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Millions of people have been locked up in their homes since Covid 19 started. Many travelers are counting days to travel the world again! The good news is that with the increasing vaccination of Covid19, while countries are slowly opening their doors, tourists are already planning their travel!

Istanbul, Turkey is one of the most secure destinations to visit during Covid 19.

Turkey has been managing the Covid19 process very professionally since the beginning. By setting rules and keeping citizens isolated, Turkey was extremely careful to keep the virus from spreading dramatically. With this way Turkey has been started to turn back to normal life since the beginning of the March.

Istanbul is a magnificent city that offers many touristic & historical attractions to its visitors. Istanbul hosts millions of tourists every year.

In this article, we will review tourism in Turkey at the present time, the safety of travelling Istanbul during Covid19 and how to travel to Istanbul, Turkey during COVID-19 epidemic with necessary precautions.

Do I Need A Tourist Visa To Travel To Turkey?

Turkey is a tourist country par excellence and provides everything necessary to facilitate access to it, and many successive governments in this country have taken all measures to ensure the smooth arrival of tourists to Turkey without any obstacles or difficulties, and this includes the signing of many agreements with many From European, American, and Arab countries, in order to facilitate the entry of their citizens without a visa or even with an expired passport.


Which Countries Can Enter Turkey Without Visa?

There are 78 countries whose citizens are exempt from obtaining a prior tourist visa and can direct entry to Turkey. Here are some of the countries that can enter Turkey without a visa are:


Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Ecuador, Iran, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Qatar, Russia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


As for the rest of the countries that cannot directly enter Turkey without visa, citizens must request a tourist visa before traveling to Turkey, the procedures for obtaining a tourist visa have become very easy and simple thanks to the electronic visa system that makes it easy for all people to obtain tourist visa easily from home, you can visit the official website of the electronic visa, apply for the visa, and even get additional information about how to apply for the visa for Turkey.


Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Turkey


Do I Need To Undergo Quarantine If I Travel To Turkey?

No, you don’t need to quarantine yourself in any kind of facility when you enter Turkey. Throughout the coronavirus epidemic, Turkey has not closed its doors to tourists who want to visit Turkey, but Turkey also took great preventive measures to protect travelers and citizens.

Turkey requires PCR test from the people who will visit Istanbul, Turkey during Covid-19. PCR Test must be issued by an official authorized place from your country. You can always review the latest developments on this topic by visiting the website of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health in Turkey, and which is available in many languages including Arabic, English and Russian.


Are There Any COVID-19 Tests Or Medical Procedures I Have To Do When I Arrive In Turkey?


As we mentioned earlier, Turkey offers many advanced facilities regarding access to it with the least effort, and in implementation of this policy, Turkey at the present time does not require people coming to its lands to undergo any test upon arrival, it is enough to be subject to a prior PCR examination before your arrival from your country of residence and show it to the visa officers at the airport upon your arrival, and then you can go to your desired destination without any trouble.

But you must take into account the permanent implementation of personal safety measures and the application of the rules of social distancing and wearing masks and cleaning hands continuously, and this is inevitable!

The Ministry of Health of Turkey at the present time requires all citizens, residents and tourists to obtain HES Code through the smart phone application (Hayat Eve Sığar) launched by the Turkish Ministry of Health, which is very necessary for public safety and useful in cases of reporting suspicion or the occurrence of a case of COVID-19. This application also gives warnings regarding crowded places or when entering an area where COVID-19 cases occur.


Are Hotels In Turkey Open And Safe?

Of course, all hotels in Istanbul, Turkey are open and operate continuously and are constantly monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health and sterilization operations are carried out continuously. All public safety rules regarding the reception of tourists and visitors wishing to stay in Istanbul and spend a great Istanbul vacation in a safe environment are taken.


Travel Methods to Visit Turkey

Are There Flights To Turkey Now?

Certainly, all incoming flights to Turkey are working continuously and have not stopped throughout the period of the pandemic. However, due to some compelling circumstances, some flights may be canceled from some countries according to the severity of the cases in them or because (for instance, Britain in the recent period has become a serious outbreak of cases of the new strain of Covid-19, and flights to and from Britain have been temporarily suspended). However, despite everything, all safety measures are applied with regard to the safety and security of travelers wishing to come to Turkey permanently, and airlines are obligated to apply public safety rules in order to preserve public safety.

Is Turkish Airlines A Good & Safe Airline?

Certainly, Turkish Airlines is one of the five most important airlines in the world, and it has an impressive fleet of aviation and covers all global destinations, and thanks to the quality of Turkish Airlines services, the lowest number of Covid-19 cases in the world has been recorded on board its aircraft. In addition, all its aircraft are permanently subject to disinfection and sterilization operations, and public safety measures are taken and applied strictly, so as to ensure the safety of all travelers from the risk of contracting Covid-19 or transmitting the infection if found to other people on board its flights.

How Easy Is It To Travel To Turkey?

It is very simple, of course, it is very easy to travel to Turkey during Covid19. All you have to do is obtain the HES Code as we mentioned previously, and then you can move within Turkey freely and without any restrictions.

Turkey Travel Advice & Safety

As a summary of what we talked about previously, Turkey is a very safe country for tourism and travel, and all tourism events and activities are working continuously and have not been interrupted throughout the spread of Covid-19 in Turkey, but despite everything, the rules of public safety and social distancing are applied strictly, and this is to ensure the safety of everyone, including tourists and citizens as well.

So, if you decide to travel to Turkey for tourism and spend an enjoyable holiday, you will find that Turkey is ready to receive tourists in safe and well manner.

Also, in the event that you contract Covid-19 during your visit to Turkey, you will find the hospitals ready to receive you and take care of you with an advanced medical care.

As a final advice, 90% of COVID-19 cases occur due to people’s disregard for public safety. We guarantee you a healthy and safe holiday in the event that you commit to wearing a mask, maintaining constant hand hygiene, and adhering to the imposed social distancing rules and staying away from crowded areas.


Enjoy your travel in Istanbul, Turkey!