by a varied community of artists. All eligible artists and projects from across the globe are invited to participate in the show. Art in Istanbul is developing at a quicker pace than ever before thanks to these biennales. See everything this biennial has to offer while you're in Istanbul! This biennial takes place every odd-numbered year. 

Akbank Jazz Festival

The Akbank Jazz Event is a ten-day jazz festival sponsored by Akbank Sanat Art Venue (a renowned Turkish bank). In the capital, at many excellent venues with cheap costs, and at this top music festival in Istanbul throughout October, as well as in Turkey, you will witness some popular and exquisite jazz artists from all over the globe. Other features include panels, lectures, and documentaries. 

The Akbank Jazz Festival has taken on a major role as an attraction that serves not just to jazz lovers, but also to fans of other genres, as a member of the European Jazz Network. The Festival takes place in several lovely settings, including Akbank Sanat and Hagia Irene Museum, one of the best museums of the city. 

Puppet Festival International 

This historical Ottoman art style, which is now almost lost, was formerly extremely popular. This is a great chance to watch puppet, marionette, and shadow theatre in action. Because the bulk of the plays are calm, they are suitable for both children and adults. (2nd week of May, several tiny venues around the city)