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5 Luxury Bars in Istanbul

Istanbul's nightlife, which includes a number of great bars, complements the city's rich history, cultural heritage, and financial capability. The majority of Istanbul's famous bars are on the European side. Istiklal Street, which runs between Taksim and Tunel, has the most vibrant nightlife in Istanbul, catering to college students and the younger generation. During the summer months, the area is often alive with various bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants, as well as parties every night, and the locals are incredibly welcoming. Check out the 5 luxury bars in Istanbul to discover on your trip.

Kadikoy, situated on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, is another nice place to spend an evening. With so many small bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants, you might comfortably spend the night hopping from one to the next. We've compiled a list of the best bars in Istanbul where you can spend quality time with your family or friends.

Ruby in Istanbul

Ruby is a vibrant club in Ortakoy with a breathtaking atmosphere, a stunning view of the Bosphorus, and exclusive flavors. Ruby is open daily at 17:00 and offers a whole new entertainment experience. The evenings at Ruby are fantastic, and you will enjoy a fantastic clubbing experience from a waterside garden along the Bosphorus.


360Istanbul is a well-known roof-top restaurant, pub, and nightclub situated in a 19th-century apartment building overlooking the old embassy row in Beyoglu on Istiklal Street. It has breathtaking 360-degree views of Istanbul. 360 is available for lunch and dinner and serves a classic Turkish meze infused with foreign food and an exclusive wine list. Later on, 360Istanbul transforms into Club360, a nightclub. Have an Istanbul tour from where you sit with 360Istanbul!

Balkon Restaurant & Bar

Balkon, located in Asmalimescit near Istiklal Street, is one of Istanbul's best restaurants and bars, with a stunning view of Istanbul's historical peninsula. Balkon serves delicious menus from around the world, as well as sandwiches and Italian pizza, as well as fantastic cocktails. You will enjoy your lunch or afternoon snacks and spirits while listening to jazz and soul songs. After sunset, you can spend your evening on the terrace in this comfortable environment with good music and wine. Later in the evening, you will listen to swing, funk, the 70s, 80s, soul, techno, electro, and funky house music.

Jolly Joker Balans

A decent choice for live music fans since the building was built specifically for live shows and has an “old bar design” decor. It's a great chance to listen to Turkish punk, alternative, and pop music from established and emerging bands and singers. This place is cozy, but yet conserves luxury.

Babylon Bomonti

Babylon Bomonti, a popular club for foreign and local music culture, was established in 1999 to host the very best of experimental good music in an evolving neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul. Babylon relocated to the Bomontiada in 2015 to begin a modern cultural transition and to host its culture at its cutting-edge, multi-purpose live performance center. Visit Istanbul for the best bar experiences!

Bonus: My Moon Karaoke Bar

My Moon Bar, located between Istiklal Street and Tarlabasi Boulevard, was Istanbul's first karaoke bar, opening in 2004. Visitors to the bar will enjoy great nighttime activities such as karaoke and parties.

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5 Luxury Bars in Istanbul

Istanbul's nightlife, which includes a number of great bars, complements the city's rich history, cultural heritage, and financial capability. The majority of Istanbul's famous bars are on the European side. Istiklal Street, which runs betw...


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