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broken promises


I wrote this email to claim my disappointement for the passes paid and unfortunately the services were not attained: servrals lacks of thnigs. We are two persons !. Demanding two passes. With whole packages for each. We need to use it SEPARATELY!. <br><br>Normaly we bought two tourists pass 175€ per person, and the services are less than for one person :( <br><br>1- Ddelay of reception 3G connexion received 3 days after the activation of the toursit pass 09/09/2017. <br>2- lack of many activities deleted (without notification or refund): Xd cinéma, Hard RocK CAFE...ETC <br>3- Forget to send to us the second 3G modem for the seconde Pass <br><br>I want to claim to be refunded for many things paid and not found in the two passes until now any refunded was done for the items listed <br><br><strong>Istanbul Tourist Pass></strong> We're deeply sorry that you feel disappointed about the product and believe that the services were not rendered as mentioned. However, as I will show you, all conditions are clearly stated on the website. <br><br>We are not sure if you wanted to attend each attraction on separate times or dates. If that was the case, you should have purchased separate Passes, not a group one. Additionally, you had 7 days to attend all attractions and we can see that you attended most of them. <br><br>1- You purchased your Pass on the 30th of August, but didn't activate the Internet service until the 10th of September (Sunday) at 14:15. As stated in the Booking Confirmation email that we sent to you a few minutes after your purchase, the Internet service needs to be activated at least 4 business days in advance or we will assume that you don't need it. <br>When you go to the Reservation System, you also see the following message "we cannot make deliveries during the weekend... will be delivered the following business day...". <br>We checked your record and your kit was delivered on Monday, September 11, according to the conditions. <br><br>2- Probably you found the content on the Pass in an old article on a blog that doesn't belong to us (you sent us on Facebook a picture of the content of the Pass from 1 year ago), not from our website. The XD Cinema closed on the 28th of July, a full month before you purchased your Pass. We included a note in red at the beginning of the page. The Hard Rock Cafe closed 1 month before the XD Cinema did and likewise we included a note on the page. <br><br>3- The conditions for the Internet Service are specified on the page we created for the service. It clearly states that 1 Internet kit will be delivered per group of up to 6 people, even if you purchase separate Passes. Normally we have approximately 200 people using the Istanbul Tourist Pass per week and it doesn't make sense to have 200 or more Internet kits, one for each person. That would increase the cost of the Pass approximately €40.00 per person. Instead we send them per group because we know that people who come together (specially couples) very rarely go around separately. <br><br>I hope everything is clear now and hope you can see now that everything was provided as detailed on our website. <br><br><strong>Update:</strong> Besri decided to give the Istanbul Tourist Pass another try and she wrote a <a href="https://www.istanbultouristpass.com/reviews?id=85&lang=en">new review</a> ;)

besri from France reviewed on the 2017-11-05

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