Nightlife in Istanbul: Best Nightclubs, Unique Places, and More in 2023

Istanbul is a surprising city full of wonders. Some of them are historical, some are natural but all of them are unique. This amazing cosmopolitan city has vibrant and rich nightlife as well! So it is fair to say that you're in luck if you appreciate a good night out and are traveling to Istanbul!

Istanbul is a historic city, but its nightlife can be very diverse and highly lively. The ease of finding whatever you're seeking is another fantastic result.  Do you want to relax with a beer and a shisha pipe? You are covered. Fancy a full-on dancing evening with nightclub music and vodka-a-plenty? Once more, you'll succeed in finding what you seek. Would you want to have a delicious lunch and some lively cocktails? Done! How about a coffee and a walk along the Bosphorus? Yes, you can! ın this article we will dig into the amazingly rich Istanbul nightlife together! 

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Nightlife in Istanbul's European Side

Beyoğlu is undoubtedly the first place that comes to mind when it comes to Istanbul nightlife. This area, which covers Taksim-Istiklal Caddesi, Asmalımescit-tunnel line, has a wide selection ranging from nightclubs to restaurants, cocktail bars to pubs, bars to taverns, wine houses to concert halls. The Beyoğlu region, which is also the heart of artistic activities such as concerts, exhibitions, and theatres, still continues to survive, although it has lost some of its former vitality.

For those who want to get a better experience, we recommend regions such as Bebek, Ortaköy or Nişantaşı, Etiler, and Levent. Considering that Karaköy has also been on the trend lists in recent years, we can say that Istanbul's nightlife is a scale that appeals to people from all walks of life. Here are some examples of the European Side’s famous entertainment venues.


Sortie is one of the favorites of the Bosphorus line, with both a nightclub and restaurant alternative. Welcoming its customers for 12 months, this nightclub also fills the eye with its stylish design. It's an option that anyone who loves nightlife should give a chance on when their way to Istanbul falls.

Masquerade Istanbul

Masquerade Istanbul brings together the most popular artists in the world and the most distinguished guests of the city. It adds its own unique spirit to nightlife with its very special dance performances and enchanting atmosphere.  The venue, which can host up to 4000 guests, maximizes the limits of entertainment with the state-of-the-art sound and light systems used by world-famous entertainment clubs.

Klein Phönix

Phönix, which is part of Klein Entertainment, is the main club of the Klein group in Istanbul. With its 3500-person capacity, it is one of the most important examples of large segment clubs in the world in Turkey. The venue, where important international DJs and performers appear, also stands out with its original designs and shows. Providing service with its grand and magnificent architecture and shows, the entertainment continues until late in the morning at Klein Phönix. Let us remind you that while you are having fun in the venue, you can also encounter the works of important artists.

Karakoy Compilation

The bars and cafes in Karaköy are frequently packed with young people and hipsters in the evenings and on weekends. The prices are often slightly more than in other districts of the city, but still within acceptable bounds. The neighborhood around the French Gateway is particularly hip. 

There are bars and cafes in this area that can accommodate all preferences and moods. By 10 PM, many of them change into dance floors with great music, DJ performances, and people dancing in the street. Go dancing at Mitte Karaköy as night falls. Unter is the place to go if you want to experience fresh drinks mixed with Karaköy vibes in a chic, retro-industrial setting. Moreover, Finn Karaköy, Berlin Line Karaköy, and Chez Moi are among our favorites.


Indigo is a nightclub known for hosting world-famous local and foreign DJs. Indigo, one of the fixtures of Tomtom Street, is attractive because it is home to the most important names of electronic music, as well as being located in the center of the city. Fans of electronic, house, techno, and pop fill the venue, dancing on the dance floor. Enjoy international DJs, live performances, and popular film clips that are screened around the club.

Babylon Bomonti

Babylon has been inviting music fans to its location in the popular Bomontiada entertainment complex which houses a few great restaurants and a boutique beer house. Located on the site of the historic Bomonti Brewery with its high ceilings and bare bricks, the iconic music venue exudes an industrial chic atmosphere and a relaxed vibe. The state-of-the-art main hall with a capacity of 500 people hosts live performances of various music genres many nights a week. From pop, rock, and jazz to electronic or local music - you'll always hear something to suit your taste. It's no surprise that Babylon attracts a mixed audience of all age groups.

Nightlife in Istanbul's Anatolian Side 

Another area where Istanbul's nightlife is experienced is the Anatolian side. The places where nightlife is active on the Anatolian side are Kadıköy, Baghdad Avenue, Moda, and Suadiye. From Irish pubs to concert halls, from cafes to bistros, we also come across different options of venues on this side. Here are some of the most popular Anatolian Side entertainment venues.

Arka Oda

Arka Oda, one of the oldest of Kadıköy bars street, is a place where you can sip your drink and enjoy music with the option of both indoor and outdoor areas. In the garden part, you can dive into long conversations and find yourself dancing at concept parties. Although crowded on weekends, you can even go for a friendly atmosphere. 

Karga Bar

Karga Bar is a place with decoration that gives the right to the definition of shabby elegance. You can enjoy the fireplace in winter and the garden in summer with its atmosphere resembling a haunted house. Live music and DJ performances in Istanbul can be encountered, as well as enjoy the dim environment.

Dorock XL

Dorock XL, which welcomes its visitors with different concepts such as Dorock Stage, Dorock Cafe & Bistro, and Dorock Baze, is a place where you can especially watch live performances in Istanbul of local bands. Guests can enjoy concerts at the venue, which has one of Istanbul's biggest music stages. It has a great rock-and-roll vibe and you love it if you like sipping your cold bear with great rock music even during the day. 

Kadikoy Compilation 

The people of Istanbul's Asian side enjoy Kadikoy's vibrant nightlife. The most well-liked locations for vibrant evenings and entertainment in Kadikoy are the parallel Kadife Street, often known as “Bar Street”, and the adjacent Moda Street. Several excellent cafes, pubs, bistros, and taverns with live music can be found here. The most well-known cafes, pubs, and bars in Kadikoy are the Bina, Monks, Komodor, Dora King Gastro Pub, Zeplin, Arkaoda, Karga, Incir, Hera, Zincir, Lal, Teachers Pub, and Buddha Bar in Kadife Street.

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Does Istanbul have a good nightlife?

Yes, actually Istanbul has a vibrant and rich nightlife that you can’t witness in any other European country. 

Which district in Istanbul has the best nightlife?

There are different centers for nightlife, Taksim area is fun to bar hopping, Karakoy is great for street dancing, Kadikoy is great for live performances… Istanbul has seven hills and many more entertainment centers. 

What can Singles do in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, singles can do anything they want! We would recommend you buy an Istanbul Tourist Pass® and join our great guided tours, it is a great place to start travel friendships. 

Can I drink alcohol in Istanbul?

Yes, you can buy alcohol in markets and drink alcohol in many cafes, restaurants, and bars in Istanbul. 

Is Tinder used in Istanbul?

Yes, Tinder, Bumble, Hornet are a few of the popular dating apps in Istanbul. 

What is the clubbing age in Turkey?

The legal drinking age is 18 in Turkey. So younger people are not allowed to enter bars or nightclubs. 

Can unmarried couples share a room in Turkey?

Yes, of course, unmarried couples can share a hotel room in Istanbul. 

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