Istanbul's Best Hammams: Have an Amazing Turkish Bath Experience

Istanbul's hammams, which were once used by sultans and the palace elite, today serve to tourists and nostalgic locals looking for a hot scrub surrounded by marble walls and tall domes. In our list of Istanbul's top Turkish baths, you'll find everything from inexpensive washes to luxurious masseur treatments. The list includes architectural marvels created by renowned court architects like Mimar Sinan, some of which date back more than 500 years.

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What is a Hammam?

Turkish baths, commonly known as hammams, are wet steam baths that originated in the Ottoman Empire following the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. The hammam originated in the Ottoman Empire and spread as far as the Middle East after being inspired by Roman baths.

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A hammam is a setting for hygiene and mental and physical cleansing. It would be a shame to skip out on visiting one of Istanbul's more than sixty baths!

The hammam typically consists of three chambers. The first room is a cloakroom and is kept at room temperature. The second room is somewhat warmer but still warm around 38 degrees Celsius, and the third chamber is the warmest at 50 degrees Celsius, where we sit on a marble bench and allow ourselves to perspire.

Why Hammams are Great?

A hammam is a gathering place where you can expel stress and daily toxins and emerge clean and tranquil. Because the pores open up, the steam helps to deeply cleanse the skin while also releasing and getting rid of bacteria and pollutants.

Due to its smaller temperature differential, the hammam generally provides better support than the sauna. However, it is not advised for those with heart illness or respiratory issues, pregnant women, or those who are at least six months pregnant.

We advise against visiting a hammam after a big meal -wait at least three hours-, or drinking a lot of alcohol in order to get the most out of your session. Other than that you are good to go!

The Best Historical Hammams

Cemberlitas Hamami

The most renowned Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, constructed this beautiful hamam in 1584. Since that day, the hamam is still heated in the traditional manner by a furnace that burns wood chips, creating steam that warms the entire building. With restorations over time, this amazing Turkish bath is still in use and offers a truly authentic hamam experienceTogether with traditional hamam services, facial masks, oil massages, and head massages are also offered. For you to experience the best authentic hamam experience, Istanbul Tourist Pass® offers you a discounted service in the 500-year-old Cemberlitas Hamam. You can choose between three packages and get an amazingly relaxed time during your Istanbul journey. Click here for more information, and don't miss this amazing experience while you are here. 

Mihrimah Sultan Hamamı

The architect Mimar Sinan constructed the Mihrimah Sultan Hamam beside the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque Complex between 1562 and 1565. This double hammam was built using a style of construction used during the classic Ottoman period and is accessible to both men and women. You have the choice of a dry massage, a body scrub, or a soap massage inside the hammam. You can even take a nap in a private room after using these services. With an admission fee, you can use all areas including the pool area.

Kılıç Ali Pasha Hamam

The famed Ottoman admiral Kilic Ali Pasha gave the great architect Sinan the order to construct the Kilic Ali Pasha Hamam between 1578 and 1583 as a component of the mosque and school complex for the Levents, the Ottoman navy's soldiers. This hammam is one of Istanbul's landmark structures and is well-known for its elegant architectural lines and imposing dome. Tophane is a neighborhood near the city's historic port. After seven years of repair, the Kilic Ali Pasha Hamam reopened its doors in 2016 and provides tourists with a wonderful experience.

Cinili Hamam

On Kösem Sultan's instruction, the Çinili Hamam was built in 1640. The painted 'İznik-style' tiles that gave the hammam's name unfortunately no longer exist. Visitors to this Hamam, which was designed in the legendary architect Mimar Sinan's architectural style, can take use of alternatives for soap massage, body scrub, and oil massages.

Aya Sofya Hürrem Sultan Hamamı

The Turkish baths continue to have a high reputation among tourists as a dreamy and unique experience, even though the locals no longer frequent them as frequently as they once did. Between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, the Hürrem Sultan Hamam was constructed in the 16th century at the request of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent's wife. It is one of the few Turkish baths with identically constructed men's and women's portions that are mirrored one another on the same axis.

Aga Hamami

The Aga Hamami was a private facility used by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror and his male heirs. It was erected around 1454. The Hamam was made available to the general public in 1923. The last restoration was completed in 1986. You can take advantage of a variety of classic and massage packages, as well as full package discounts, in addition to body scrub and soap bath services.

Cagaloglu Hamami

The last sizable hammam constructed during the Ottoman era is Cagaloglu Hamam. Abdullah Aga constructed it in 1741, under the reign of Mahmut I. Baroque elements and other unique building styles are seen in Cagaloglu Hamam, which were uncommon in traditional Ottoman architecture.

You can use the hammam session for free with the entrance ticket, which also includes the use of a bath towel, peştemal, slippers, and a gift box with an exfoliating sponge, hand soap, olive oil, and a cream lotion for your body and hair.

Süleymaniye Hamami

Suleiman the Magnificent commissioned architect Mimar Sinan to construct the Süleymaniye Hamam in 1557. With its domes and chimneys that are arranged in perfect geometric alignment, the Suleymaniye hammam is among Istanbul's most stunning hammams. The central message stone is surrounded by eight marble columns. The bathroom, which had been shut down in 1924, underwent renovation and reopened in 2004. The entrance fee includes the use of a bath towel, peştemal, slippers, an exfoliating sponge, and olive oil soap in addition to free access to a hammam session.

Luxurious Modern Hamams in Istanbul

Sumahan on the Water Hamam

A really beautiful Turkish Hamam is located inside the Sumahan Hotel in Istanbul. In the past, it served as the focal point of Turkish culture, and at Sumahan, we endeavored to capture the essence and style of this site. It is dependent on soap just as much as it is on the type of light that filters through the domical ceiling, the echo of running water, the application of warmth and chilly, and the smoothness of the marble.

The ritual is polished to a degree of finesse that is difficult to obtain elsewhere thanks to Sumahan's own hammam. You are welcomed by a marble fountain, fresh fruit, walnuts, and dried apricots as you enter the Sumahan Wellness.

Muse & Life Hamam

Located in TZL SUITES Nişantaşı Hotel Muse & Life is one of the very central complete spa places. There is a private hammam section in this spa and you can have a traditional hammam day upon reservation. Inside the bath, there are optional services such as scrub foam, coffee peeling, mineral peeling, and algae care. You can also use the sauna and steam room sections.

Victory Hotel Spa

Turkish baths are available to you in a 5-star quality setting with a beautiful ambiance where you may have fun and relax. The Victory Hotel's Turkish bath is ready to welcome you with its warm waters, whether it's for the bride's hammam parties or just for pleasure.

There are great places to see in Istanbul, but don’t leave without having an unforgettable Turkish Bath experience. Before and after you get a bath, here are 100+ amazing attractions in Istanbul. Istanbul Tourist Pass sets you free in this amazing city. Let’s meet in Istanbul this year!


What happens during a Turkish bath?

A typical Turkish bath consists of a session of washing, traditional body exfoliation with a kese, which is a handwoven washcloth, a foam wash, and a massage. Visitors are typically given a peshtemal, a tiny cotton towel to wrap themselves in, as well as a conventional towel to use after bathing.

What is a Turkish bath?

Turkish baths include exposure to warm air with steam or hot-air immersion, massage, and eventually a cold-water bath or shower. They are a type of bath that originated in the Ottoman Empire. Usually, the Turkish bath involves moving from one chamber or room to another.

Is Turkish bath private?

Do Turkish Baths have separate areas for men and women? Yes, there are distinct private areas for men and women at Turkish Baths. However, several SPA facilities of five-star hotels in Istanbul provide unique packages for couples.

Should I shower before Turkish bath?

Before using a sauna, Turkish bath, or jacuzzi, always take a shower. To avoid a buildup in the jacuzzi water and to stop it from melting into the sauna and steam room facilities, ensure sure all sun cream has been thoroughly removed from your skin.

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