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Covid Safe Vacation in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most accessible cities for a vacation. If you're thinking about visiting Istanbul during the pandemic, you're probably wondering what precautions the city takes to ensure your safety. We can inform you that Istanbul is coronavirus-free and that if you take the required precautions, you will not be exposed to the virus. Covid safe vacation in Istanbul is possible and here is how!

Is Visiting Museums in Istanbul Covid-Safe?

Museums and monuments are open for visitors seven days a week, with the exception of one day, usually on Mondays, when they are closed for repairs. Any day of the week, mosques and churches are open. Visits are also permitted on this day because visitors are free from quarantine on Sundays. 

All of the attractions in Istanbul are corona-safe. In contrast to other nations, Istanbul is a low-risk travel destination, and travel experts advise travelers to take extra precautions. In Istanbul, social distance is maintained during museum tours, and masks are needed at all times. Because the number of people on the tour is limited, guided tours are more successful because you can ask your guide more questions in a smaller group. 

In general, Istanbul has handled the crisis admirably, with relatively few fatalities due to quick response and the city's excess of hospitals and beds. As a result, you can easily visit your favorites, such as Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

Public Transportation in Istanbul

Now, let’s take a look at public transportation in Istanbul. Since June 1, 2021, the public transit system's capacity has increased from 50% to 100%. In many of the places, disinfectant gel dispensers can be included. Thermal cameras are used to track passenger temperature in high-traffic metro stations. Between the driver and the passengers, the majority of taxis in Istanbul have plexiglass or plastic sheeting. Disinfectant dispensers can be found at several crossing points in Istanbul's airports and historical sites, and regular thermal checks are carried out. It is appropriate to wear a mask and maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters.

Traveling to Istanbul during Covid

What about flying to Istanbul? Several standards have been developed by airline companies to ensure safe flying. They advocate using online check-in because, at the airport, check-in is done without interacting with someone at the counters or kiosks. Separating panes are mounted on the counters. 

When you land, a thermal imaging sensor or a forehead thermometer would be used to take your temperature. The quarantine (home) condition has been removed in the absence of symptoms. In the event of complications, a free PCR examination will be done, and individuals can be referred to a treatment structure if appropriate. You will also be given the option of returning to your departure country on the first aircraft, which will have 9 seats reserved for this reason. In the absence of a fever, you will enjoy your holiday while adhering to mask-wearing and social distancing rules. Therefore, as long as you abide by the rules, you do not have to worry about Covid during your Istanbul trip.

Are Istanbul Tourist Pass Shows Covid-Safe?

Yes! Istanbul Tourist Pass takes cautions very seriously, and so do the museums and shows. Both visitors and staff members must wear masks during trips to museums and shows in Istanbul. This ensures that everyone has a fantastic time while keeping their health. To ensure everyone’s wellbeing, the temperature of all guests will be taken at the start of the experience. Many times a day, all employees are screened for high temperatures. Throughout this experience, social distancing protocols will be followed at all times. In the same time period, broad numbers are not permitted to participate in events and museums in Istanbul. This way, attractions become mostly Covid-safe. Learn more about Covid measures and Istanbul Tourist Pass through our website today, and book your Istanbul holiday with a few clicks!