Istanbul weather is inviting you

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Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of conquering a prominent landmark? You don’t have to put up with extreme weather conditions of the North Pole. A milder weather with the all traits of the four seasons will accompany you while you will be experiencing both continents of Asia and Europe, at the same city. Istanbul weather presents more advantages than obstacles, if you know the right time to visit Istanbul.

Divided gracefully by the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul is built upon the shores of Asia and Europe. We will guide you through the different weathers of this mystical city.

September, October, November

If you are expecting a traditional September weather, you are in for a surprise. As the global warming takes its tall, the sultry summer weather in Turkey is shifting towards autumn. In short, Istanbul weather in early September is usually warmer than mid spring. However the unbearable moisture is swept away by the autumn breeze. This is your opening for exploring Istanbul attractions without the crushing heat or stinging autumn breeze.

Bosphorus Strait is an example of an exceptionally windy Istanbul weather. In early September the winter gust from the Siberia and the Balkan Peninsula haven’t settled yet. Thus it is a comfortable time of year to try Hop-on Hop-off Boat Tours and enjoy the incomparable beauty of Bosphorus region.

October in Istanbul is one of those unpredictable months. If you enjoyed your stay (you will) and winter hasn’t showed its ugly face yet, you may think of indulging yourself with a few more days of Istanbul weather. But don’t get too comfortable, November is nearby and “The Winter is Coming”.

Come November your conventional winter is here to bury the city under rain, fog and ice cold winds.

December, January, February

Starting from late November Istanbul weather starts get cold. Sun barely shows its face. Coming from the sea, winter fog crawls into the city and paints the sky dark grey. Temperatures are around 5-10 °C. As you’d expect it’s the low season for Istanbul, the tourist attractions may be cold and dead but this vibrant city still has more to offer, if you know where to look.

The nightlife in Istanbul is a wild ride. The Beyoglu District is a huge entertainment center full of night clubs, pubs and popular rooftop restaurants with great view. The streets are infested with a unique amalgamation of western club culture and eastern habits. Imagine a strange mixture of Trainspotting and One Thousand and One Nights. Believe us, you will find what you are looking for in Istanbul nights.

The low season and the cold Istanbul weather have their own assets. Prices are the lowest and main tourist attractions are almost deserted, meaning you don’t have to wait in line for 30 minutes to get inside of Topkapı Palace. Also the streets of Grand Bazaar will not be cramped with tourists.

If you are into culinary arts, be sure to visit International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival, which usually takes place around early February. Thousands of foreign chefs and culinary professionals come together in Istanbul to compete and share knowledge.

March, April, May

Winter in Istanbul is not eager to leave the city. In early spring Istanbul weather is cold. Days are brighter with spring sun but temperatures are slow to rise. You will see lots of rainy days so make sure to pack your bag with an umbrella and a rain coat. This season also marks the beginning of the high season so make sure you make your decisions early and save money.

In early March Istanbul weather still makes you hang on to your winter coat. If you are looking for an more active way of warming, Istanbul Spring Orienteering Cup may be the solution. Taking place in early March Istanbul Spring Orienteering Cup consists of a couple of different running tracks. Luckily enough one of the races takes place in Grand Bazaar.

The Istanbul weather in spring makes the famous Bosphorus Strait put on its prettiest dress. The famous redbuds bloom and fills the long corridor of the Strait. It is also the time for the Istanbul Tulip Festival. Takes place in April, Istanbul Tulip Festival celebrates the beauty of the symbol of Istanbul, world renowned Istanbul tulips. Don’t forget to visit the first tulip museum of Istanbul.

Last days of April bring some summer vibes into the city. May is a little bit comfortable with the temperatures but rainy days are common until end of the month.

June, July, August

Mid June usually marks the beginning of hot and humid Istanbul weather. Temperatures jump to 35 – 40 °C. Especially in mid July the humidity starts to move towards atrocious levels, turning long strolls into a struggle. Since this is officially the high season, brace your self for expansive prices and dense crowds.

In June one of the most important art event takes place, The International Istanbul Music Festival. Every year world famous musicians and orchestras such as Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and İdil Biret perform in Istanbul.

The major advantage this season has to offer is the best Istanbul weather for the ideal Bosphorus visit. Bosphorus district covers a huge part of Istanbul. In some of the regions like Bebek, you can find great cafes and restaurants along the coast to shrug off the humidity and enjoy the priceless scenery.